The Lair of the Whisperer

Start Text

Equipped with a piece of the Whisperer hunting you, you can craft a Gloomtrace to track the creature to its lair and finish it off.

While Active

The Huntmaster has told you that the Whisperer hunting you is known as Ryv’n the Devourer, and it has killed many Seekers over the past year. Now that you have a connection to craft a Gloomtrace, you must find the Breach that leads to its lair in the Gloom. From there, you can end the monstrosity.

Success Text

You walked the Path—as said by the Huntmaster—chasing the Whisperer that was stalking you into its lair and vanquishing it in battle. Without Ryv'n the Devourer hunting you, you no longer have to look over your shoulder. Even better, the Huntmaster seemed somewhat… pleased.
Repeatable: false


Phase 1

Craft a Gloomtrace for Ryv'n the Devourer

Phase 2

Finish the Hunt by Slaying Ryv'n the Devourer

Phase 3

Return to the Huntmaster in Skylight