The Staff is a weapon focused on raw damage output using the elements of Fire, Ice and Lightning. Learn everything you need to know about Throne and Liberty’s primary Magic Weapon in our Throne and Liberty Staff Guide.

Staff Active Skills

Active Skills in Throne and Liberty go on your skill bar and can be cast to affect both enemies and allies. Currently, there are 12 total Active Skills usable at one time. These 12 skill slots are shared between both of your weapons when making a build. As a result, choose wisely!

The Staff Active Skills are centered around damaging, crowd controlling and burning your opponents. While primarily being used for damage, the Staff also has access to hard crowd controls such as freezing due to ice spells. Below is a list of all the Active skills for the Staff.

Active SkillIconDescription
Mystic ShieldDefends against an attack. Consumes additional Stamina based on the damage defended. Upon defending against a Fury Attack within 0.5 sec, deals 110% of Base Damage + 12 to the attacker, and 10% + 0 to Burning enemies. If the target is Wet, create a DOT area within a 3m radius of the target, dealing 10% of Base Damage + 0 per sec to all enemies in the area. Stacks Flowing Mana up to 3 times to increase Mana Regen by 18 for 6 sec each time you defend against a Fury Attack. Flowing Mana Grants the following effects to the skills you use and disappears. For Lightning skills, increases Critical Hit by 20% per stack. For Fire skills, additionally applies Burning per stack. For other skills, decrease Mana cost by 20% per stack.
Chain LightningA Lightning skill that deals damage equal to 360% of Base Damage + 26. Deals bonus damage equal to 10% per stack of your Burning. When the target is Wet, damage transfers to other enemies within a 5m radius of the target up to 3 times. Damage decreases by 20% every time it transfers and will not transfer a target that has been already transferred.
Serial Flame BombsA Fire skill that deals damage equal to 110% of Base Damage + 22 and inflict Burning with 80% chance. Burning lasts for 12 sec and deal damage equal to 1.5 % of Base Damage + 1 every sec per stack. Can be stacked up to 10 times. It can be used up to 3 times in a row. The casting time decreases and Mana cost increases as the skill is used consecutively.
Smokescreening FrostCreate a 4M zone that deals damage over time for 3 sec and teleport back 10m. To all the enemies within the zone, deal damage equal to 20% of Base Damage + 10 every sec and there’s a 100% chance to slow enemies’ Move Speed by 21% for 3 sec.
Inferno WaveA Fire skill that deals damage equal to 270% of Base Damage + 52 within 3m from the Target. When using it on the target you’ve inflicted burning on, each stack will deal bonus damage equal to 5% of Base Damage to all the enemies within 3m, with a 80% chance of burning.
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