You’ll reach a point during the quest “Of Rats and Raiders” in No Rest for the Wicked that you will need to let Rattigan out of his cage. This guide walks you through where to find the cage key so you can free Rattigan and continue the quest.

How to Let Rattigan Out of His Cage

Free Rattigan

Once you speak with Rattigan in the cage to try to progress the quest he will continue to say, “Not another word from me until there’s no iron between us.” You just find the key to his cage and free him before you can progress any further.

To let Rattigan out of his cage simply head directly south from the cage until you see a spiral staircase.

Progress up the staircase to the two guards that are standing on the platform. As you get closer you will hear one of the guards talking the other guard. He’ll make mention of a different guard that has fallen asleep by a nearby fountain. You will notice that the words “fountain” and “key” are highlighted within the text dialogue. This is a clue to head to the fountain.

The Fountain

In order to find the fountain head back down the stairs and past the cages. Go right, and then take another right down the staircase. Once at the bottom of the stairs you’ll see Danos. From there hug the wall to your left (your character’s right) down the stairs. Keep following that path until you find the fountain. The location is pictured below.

Once you’re at the fountain you will see the sleeping guard right in front of it. Interact with the sleeping guard to collect the Wagon Cell Key. You can now head back to the cage to let Rattigan out.

Once you free Rattigan from his cage, he will decide to help you. This will allow you to progress the Of Rats and Raiders questline. He will explain how there is an impending attack on Sacrament and that he can help you stop it. He’ll then tell you to meet him at the entrance to the Sacrament’s sewers. From here, simply follow the new waypoint on your in-game map to continue the quest.

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