Restoring the Archives

Start Text

The Curator of the Silver Codex wants your help recovering research from across Aurelian. You may find pages when completing expeditions in Aurelian while using Imbuements.

While Active

The Codex Curator doesn't remember working with you, but he is still looking for his scattered research. You should be able to find pages throughout Aurelian when using Chaos, Flora, or Shadow imbuements; he'll tell you when you have enough to restore a book.

Success Text

You continued to collect research for the Curator of the Silver Codex. He doesn't remember the work you did for him before, but it seems that there's no shortage of research to be recovered.
Repeatable: true


Phase 1

Find Research Pages in Aurelian While Using Imbuements.

Phase 2

Return to the Curator to Assemble the Book in the Undercroft