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Welcome to our Junobote Guild Boss guide. In Throne and Liberty, multiple Raid Bosses appear throughout the open world and in Guild Raid activities. Each boss is at a different level and brings their own unique mechanics. Junobote is a Level 50 Boss, as a result, we recommend tackling this with guildmates that exceed that level. Junobote in the open world is found inside the Sanctum of Desire open world Dungeon. However, once your Guild hits level 17, you can take on Junobote with your Guild via the Guild Hall. Let’s take a look at Junobote’s mechanics and how to defeat it!

Junobote Boss Fight [Normal Difficulty]

Phase 1

Junobote boasts several high-damage attacks and one major mechanic. However, Junobote is also one of the most visually striking bosses in Throne and Liberty. One of the first attacks outside of basic attacks is a Fury Attack. However, it is a staggered two-part attack. The first part of the attack is an AoE shockwave that is perfect block-able.

Though shortly after this shockwave, Junobote does a 360 degree spinning swipe to everyone in melee range.


Junobote in true demonic fashion places a small fire orb above a players head. Shortly after, Junobote begins to breathe fire towards the player, following them throughout. Be aware, however, that Junobote breathes fire a second time right after!

junobote guild boss guide flame

Ring of Fire

Another attack Junobote has at its disposal is arena-based. Junobote heads to the middle of the arena, causing either the inner or outer circle of the arena to glow red-hot. This is the main indicator that you’ll take damage in this segment of the arena, as a result, move out of it as soon as possible! Whichever ring Junobote did not start the mechanic with, will become red-hot immediately after, requiring the raid to move again!

Quiz Time

Junobote’s main mechanic and gimmick of the fight is without a doubt the Quiz section. Junobote teleports to the middle of the arena, and asks the raid a question (literally, this happens). As you’ll be able to see, there is two sections you can stand in; the Statue of Truth or the Statue of Falsehood. Once the question is asked, the raid has to quickly decide whether or not the answer is true or false. Then, the raid must stand in the section appropriate to their answer. If the raid is correct, nothing happens and you can continue the fight! However, if you’re wrong, the players standing in the wrong section take damage and get knocked off the arena!

junobote guild boss guide question

After this mechanic, the fight plays out with all the above mechanics. As a result, keep on playing with these mechanics in mind and defeat the boss!

Junobote Guild Boss Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Throne and Liberty Junobote Guild Boss guide. For more information on Throne and Liberty, check out our official Home page!