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Guilds in Ashes of Creation are at the heart of almost every system. Learn more about how guilds work in our guide!

General Guild Information

Ashes of Creation has several guild-related systems that place Guilds at the center of the MMO. First, there are several requirements to start a guild.

  • Minimum Character Level
  • Minimum Member count
  • Completing a guild quest
  • Material and Currency

The current maximum roster size for a guild is set at 300 though there will be systems in place to make guilds of all sizes viable. In Ashes, the smaller the guild is, the more skills the guild will have available to it. This offsets some of the other systems in the game that will be easier for larger guilds, such as controlling Open World Dungeons, Bosses, and controlling Castles. Players can only belong to one guild per character, but alt characters can join a different guild than you main character.

Guild Progression will be centered around Questing, Crafting, Node Progression, and events. Benefits that can be earned through progression will be centered around increasing guild size, different guild augmentations, and unlocking the Guild Hall. Here is a list of all the benefits that will possibly be available to guilds:

  • Gear enchantments
  • Guild Activities
  • Guild Castles
  • Guild Gear
  • Guild Halls
  • Guild Mounts
  • Guild Tabards

Guild Halls

Guild Halls will provide a home for guilds in Ashes of Creation. These Halls will be highly customizable and offer several benefits to the owner. A guild will need to reach a certain level before they gain access to a Guild Freehold Certificate and are granted permission to place a Guild Hall. Halls will unlock actions for a guild that allows that to participate in special events like the Shareholder system.

Guild Wars

Guild Wars are Ashes of Creation’s version of Large-scale PVP. Guilds can declare war anytime, though most primary objectives will occur during the server’s prime time. These wars will have win/loss conditions and have dynamic events that should make each war unique.

Castles Sieges

Castles and Fortresses are capturable points located around the map in Ashes of Creation. There are only 5 castles available for guilds to own. Each Castle is unique and has its own layout and location. Once Captured, the guild leader will become its Queen or King, gaining access to unique rewards! Castles Seiges only happen once a month, and are sure to be a hotspot for PVP.

Guilds in Ashes of Creation Conclusion

Be sure to check back here as we get more information about Guilds in Ashes of Creation. For more Ashes content be sure to check out our home page.