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In order to gain access to Taedal’s Tower floor 19 you must be level 44 and have completed floor 18. On this floor you will face the Nightmare Conductor. The main mechanic, as the name of the floor suggests, features floating platforms that must climb. You have short time to do so before you take massive damage and potentially die. The mage also has some other brutal abilities to look out for.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know in order to be successful on Taedal’s Tower floor 19 and progress to the next floor. For more general information about Taedal’s Tower you can check our Taedal’s guide here.

Abilities & Mechanics

The Nightmare Conductor is a powerful mage that dishes out several ranged abilities. The mage will stay in the center of the room while attacking you at range. The main mechanic of this floor are the floating platforms. The boss will levitate in the center of the arena and teleport you to the edge of the arena. Shortly after you will see several floating platforms. You must jump from the lowest platform the highest within a short timeframe. If you do not make it to the highest platform you will take significant damage and potentially die.

The platforms will move up and down so you must time your jumps appropriately in order to successfully jump to the next platform. If you can master this mechanic you will be well on you way to completing the Taedal’s Tower floor 19.

Taedal's Tower Floor 19 - Reaching for Higher


There are several other abilities that the Nightmare Conductor has in his kit that you need to be aware of:

  • Orbs – This is arguably the deadliest ability in the boss’s arsenal. It’s difficult to avoid so make sure you’re paying close attention when the boss spawns 3 orbs above his head. He will summon a two red orbs and one blue orb. Shortly after they appear he will launch them in your direction. The red orbs will deal damage and leave a fairly large AoE on the ground that deals DoT damage if you remain standing in it. The blue orb will stun you, but it can be blocked. You have a very short window to block the blue orb.
    • The orbs can change order every time they are spawned. For example, he may throw red, red, blue and the next time he performs the ability it might be red, blue, red.
    • Moving in a circle around the boss is a good strategy to avoid damage, and ensure you’re not standing in the red AoE.
Taedal's Tower Floor 19 - Reaching for Higher
  • Beam – The boss will shoot beam in your direction. If you are hit you will be pushed back and take damage. However, this ability can be blocked. Make sure you pay attention to the purple block circle and time your block accordingly.
  • Shockwave – The boss will unleash a massive shockwave that covers the entire arena. You can not dodge this ability. However, it can be blocked. Again, make sure you are paying attention to the purple block circle and time your block accordingly to negate the damage.

Main Mechanic Tips

  • Floating Platforms – This is the main mechanic discussed above. A good strategy to ensure you make each jump is to utilize your morph. However, when you do this pay close attention to your stamina. The first jump is fairly long and morphing makes it much easier. You may also want to utilize your morph on the final jump to ensure you land it.
    • If you make it to the top successfully you will have a moment before the boss drops the blue orb above his head which will drop the platforms. You can use this time to heal if needed
    • When the platforms drop you can stay on it and ride it down to safety versus jumping off or gliding down.


Rare Armor Growthstone8
Rare Weapon Growthstone4
Rare Accessory Growthstone6
Quality Recovery Crystal10

The rewards can only be obtained one time.

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