Last Updated: Wed Nov 02 2022 Reading Time: 4 min

What is Traha Global?

Traha Global, a new MMORPG from Moai Games, has huge battles and a unique approach to classes – here’s what you need to know.

Looking for a new MMORPG to try out? Traha Global, the worldwide release of the formerly Korea-only MMO by Moai Games, is out right now, and it might well be your new favourite game.

The key draw is its Infinity Class system, which does away with regimented classes and instead gives players the ability to experiment with whatever weapons and skill sets they want, whenever they like. You aren’t just limited to two weapons to swap between – you have seven to choose from at any time, and they all level up alongside each other, allowing you to freely switch between them without worrying about power levels.

With an active combat system that keeps you engaged in every single battle, whether you’re grinding monsters in PvE or engaging in massive 200v200 wars, you’re never going to get bored with Traha Global. Here’s what you need to know.

The Infinity Class

There are no classes in Traha Global. Instead, you have the Infinity Class – a system that allows you to be every class at every opportunity, allowing you to switch up the way you play the game at the drop of a hat.

Traha Global has seven different weapons to choose from – Greatsword, Dual Blade, Shield, Staff, Knuckles, Scythe, and Bow. Each one has its own set of skills which you can customise to your choosing, allowing you to build your own version of your preferred weapon.

Perhaps you want to play with the Scythe, but you’re choosing to ignore its lifesteal abilities in favour of its sweeping AoE attacks and potential for massive damage – you can absolutely do that. Or maybe you want to play as a solo archer, choosing to keep a healing spell on hand at all times and pour points into the Heal tree of the weapon – it’s a more than viable option.

You level up all your weapons at the same time, so when you’re ready to switch, you don’t need to worry about losing a ton of power. You’ll also unlock trait points to help bolster your stats, with each weapon having its own pool that’s topped up every time you level up – no need to worry about how to spend your points across your weapons.

On top of that, your class buffs are aided through Traha Global’s Professions. By gathering materials and crafting, you can create items and weapons that will seriously help you out in battle. Not only that, but the material gathering isn’t just a case of mashing a button – you’ll have fun minigames to play while you gather, which will help increase your chances of gathering better materials.

Plus, levelling up your Profession also unlocks more trait points to boost your combat stats. It all feeds into your Infinity Class, ensuring that no matter what you do in Traha Global, you’re always getting stronger.

Active Combat

If you want to succeed in Traha Global’s combat, you need to be an active participant. While normal attacks will help chunk down an enemy’s health bar, careful utilisation of skills will be what gives you the edge in combat. These aren’t just click-and-see skills either – each one has its own activation, whether that be carefully timed clicks or pressing and holding to unleash a skill’s full power.

Using skills in certain ways will also trigger additional skills that can’t be accessed any other way. Sticking with the Scythe, for example, you’ll find that you can only follow up one of its deadliest attacks with a powerful finisher if you have enough Energy to use the fully-charged move. How you build Energy also varies between weapons – some require normal attacks to land, while other Energy meters charge through using weaker skills to open up the stronger attacks.

Skill usage won’t just make it easier in PvE battles, either. You’ll also take part in Realm v Realm combat against the opposing faction, with a range of PvP activities to take part in. These range from the 1v1 ranked arena, to larger 8v8 battles, all the way up to 200v200 Conquest Battles. However you like to play, you’ll be catered for in Traha Global.

The Story

You’ll play Traha Global as one of the titular Traha (a shortened version of Transcend Human Ability), humans who have unlocked near-supernatural abilities beyond the capabilities of most mortals. How you use this power is up to you, as you’ll immediately find yourself on either side of a long-running war between two factions – the Vulcans and the Naiads.

This isn’t a simple case of good versus evil. The Vulcans may seem controlling from a Naiad perspective, but play as them and you’ll discover a much-maligned group just trying to survive in the world of Listania. On the other side, the Naiads see themselves as just in their defense against the brutal Vulcans, but they can be plenty brutal themselves. Which faction you play as will drastically change the story you experience, so if you want to see both sides of the story, be prepared to run two characters.

We’ve hardly even scratched the surface of what’s offered in Traha Global – there really is that much to uncover in the game. Traha Global is available right now on PC and mobile – download today and discover what else it has in store for you.