Welcome to our Dark and Darker Warlock Guide. The Warlock is the next class coming to Dark and Darker. This guide covers everything we know so far about the Warlock. This guide updates as new information releases and we also get our hands on the class!


Skills in Dark and Darker are the core abilities that each class has unique access to. Currently, two Skills have been revealed to the public:

  • Spell Memory
  • Blow of Corruption
  • Phantomize

Spell Memory

Spell Memory allows you to memorize spells to use in your dungeon adventures. With Spell Memory, you can also memorize up to 5 spells.

Blow of Corruption

The Next Physical attack deals 20 magical damage to the target and reduces their healing rate by 70% for 12 seconds.


Phases through melee attacks and projectiles increase movement speed by 10% and reduce magical damage reduction by 50% for 6 seconds. During this period you can only move and do not collide with other players or monsters.

Recommended Skills

At this time, we recommend Blow of Corruption and Phantomize to start off while leveling up. Blow of Corruption gives you a big boost to damage while using a sword or melee weapon. Phantomize gives you a “get out of jail free” card that can be used when you get in bad positions in PVE or PVP. As you get better gear (+Magic Healing) or more comfortable with the class, you can swap one of your Skills to Spell Memory. This gives you access to your warlock spells such as Hellfire and Curse of Pain


Perks in Dark and Darker serve as unique passive traits. Each class can slot up to 4 perks once they reach max level:

  • Torture Mastery
  • Malice
  • Dark Reflection
  • Antimagic
  • Dark Enhancement
  • Immortal Lament
  • Soul Collector
  • Vampirism
  • Curse Mastery

Torture Mastery

Torture Mastery allows the player to restore Health as a result of dealing Curse Damage.


Will is increased by 10%

Dark Reflection

If you take damage while Dark Reflection is not on cooldown, you reflect 10 dark magic damage to the attacker.


Your magic resistance is increased by 15% except against divine magic

Dark Enhancement

Dark Magic spells have 10% increased magic damage.

Immortal Lament

Casting spells will not take you below 1 health but your spell power bonus is reduced by 5%

Soul Collector

When dealing the final blow to an enemy, one cursed soul is collected. Each collected soul increases dark magic damage by 5%, up to a maximum of 6 souls. When casting dark magic, this effect is consumed and disappears.


Increases magical healing by 20%

Curse Mastery

Increases the duration of all curses by 30%

Recommended Perks

At this time, we recommend Torture Mastery, Vampirism, Malice and Dark Reflection.


Spells are unique to the classes that can wield Spell Memory as a Skill. Currently, these classes are the Wizard, Cleric, and the newly revealed Warlock Class. These spells are the ones you slot into your Spell Memory Skill and take with you on your adventure. Something to know when starting out, however, is each spell has a cost to even use it. To see this, check the bar at the bottom of the screen when selecting spells to know what your Spell Capacity is.

Dark and Darker Warlock Guide spell cap image

Spells are also separated into tiers based on their power level, and as such, cost more to slot into your Spell Memory. This is equal to the tier that they are in.

Currently, we cannot see the costs for each Warlock spell and as a result, will keep this section updated with new information! However, there are some spells recently shown to the public:

  • Power of Sacrifice (3 Health)- Curses the target with sacrifice, losing 2 health per second but increasing strength by 15. Cast time 2s.
  • Curse of Pain (3 Health)- Instantly deals 10 magic damage to the target and curses them with Agony. Agony: Receive a total of 10 magic damage distributed over 8 seconds. Cast time 2s.
  • Curse of Weaken (3 Health) – Weakens the target. Weaken: Reduces base stats by 20%—cast time 2s.
  • Hellfire (4 Health) – Summons eternal Hellfire and blasts it toward the aiming point. The hellfire does not dissipate when it reaches the target, burning them for 60 magic damage per second.

New Spells

  • Bloodstained Blade (5 Health) – Places the target in Bloodlust for 20 seconds. The target’s weapon attack power increases by 5, and each time the weapon is swung, the target loses 3 Health.
  • Bolt of Darkness (5 Health) – Fires a boly that inflicts 15 Dark Magic damage to the target.
  • Evil Eye (1 Health) – Channel the spell to summon an evil eye that can be possessed by the caster.
  • Ray of Darkness (4 Health) – Projects a dark beam dealing 6 Magical Damage per second to any target it touches. You can aim and move while channeling the beam.
  • Life Drain (4 Health) – Concentrates you mind to drain 3 of the target’s life force per second for 6 seconds and converts 100% of it into the caster’s life force.
  • Eldritch Shield (10 Health) – Grants the target a shield that protects against 25 Magic Damage for 15 seconds. When this shield absorbs all damage and is destroyed, the absorbed damage is converted to increase the magic damage bonus of the next dark spell cast within 4 seconds by 20%.
  • Flame Walker (10 Health) – For 6 seconds, each step the Warlock takes leaves a trail of Hellfire that lasts 4 seconds. Any target touched by this flame will burn and take 5 damage per 0.2 second.
  • Summon Hydra (20 Health) – Summon a Hydra that fires fireballs at hostile targets. The Hydra also detects hidden targets.


The Warlock can utilize a fair few weapons within the game, equally allowing multiple playstyles to form:

  • Staff
  • Spellbook
  • Crystal Ball
  • Falchion
  • Torch
  • Longsword
  • Zweihander

Currently, the chances are high that the Warlock can also use many other weapons. The Warlock has incredible flexibility, being able to use a good number of both melee and also magic options.

We recommend using a Falchion and a Crystal Ball for weapons. For the Second setup we recommend, You can also use a spell book in one slot and a Longsword on your back bar.

Stat Priority

Different stats in Dark and Darker have other properties, as a result, we recommend prioritizing the following stats on gear:

  • +Magical Healing
  • +All Attributes
  • +Additional Magic Damage
  • Will

+ Magical Healing gives Warlock a huge boost to survivability for both Melee and Spell Casting Builds. All Attributes is still the Best overall perk for any piece of gear. Additional Magic damage increases all of your spell damage AND Blow of Corruption.

How To Play Warlock

The Warlock is currently “under construction” and only has a few options for builds. FOR EVERY WARLOCK build you will be looking for +Magical Healing on your gear and running Torture Mastery. This allows you to get your health back instantly after hitting enemies with your spells that cost health.

Blow of Corruption adds a ton of damage to your melee damage and should be used on cooldown to quickly deal with PVE enemies and used to open in PVP fights. Curse of Pain and Hell Fire are your other to main damage abilities. Curse of Pain should be applied to all targets to keep persistent damage on targets as well as leech health to keep your HP at max. Hellfire is a HIGH damage spell that can be used to make quick work of mobs in PVE and send players running in PVP.


Curse of Pain is with Torture Mastery allows you to get your health back while dealing DOT to enemies. If you Hellfire targets with active Curse of Pain/Torture Mastery you can get back even more health from the target, helping pay the cost of Hellfire. The more + Magical Healing Gear you stack on your gear, the more Self Healing you’ll have.

Dark and Darker Warlock Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Dark and Darker Warlock Guide. Make sure to continue to check back here for up-to-date information about the Warlock Class and more Dark and Darker information!