Many people love playing the Paladin Archetype in MMOs. Our Greatsword Life Staff Leveling Build allows people to play that role, providing both High levels of AOE damage and Survivability.

Mastery Points

The Greatsword Life Staff build looks to create a combo that deals massive amounts of damage while providing Elite sustain and Survivability. Below is how you will spend your mastery points as you level up the two weapons.

Weapon LevelGreatsword MasteryLife staff Mastery
3Relentless RushSacred Ground
4Perfect VigilanceOrb of Protection
5Roaring RuptureBeacon
6Keen PostureProtectors Blessing
7Critical ComebackShared Protection
8Unstoppable CutsAegis
9Unflinching BladeHoly Ground
10Aggressive ShiftAnointed
11Relentless PowerBend Light
12Step and StrikeProtectors Strength
13Cross ExecutionDesperate Speed
14Heavy BladeRevitalize
15Unrelenting OnslaughtIntensify
16Purifying RoarSacred Protection
17Intimidating RoarEnchanted Justice
18Adaptive RuptureBlissful Touch
19 Relentless RefreshDivine Blessing
20Giant Slayer Protectors Touch


The Attribute Spread in the Greatsword Life staff leveling build is unlike any other build in New World. You will be splitting your Attributes between 4 different Attributes.

Early on you will want to try to increase your STR and FOC to provide decent damage while also increasing your healing. Later on, you will go back and add DEX to scale up your damage output and improve your crit chance. Eventually Round out the Build with a little bit of constitution.

Below is a breakdown of how you will distribute your attributes. These are baselines and will include the attributes from your gear as well (more on this below). These are guidelines for attribute distribution. You will have a lower health pool with this build. Your survivability comes from the Life Staff healing and the defensive buffs of the Great Sword.

NOTE – Each attribute has a base of 5 which is considered in the total # of attributes category as well as attributes you obtain from armor



While leveling it’s difficult to get the perks and equipment you need to run a particular build. For this build, you will want to stay in the light or medium equip load. The light equip load will give you more damage and healing output but make you susceptible to burst damage. The medium equip load will provide more mitigation but you will deal reduced amounts of damage/healing.

Since this build uses 4 out of the 5 attributes, it should be easy to find gear that fits the build as you level. Make sure to check your gear for weapon perks that would enhance the build as well! You should use your attribute points to compliment your gear. Utilize free or cheap attribute respecs to do so as you level, to ensure they’re dealing as much damage as possible.

Below is a list of perks you can look for on your gear as you level, but as stated above, just make sure the gear has one of the four attributes:

How to use the Greatsword Life Staff Leveling Build

This build excels at survivability and allows you to solo multiple mobs at a time. Below is a breakdown of how to use the abilities to maximize survivability and damage.

Ability Rotation

The Rotation for the Greatsword Life Staff Build has two parts: Laying down AOE healing and Using your Greatsword “dance” to deal large amounts of damage while buffing yourself.

First, Pull the mob(s) with life-staff heavy attacks, dodge, then lay down Sacred Ground, Beacon, and splash Orb of Protection.

Next, Weapon swap to Greatsword and use Relentless Rush. This will give you a stack of empowerment AND prepare your Keen Posture. Use Rupture which will group up the mobs for Crosscut AND will give you grit on all attacks for the next 5 seconds.

From here you can use a light attack to charge heavy to finish off the remaining mobs. Below is a simplified version of the Rotation for each pull.

Start with Life Staff Heavy Attacks to Pull Mobs

Dodge > Sacred Ground > Beacon > Orb of Protection > Weapon Swap > Relentless Rush > Rupture > Crosscut

Greatsword Life Staff Leveling Build Conclusion

That concludes this Leveling Build guide!