The Life Staff is a weapon in New World that scales with focus. It is currently the primary healing-centric weapon in New World. It consumes mana to apply the restorative powers of nature spells. Continue reading for everything you need to know about the Life Staff.

General information

The Life Staff deals nature damage with light attacks dealing 107% nature damage and heavy attacks dealing 151% nature damage.

The Life Staff in New World uses mana when using heavy attacks and abilities. Light attacks cost 0 mana and heavy attacks cost 5 mana. Mana does not regenerate while you are attacking.

Life Staff Mastery Trees

The two skill trees for the Life Staff are Healing and Protector.   

Healing Mastery Tree

The Healing tree is centered around healing players and gaining additional effects if the target is below 50% health. The abilities in this tree are a mixture of single target and AoE.

Divine Embrace

Divine Embrace is a single target heal that heals for an increased amount of your Life Staff’s damage with the cost per cast being reduced minorly with the first perk. The second and third perks allow this heal to bounce to one additional target if the person being healed is below 50% health allowing it to heal up to 3 people assuming they are all within 8 meters of each other. Additionally, this heal is very hard to non-target cast and is generally cast using the party targeting option. If you do desire to target a non-party member the size is about the same size as your character model. Additionally, there is a short cast time making it possible for the intended target to move out of the cast.

Sacred Ground

The next ability in this tree is Sacred Ground. A targeted AoE that you place on the ground that will create a 3-meter radius healing ground that lasts for 12 seconds. Allies are healed for a small amount of the weapon damage every second, gaining a 25% stamina regen and bonus healing from all sources with the passives. You can free target cast this or cast it on a target ally. Free target casting is suggested if the party is on the move.  A great healing ability if your allies are paying attention to their surroundings.

Splash of Light

The last ability in this tree is Splash of Light. A self-targeting spell that heals you and your allies for a mediocre amount of your Life Staff’s weapon damage over a 25-meter radius gaining the ability to remove 1 debuff from the healed target and restoring 15% of your max mana, per target, if your target is below 50% health. There is a short, but quick cast time to use this spell.


The key passive in this tree is the Divine Blessing. This passive will heal targets by a decent amount more when the target is below 50% health.

Protector Mastery Tree

The Protector skill tree and its passives are centered around basic healing and buffing allies. All of the abilities on this side of the tree interact with buffs in some form or another. Two of the abilities are skill shots requiring you to have a good aim in order to effectively use them.

Orb of Protection

Orb of Protection shoots out a projectile that grants Fortify for 10 seconds and heals a small amount of the weapon’s damage to friendly targets hit by the projectile. This will gain an additional healing buff to friendlies that are hit by the projectile causing Recover for 10 seconds and a splash of buffs to allies within 3m as well as the caster. If the projectile hits a hostile target it will deal a massive amount of weapon damage.

Lights Embrace

The second ability in this tree is Lights Embrace. It heals the target for a decent amount of weapon damage that is increased a reasonable amount for each buff on that target. When you heal a target with lights embrace they will gain 25 stamina and 2% max mana returned to the caster for each buff on the target when the ability is fully upgraded.


Finally, The last ability in this tree is Beacon. Shoots out a projectile that attaches to its target and heals all allies in its radius for a small amount of weapon damage each second for 10s (increasing to 15s and its radius by 50%) and applies 20% haste for all party members in the AoE for 3s. If this projectile hits an enemy it deals a good amount of weapon damage. 


The key passive in this tree is Magnify this passive will extend the duration of active life staff buffs on the target healed by Light’s Embrace by 2s

Life Staff Recommended Roles & Abilities

Healer (PvE/PvP)

The life staff is currently only used in healing builds. It is currently the only pure healing weapon in New World.

Recommended Weapon Pairings with the Life Staff

  • Rapier – The Rapier is currently the best weapon to pair with the Life Staff. This combo provides the healer with Elite level mobility and survivability to help keep you alive while you keep your allies alive.
  • Flail – The flail is a great pairing with the life staff for more of a cleric style build. The flail provides additional healing and buffs. It scales primarily with strength and secondarily with focus. However, all the heals from the flail scale exclusively from the focus attribute.
  • Void Gauntlet – The Void Gauntlet primarily scales off of Intelligence and secondarily off of Focus, making this a decent pairing with the staff. The Void Gauntlet can provide you with healing, buffs, debuffs, and AoE damage. You can use the Artifact Weapon, Lifetaker as the Void Gauntlet of choice. Lifetaker allows your Life Staff light and heavy attacks to apply Disintegrate (Rend).
  • Ice Gauntlet – The Ice Gauntlet primarily scales off of Intelligence, making this an okay pairing with the Life Staff. The Ice Gauntlet can provide you with additional AoE, mana regeneration, and crowd control. Chances are you will not use it for additional damage as much as the other aspects.  

You can reference our builds section for specific Life Staff pairings and builds that other players in the community are using. 

Life Staff Perks

Every Weapon Ability in New World has a corresponding Perk that can be found on armor and weapons. Most of the perks scale in power with the Gear Score of the item they are on. It’s important to note that you can only benefit from one instance of a weapon ability perk at a time. You can obtain the weapon perks randomly from drops or you can craft gear with the specific perk on it. You can enhance your chance at obtaining a specific perk by utilizing mods. Additionally, you can enhance your chance at obtaining your perk with the right stats by using the timeless shards.

The Ability perks for the Life Staff in New World are as follows:

Weapon Ability PerkDescriptionArmorWeaponCrafting Mods
Accelerating Light’s EmbraceAllies below full Health hit with Light’s Embrace gain Haste, increasing their movement speed by X% for 5s.13%30%Reinforced Starmetal Life Staff Charm
Mending Protection+X% outgoing healing power for 3s if Orb of Protection heals an ally below 50% Health.27%45%Reinforced Steel Life Staff Charm
Keen BeaconWhen Beacon heals a player, they gain X% critical chance for 6s.6.7%11%Reinforced Orichalcum Life Staff Charm
Refreshing Divine EmbraceWhen Divine Embrace is used on a target below 50% Health, reduce the ability’s cooldown by X%, and gain X% of your max Mana.45%; 3.8%73%;
Steel Life Staff Charm
Fortifying Sacred GroundAllies healed by Sacred Ground gain Fortify, increasing armor by X% for 5s.11%17%Starmetal Life Staff Charm
Purity of LightAllies with a debuff removed with Splash of Light are healed for X% your weapon damage.54%90%Orichalcum Life Staff Charm

Recommended Life Staff Gems

Next, The type of gem you will want to slot into your Life Staff is heavily dependent upon your build and what you’re trying to accomplish. Generally, you will want to go with Diamond. However, you can check our quick reference guide for gems for a full list of gems and their effects.  

Enemy types the Life Staff is strong/weak against

With a Life Staff, the damage type you will be dealing is Nature! Our Damage Type vs Mob Types Quick Chart guide has a complete breakdown for every weapon. Here is a quick list of mobs that are weak to Nature Damage.

  • The Lost: Takes 30% MORE damage from nature attacks
  • Corrupted:  Takes 15% MORE damage from nature attacks

New World Life Staff Guide Conclusion

That Concludes our New World Life Staff Guide. For more on where to level your Life Staff, check out our Weapon Leveling Locations.