Welcome to our Felling Axe Barbarian build guide! In this build, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to utilize the Felling Axe Barbarian build in Dark and Darker. This includes Skills, Perks, Stat Priority and more!

This Barbarian build focuses on using a combination of Skills and Perks to achieve a simple yet effective approach to the class. Namely, becoming a terror for your opponents.

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Rage and Reckless Attack are the recommended skills required to run the Felling Axe Barbarian Build. Rage is a simple shout the Barbarian has access to that provides a strength buff and movement speed buff, but also lowers your defenses. Additionally, the shout is loud enough for other players to hear – terrifying your opponent is a fun approach too! Reckless Attack rounds out the Skills, a simple attack that ignores armor, while lowering your own.

Recommended Felling Axe Barbarian Build Spells

For this particular Barbarian build, there is currently no spells available for the Barbarian. However, there is the possibility of Cantrips and Spell Scrolls being added to the game eventually! Check back here for more infirmation.


For this Barbarian build, we recommend the following perks:

  • Crush
  • Iron Will
  • Berserker
  • Robust

A simple yet effective perk set-up for the Barbarian class. Crush allows players to smash through doors or chests with their axes! Iron Will bolsters the Barbarian’s magic resistance while also preventing knock-back. Finally, Berserker increases your damage the lower HP you go, while Robust simply increases your maximum HP.

Stat Priority

  • +All Attributes
  • Strength
  • Movement Speed
  • Any other Physical Damage modifier

Within the stat priority, it should be a no-brainer that +All Attributes is a great all-rounder stat to obtain. Strength is a must, increasing both your damage and health pool. Movement speed serves as a fantastic modifier for the Barbarian, allowing you to reach targets much more consistently. Finally, damage bonuses that increase physical power add great value to the build overall.


Weapons for the Felling Axe Berserker build is a fairly straightforward situation. The main choice for the build that we recommend, is a combination of Felling Axe as a main hand and a Horseman’s Axe as a back-up weapon. Although, you can simply use a Felling Axe only to get the job done. Felling Axe serves as a powerful 1-hit kill option in certain situations. However, Horseman’s Axe is better equipped to fight faster opponents at a decent reach.


For the Felling Axe Barbarian build, we recommend using a decent combination of cloth and leather and some chain/plate where appropriate to get the best protection-to-movement speed ratio. This can be the following:

  • Viking Helm
  • Northern Full Tunic
  • Lightfoot Boots or Rugged Boots
  • Strength Gloves
  • Loose Trouser

The above loadout provides the best possible resistances without compromising your movement speed. Try to build your loadout with the above in mind to yield the most optimal results. Finally, do not forget to find the associated stat priorities required for the build!

How to Play the Felling Axe Barbarian Build

The playstyle surrounding the Barbarian is very straightforward. As a result, this is a great class and build for a beginner! The goal is simple – full aggression. To play aggressively, we play the Crush perk to quickly smash through doors, preventing opponents’ escapes while also getting the drop on unsuspecting players. Crush, however, serves as a great way to loot quickly too, saving time looting chests and opening doors to new rooms!

This allows for quick rotations across the map, presenting a lot of opportunities to snag some player kills. If you find a player in another room perhaps looting, you can smash the door down and begin your push towards your opponent. The key to moving fast is to put your weapon away until you’re in melee range. After that, pop your Rage and Reckless Attack and begin chopping down your opponent! Depending on the class the opponent is using, the first swing of your Felling Axe is enough to take them down in one hit! However, it is worth noting that the Felling Axe can be very risky if you miss your hit. This is due to the recovery time of the Axe being a little slow, leaving you open. As a result, make sure to panic your enemy and force them into a corner.

Multiclassing Options

Multiclassing has been taken out of Dark and Darker to be reworked. We’ll update this section when more information is released.


That concludes our Felling Axe Barbarian build guide, providing a strong, scary yet easy-to-use Barbarian build. This build can be played with next to no set-up cost-wise and provides a lot of damage and survivability from the get-go. For more builds and guides, check out our Dark and Darker section. Finally, if you’re interested in further class guides or builds, check out our Bard and Warlock guides.