How to Find Golden Scarabs

This Golden Scarab guide will tell you everything you need to know about golden scarabs in New World. To Find Golden Scarabs in New World, you will need to loot Elite Ancient Chests in the open world in the Brimstone Sands Zone. Some of these have a higher chance to drop Golden Scarabs then others: Glyph Chests, Grave Offering in the “Castrum Principium”, and Grave Offerings in the Brimstone/Sulfur pool Areas.

Glyph Chests

Glyph Chests are tied to the Brimstone sands Glyphs system and require you to Activate the appropriate glyph to loot them. Our Ancient Glyph Guide shows us more about the Glyph System in Brimstone.

New World Golden Scarabs

Castrum Principium

You can also find Golden Scarab in Grave Offerings in the Elite POI – The Castrum Principium. There are several Chests that can be looted in the Castrum Principium but will most likely require a group.

Brimstone/Sulfer Pools

The Final place that these scarabs can be found is in the Grave Offerings in the Brimstone/Sulfur Pool areas. There are 4 of these areas. You can find these areas on our interactive map by searching for Brimstone ore. You can also look for the areas that have the color and pattern of the zone below on your in-game map.

New World Golden Scarab

It’s important to note that you can only loot up to 10 Golden Scarabs a day. Golden Scarabs are not bound to you, so you can buy or sell them to other players on the Trading Post or Trade Chat.

New World Golden Scarab Guide

How to use a Golden Scarab in New World

Once you obtain a Golden Scarab, you can use it to craft one of the following items:

  • Armor
  • Weapon
  • Jewelry
  • Bags
  • Tools

Below we’ll break down what you need to use them on each item.

Armor, Weapons, and Jewelry

you will also need the following items to use it to craft an item (at max gear score, the lower tier material the lower the gear score):

  • Appropriate Material
    • Prismatic Ingot, Prismatic Leather, Prismatic Cloth, Prismatic Planks
  • 25 Single Stat Craft Mods
    • Strength – Iron Battle Medal
    • Dexterity – Rough Leather Beaded Strap
    • Intellect – Linen Arcane Embroidery
    • Focus- Softwood Prayer Beads
    • Constitution – Iron Guardsman Insignia
  • 3 Timeless Shards for that Item
    • For a Fire Staff you’ll need 3 Timeless Fire Staff Shards etc
  • 3 Golden Scarabs (Required for Mythril Crafts; 1 required for orichalcum crafts)
  • Matrix (Weapon, Armor, or Jewelry – 1 required for mythril; none required for orichalcum and below)
  • 2 Perk Specific Craft Mods
    • Squirmy Vines, Starmetal Weaponsmithing Charm, ETC
  • Azoth
New World Golden Scarab Guide

Bags and Tools

You can also use Golden Scarabs on Bags and Tools. There are some slight differences in the way Golden Scarabs work on these since there are no timeless shards for these items. Here are the following additional items that you will need for the Golden Scarab version of Bags and Tools.

  • Leather (of appropriate Tier)
  • Cloth (of appropriate Tier)
  • Metal ((of appropriate Tier)
  • Bags – 3 Grand Rune of Holding
  • 2 Craft Mod Perks
  • 3 Golden Scarabs for Dark Leather Satchel (1 for infused leather satchel)
  • Azoth


  • Metal (of appropriate Tier)
  • Wood (of appropriate Tier)
  • Leather (of appropriate Tier)
  • 500 Repair Parts for Mythril; 250 for Orichalcum
  • 3 Golden Scarabs for Mythril; 1 for Orichalcum
  • 1 Weapon Matrix for Mythril; None required for Orichalcum
  • 2 Craft Mod Perks
  • Azoth

Golden Scarab Strategies

When using Golden Scarabs, it’s important to choose the two perks you want on your piece of gear that have the largest perk pools. For the sake of this guide, we’ll use crafting a Chest Piece as an example.

On this Chest Piece, we are looking for Insatiable Gravity Well, Shirking Fortification, and Health. Since we want to use the two perk craft mods with the largest perk pools, we should roll the Golden Scarab Chest piece with Shirking Fortification (Squirmy Vine) and Insatiable Gravity Well.

Here is a breakdown of the perk pool size of each perk we want on our chest piece:

  • Shirking Fortification – Damage Absorption Perk Pool – 6 total perks
  • Insatiable Gravity Well – Skill perk Pool – 90 total perks
  • Health – Health Perk Pool – 1 total perk

Since Health has its own perk pool, the Health perk pool, we have a greater chance to get the Chest Piece we want by eliminating the other two perk pools.

For a quick reference of the size of each perk pool and what perks are in it, check out our perk and perk label guide.

Prismatic Scarabs

Prismatic scarabs are an enhanced version of a golden scarab. This is a powerful scarab that allows you to craft an item exactly how you want it at max gear score.

However, to obtain a prismatic scarab you will need the following:

  • 500 Azoth
  • 1 Prismatic Block
  • 10 Golden Scarabs
  • 50 Pure Solvent

You will also need to have stone cutting 250 to craft one. Once you have obtained a prismatic scarab you can then utilize it to craft the exact item you want at 700 gear score. In order to do so you will need to obtain the following:

  • 50x Attribute Mod
  • 10x Timeless Shard
  • 1x Prismatic Scarab
  • 1x Azoth Inductor
  • Required Prismatic Materials
  • 3x Craft Craft Mods for Perks

An Azoth Inductor can be purchased from you faction vendor for 75,000 faction tokens and 25,000 gold. However, you can only purchase 1 Azoth conductor per week.

New World Golden Scarab Guide Conclusion

That does it for our New World Golden Scarab Guide! For a complete map of the Brimstone Sands zone and the locations of all the Elite chests, check out our map!