Welcome to our Throne and Liberty item sets guide. In this quick guide, we’ll show you what item sets are in the game and the impact they have on your character.

What are Item Sets?

Item sets in Throne and Liberty provide extremely powerful – often game-changing effects. To obtain these effects, certain gear archetypes exist that – when equipped together – activate a powerful buff.

throne and liberty item sets example

For example, a piece of gear that falls under an “item set” shows set effects at the bottom of the tooltip. In this case, two pieces of the example Reaper set activate 21% increased Critical Damage. Also, at 4 pieces the final effect of 10% Added Attack Speed activates too. As a result, these gear item sets shape end-game builds for many combinations of weapons.

List of Item Sets

Below you can find all available item sets currently in Throne and Liberty. As a result, check each of them out to fashion your dream end-game! Many of these pieces drop from Guild Bosses or Open World Bosses.

Reaper’s (Death)

  • Reaper’s Black Mask (Helmet)
  • Reaper’s Concealing Shroud (Chest)
  • Reaper’s Hand of Death (Gloves)
  • Reaper’s Interring Pants (Legs)
  • Reaper’s Footsteps (Shoes)
  • (2) Critical Damage + 21%
  • (4) Added Attack Speed +10%


  • General’s Fury Headgear (Helmet)
  • General’s Thunder Heart (Chest)
  • General’s Frenzy Gloves (Gloves)
  • General’s Melee Gaiters (Legs)
  • General’s Charge Boots (Shoes)
  • (2) Melee Heavy Attack Chance +150
  • (4) Mobility Skills Range +10%

Chief Commander

  • Grand General’s Command Visor (Helmet)
  • Grand General’s Unbeaten Armor (Chest)
  • Grand General’s Strike Gloves (Gloves)
  • Grand General’s Invincibility Gaiters (Legs)
  • Grand General’s Vanguard Boots (Shoes)
  • (2) Damage Reduction 22
  • (4) Shield Block Chance +10%

Ghost Wolf

  • Ghost Wolf Alter Ego Mask (Helmet)
  • Ghost Wolf Alter Ego Armor (Chest)
  • Ghost Wolf Incision Gloves (Gloves)
  • Ghost Wolf Alter Ego Pants (Legs)
  • Ghost Wolf Stealth Boots (Shoes)
  • (2) Damage Bonus 22
  • (4) Off-Hand Weapon Attack Chance Boost +30%

Mother Nature

  • Breath of Mother Nature Hat (Helmet)
  • Miracle of Mother Nature Clothing (Chest)
  • Touch of Mother Nature Gloves (Gloves)
  • Mysteries of Mother Nature Pants (Legs)
  • Resonance of Mother Nature Boots (Shoes)
  • (2) Enfeeble Duration 7.5
  • (4) Range +10%


  • Transcendental Clairvoyance (Helmet)
  • Transcendental Saint Raiment (Chest)
  • Transcendental Mystery Gloves (Gloves)
  • Transcendental Salvation Pants (Legs)
  • Transcendental Wing Shoes (Shoes)
  • (2) Cooldown Speed +7.50%
  • (4) Skill Heal +25%

Indomitable Knight Set

  • Indomitable Knight’s Visor (Helmet)
  • Indomitable Knight’s Plate Armor (Chest)
  • Indomitable Strength Iron Gloves (Gloves)
  • Indomitable Evasion Chain Gaiters (Legs)
  • Indomitable Charge Plated Boots (Shoes)
  • (3) Damage Reduction 15

Mysterious Sage

  • Infuriated Sage’s Hood (Helmet)
  • Mysterious Sage’s Prayer Raiment (Chest)
  • Noble Sage’s Cloth Gloves (Gloves)
  • Mysterious Sage’s Linen Pants (Legs)
  • Mysterious Sage’s Magic Shoes (Shoes)
  • (3) Cooldown Speed +5%

Reflection Mind

  • Reflection Mind Hood (Helmet)
  • Reflection Alter Ego Secret Art Armor (Chest)
  • Reflection Strike Gloves (Gloves)
  • Reflection Alter Ego Secret Art Pants (Legs)
  • Reflection Breakthrough Leather Boots (Shoes)
  • (3) Added Attack Speed +6.60%

Dimensional Chaos

  • Eternal Ring of Dimension (Ring)
  • Insightful Ring of Dimension (Ring)
  • (2) Stamina Regen -10

Interestingly, the Dimensional Chaos 2-set bonus has a negative effect! As a result, when picking rings, only choose one to avoid the de-buff!

Throne and Liberty Item Sets Conclusion

That concludes our Throne and Liberty Item Set guide. For more information on Throne and Liberty, check out our official Home page!