Throne and Liberty is a Class-less MMORPG experience. Instead, the game relies on a weapon-based system to determine how your character plays. As a result, there is a ton of weapon combinations and possibilities. Learn everything you need to know about the Weapons in the game from our Throne and Liberty Weapons guide.

What Weapons are in Throne and Liberty?

There are various weapons, from physical melee and ranged, to magical ranged weaponry. Each come with their own set of Skills, Passives and Defensive Skill. Below is a list of all the current weapons in Throne and Liberty.


Throne and Liberty Weapons Guide Greatsword

The Greatsword is a fan-favorite weapon across most Fantasy MMORPGs. The weapon is the front-runner Melee DPS option in Throne and Liberty. Most of the Skills from the Greatsword revolve around large cone/spinning AoE attacks to clear multiple monsters or players. However, some Skills excel at buffing teammates, charging into opponents and crowd-controlling players. Look no further if you want to deal heavy damage with some cold-hard steel! You can also check out our Greatsword Guide for more information.

Sword and Shield

The Sword & Shield in Throne and Liberty is a must-have weapon choice for aspiring Tank players, excelling in the Frontlines. In our Throne and Liberty Weapons guide, we highly recommend this weapon for players that love to get right into the thick of battle, soaking up damage and protecting teammates. Sword & Shield primarily excels at providing damage resistances, heavy crowd control and blocking potential. However, the biggest feature unique to the Sword & Shield, is the Skill that allows you to pull targets towards you from range. This Skill is fantastic for pulling players into your Guild, securing easy kills. To learn more about the Sword and Shield, check our Sword and Shield guide here.


Throne and Liberty Weapons Guide Crossbow

The Crossbow is perfect for players that love to live life on the edge, playing high-risk high-reward with a high potential skill ceiling. Skills on the Crossbow heavily revolve around using Movement Speed steroid buffs, stacking damage buffs and dashes to skillfully kite your opponents. Players Dual-Wield the Crossbows, making the weapon choice a truly flashy one when pulled off well. For more information, check out our Crossbow guide!


Throne and Liberty Weapons Guide Longbow

Longbow in Throne and Liberty pairs as both a great DPS option, and a best-in-slot Support option too! The Longbow follows the tradition of being the iconic ranged DPS weapon it always has been, however, bringing a multitude of essential team-buffs with it. For example, the Longbow can provide Health Regeneration buffs to their party members, increase their Damage dealt by Marking targets and increase Attack Speed! As a result, the Longbow serves as a great Hybrid option for damage and support, perhaps perfectly matched up with the Tome and Wand! See our Longbow guide for a full run-down.


Throne and Liberty Weapon Guides Dagger

A true weapon for Assassin players, the Daggers provide a fast but deadly playstyle. With a Dagger in both hands, players can use Stealth to find opportunities, eliminating opponents swiftly. The Dagger utilizes Poison Stacks to put pressure on opponents, while boosting the damage of other spells based on Poison stacks. Keeping with traditions, the Dagger also has tools to step in and out of combat in a flash. For more information on the Daggers – see our Daggers guide.


Throne and Liberty weapon guide Staff

Staff in Throne and Liberty is the go-to for all Wizard enthusiasts, providing elemental skills to deal massive damage to enemies. This weapon is played primarily from range, using lightning skills to chain between multiple targets, fire skills to burn and ice skills to freeze and slow. The Staff is the ultimate power fantasy for ranged DPS players. For a full view, take a look at our Staff guide.

Wand and Tome

The Wand and Tome is Throne and Liberty’s main Support/Healer weapon. If your previous role in MMORPGs was healing, then look no further! Wand and Tome provides burst healing, both party-wide and single-target, shields and more. The weapon does provide a source of damage, however, through curses and DoTs. As a result, you can pair the weapon with the Staff as a DPS/Healer hybrid. The best build for supports and healers, however, is without a doubt the Longbow + Wand. Longbow + Wand provides incredible amounts of support and healing for the party, but also crowd control. For more information – check out our Wand and Tome guide.

Throne and Liberty Weapons Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Throne and Liberty Weapons Guide overview. For more information, check out our Throne and Liberty Home Page!