The Ennead Expedition is a 5-man expedition located in Brimstone Sands. Our Ennead Expedition Guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the Expedition Location, Drops, map, and a complete walkthrough.

Ennead Expedition Drops

Weapon Drops

In the mutated 3 version of the Ennead you also have a chance to get the “Pharaoh’s” named weapons. All of the weapons, except the life staff, come locked with keen and one weapon perk. The life staff comes locked with desperate prayer and mending protection. The third perk for each weapon is randomly rolled. You can the complete listing of the “Pharaoh’s” weapons here. These weapons drop expedition wide.

The remaining named items are listed below (Please note that the Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion is required to obtain these items)

WeaponsWhere it DropsDifficulty
The WallHeruMutation 1+
Soft WarmthGeneral CrassusNormal +
Frozen SoulAnpuNormal +
Hatred of the VoidAnpuNormal +
Hungering FlameAnpuNormal +
Spear of the DefenderHeruNormal +
SteeleaterHeruNormal +
Hippopotamidaen StrengthHeruNormal +
ThundershotPlutoNormal +
Brawling AxeLuciusNormal +
Mayhem MakerApisNormal +
Ammit’s HungerHoronNormal +
Slayer’s AxeSahNormal +
Finger of SuetekhShaiNormal +
Arm of HorusFetketNormal +
Timelost FlailExpedition WideNormal +

The following weapons can be obtained without the Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion:

WeaponsWhere it DropsDifficulty
Sobek’s HungrExpedition WideNormal
ArquebusExpedition WideNormal
Wall of StoneExpedition WideNormal
Ornament of Legates Expedition WideNormal
Hand of JupiterExpedition WideNormal
Legate’s PrideGeneral CrassusNormal
Dja of BesAnpuNormal
Charioteer’s BowHoronNormal
Buchis RageApisNormal
Claw of OrcusPlutoNormal
Darion’s Spatha ScipioNormal
BeastfangGodling Khepri SupernalNormal
Staff of the Throne HeruNormal
Mnevin StaffAnpuNormal
Lost TimeFetketNormal

Armor Drops

The following drops require the Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion:

ArmorWhere It DropsDifficulty
Graverobber’s HatExpedition WideNormal +
ShieldlineExpedition WideNormal +
CoalsoleExpedition WideNormal +
Dry Leather GlovesExpedition WideNormal +
Hearty PantsExpedition WideNormal +
Desert Berserker’s Set (Light)Expedition WideMutation 1+
Gladiator’s Set (Medium)Expedition WideMutation 1+
Grand General’s Set (Heavy)Expedition WideMutation 1+
Sun Lord’s Set (Light Set)HeruMutation 3
Aureate’s Set (Heavy Set)General CrassusMutation 3

You do not need the Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion to obtain the following:

ArmorWhere It DropsDifficulty
Lorica SquamataGeneral CrassusNormal
Guardian’s GauntletsAnpuNormal
Simple Skirt HeruNormal
Honorable Shoes ShaiNormal
The Blue Crown SahNormal

Jewelry Drops

The following drops require the Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion:

JewelryWhere It DropsDifficulty
Azoth BatteryGodling Khepri SupernalNormal +
Fiery ForceGodling Khepri SupernalNormal +
LifeloopGeneral CrassusNormal +
Legate’s AmuletExpedition WideMutation 2+
Legate’s EarringExpedition WideMutation 2+
Legate’s RingExpedition WideMutation 2+

You do not need the Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion to obtain the following:

JewelryWhere It DropsDifficulty
Priestess CharmHeruNormal
Soulbinding BandGodling Khepri SupernalNormal
Tear of AsetFetketNormal

Other Resources

The Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion is required to obtain the following:

Mount CharmWhere It DropsDifficulty
Powerful Solum Mount CharmExpedition WideMutation 1+
Minor Heartrune of DetonateHeruNormal+
Ennead MateriaAnpu / HeruNormal
Dense Ennead MateriaAnpu / HeruNormal+
Ancient TalismansExpedition WideNormal+
Ancient DustAnpu / HeruNormal+

Ennead Expedition Location and General Information

Location and Lore

“Stretching signals that echo off time, drifting crested atop the ever-expanding edges of this void.”

Investigate The Ennead and discover what secrets the Ancients hid in this timeless place.

The Enead Expedition is a level 65 expedition located in the Pyramid of Akhet in the Brimstone Sands Zone. The Ennead is an end-game expedition and part of the Expedition Mutation Rotation.

How to Enter the Ennead Expedition

In order to enter The Ennead (like all New World Expeditions), someone in your party will need to be at the entrance to enter. 

There is a limit on the number of expeditions you can run.

  • 15 Normal Expedition runs per player per day or 105 per week, per player.
  • 35 Mutated Expedition runs per week.

You can also utilize the dungeon expedition group finder to find a group and enter the expedition. The group finder can be accessed through the expedition entrance UI or from the map by clicking on the Expedition map icons.

You can browse listings created by other players, or post your own request to join other players on your server. This tool allows you to declare your preferred team role, such as DPS, tank, or healer. You can recruit based on those roles. You can also set recruiting requirements like minimum gear score and level, then inspect members to learn their average gear score, weapons, and mastery levels.


Ennead Expedition Guide

The 6 Glyph Consoles

As you enter the expedition, you will clear a few mobs. On both sides of the room, you will find another group of mobs with a Locked Expedition Chest and a Glyph console. Here, you will find the first two of six Glyph Consoles (1 & 2) in the Ennead. Unlocking these with your Azoth staff will grant you access to an Expedition Chest near the Glyph. If you unlock all of these you will also be able to unlock a final Expedition Chest at the end of the Expedition.

Shai and Horon

Head back down the stairs and to the Northwest to fight a group of mobs and the mini-boss Shai. Then, head up the stairs to the North to claim your first Respawn Point. As you clear these hallways, be aware of the Patrolling Ancient Relic that will beam players in your party for massive amounts of damage.

The hallway ahead will fork into 2 different side rooms and a gate at the end. Each of these rooms has a Glyph Console (3 & 4). Be sure to clear this first floor and activate the Glyph Consoles before moving on to the next section of the Expedition to avoid having to back Track. Each Glyph Console will have a small group of mobs around it to clear.

Once you have activated the Glyph Console in each room, head to the gate and down Horon and the mobs around him. Then, open the gate to enter the first boss fight of the Ennead Expedition.

Godling Khepri Supernal Boss Guide

Godling Khepri Supernal is a Level 66 Ancient Giant Scarab. Below are the mechanics of the fight

Godling Khepri Supernal Mechanics

  • Laser Beam – Godling Khepri Shoots a Yellow laser beam forward dealing amounts of damage. It also leaves a yellow AOE on the ground that deals additional damage.
  • Charge – Godling Kephri sprints forward, dealing damage and knocking down targets.
  • Slam – Godling Kephri leaps into the air, then slams to the ground dealing AOE damage where he lands
  • Slash – Godling Kephri slashes forwards twice, once with each claw.
  • Orbital Relics – Godling Kephri opens up his wings and launches Ancient relics up in the air. These Relics will float for a while and track players around them, dealing massive amounts of damage over time.
  • Ancient Mines – Godling Kephri Lays on the ground and drops golden mines on the floor around him. These mines deal massive amounts of damage once triggered.

Godling Khepri Supernal Walkthrough

The Golding Khepri Supernal boss fight will require the tank to move the Khepri around so that Mechanics do not wipe the group. There are four pillars in the room. The tank will use these pillars to move Khepri around the room.

Once Golding Khepri uses Orbital Relics or Ancient Mines, the Tank must move Khepri to the other side of one of the pillars to avoid wiping the group. These are the key mechanics of the fight and if done correctly, the fight is pretty straight forward.

Laser beam is the first mechanic that players must be aware of at all times. Godling Kephri will charge up and shoot a large golden laser beam forward dealing massive amounts of damage. Not only must players avoid the initial beam, but also the AOE on the ground that it leaves behind.

Charge, Slam, and Slash are pretty straightforward mechanics that the tank and DPS can easily avoid. Slash is a forward cone AOE and Slam is Heavly Telegraphed. Charge is a forward pathing attack that can easily be dodged.

As long as the tank repositions Golden Khepri Supernal after each Orbital Relics and Ancient Mines, You’ll have the boss downed in no time. Once you down the boss, loot the Expedition Chest ahead and take the Portal to the next area.

Lucius, Pluto, and Scipio.

Once through the teleportal, head up the stairs and clear the mobs ahead. To the North is another Glyph Consule (5) with a few mobs. Go ahead and clear the mobs to activate the Console to loot the Expedition Chest. To the South there are a few mobs with an orichalcum node. From here head East, then destroy the monolith with the Azoth Staff. This will open up a large area with 3 corridors: Seal of the Sovereign, Timeless Crypt, and the Corrupted Monument.

The Seal of the Sovereign will lead you to the next boss. Before you go in there, make sure to clear the Timeless Crypt and the Corrupted Monument. While in the Timeless Crypt you’ll encounter the mini-boss Pluto and the next Glyph Consule (6). Scipio, the final miniboss, is located in the Corrupted Monument.

General Crassus Boss Guide

General Crassus is a Level 66 Corrupted Boss. There are 3 phases during the fight. Below are General Crassus mechanics along with a Walkthrough!

General Crassus Boss Mechanics

  • Summon Legion – General Crassus Summons a Legion of Corrupted mobs to aid in him battle. Depending on what phase Crassus is in, The mobs summon changes.
    • Spear Phase – Signifiers that cast AOE rend debuffs and basic corrupted mobs
    • Bow Phase – Legioneers and Prefects – Knockdowns and Stuns
    • Staff Phase – Corrupted Cyclops – Knockdown, Stuns, and Lazer beams from Eyes that deal damage.

Spear Phase Mechanics

  • Phantom Rush – General Crassus Casts a Line of Red Phantoms that charge forward in a wide AOE attack.
  • Spear Thrust – General Crassus Thrusts his spear forward
  • Phantom Thrust – General Crassus, along with Several Red Phantoms Thrust spears forward dealing massive amounts of damage.

Bow Phase Mechanics

  • Rain of Arrows – General Crassus Aims in the sky and showers a massive amount of arrows down on each party member.
  • Detonating Arrows – General Crassus Shots Arrows at the ground that charge and detonate for AOE damage.
  • Spray Shot – General Crassus Shots several arrows in a forward cone AOE attack.

Staff Phase Mechanics

  • Corrupted Comet Shower – General Crassus holds his staff high and casts large comets that track players.
  • Corrupted Runes – General Crassus casts Corrupted Runes on the ground that explodes for AOE damage after Ending.
  • Corrupted Orb Wave – General Crassus Casts and AOE cone of Corrupted orbs

General Crassus Walkthrough

As the Fight with General Crassus progresses, General Crassus will switch weapons and go in a different phase. Each phase will have a different version of Summon Legion and a new set of Mechanics. The First phase is the Spear Phase

1st Phase – Spear Phase

During the Spear phase, be mindful of the Signifiers from Summon Legion. Signifiers will cast a large AOE on the ground that will place a rend on anyone inside the circle. Make sure to clear them as soon as possible to avoid getting hit by Phantom Rush and Phantom Thrust while Rended. At around 66% health remaining, General Crassus will move to phase 2.

2nd Phase – Bow Phase

This is General Crassus’s most deadly phase. Rain of Arrows deals massive damage if you get hit by it. Be aware of the mobs from Summon Legion during this phase as the Prefects will throw Javelins at players trying to knock them down. Keep your head on a swivel to dodge Detonating Arrow and Spray Shot and continue damaging General Crassus. At around 33% health let on the boss, you’ll reach the Final Phase.

3rd Phase – Staff Phase

At the beginning phase, General Crassus will use Summon Legion to bring 2 Corrupted Cyclops onto the battlefield. The Corrupted Cyclops are the main mechanic of the Staff Phase. Your group can either ignore the Cyclops and finish off General Crassus OR pull the Cyclops together to DPS them down THEN focus on the Boss. Ignoring the Cyclops can be troublesome as they both have AOE knockdowns and Lazer attacks that can deal damage.

Avoid Corrupted Comet Shower, Corrupted Runes, and Corrupted Orb Wave, and finish off General Crassus to finish the fight. After the fight, be sure to loot the Expedition chest and take the portal ahead to the final area.

Sah and the Terrace of the Creator

The Terrace of the creator is a huge area with a bunch of “inanimate” statues and two Ancient Relic that patrol the area. The Statues will slowly come alive throughout the fight, so the tank will need to pick up the aggro as they awaken. At the back of the room, just before the stairs, is a mini-boss named Sah. You will need to clear every mob in this room to continue. Defeat Sah and head up the stairs for the final boss encounter of the Ennead.

Anpu and Heru Boss Guide

Heru and Anpu Boss Fight is a level 66 Boss Encounter with 2 Ancient Boss Mobs.

Anpu Mechanics

  • Spinning Fist- Anpu throws his fist in a circle, dealing damage and creating an electric AOE around himself
  • Fiery Rage – Anpu Sprints after the player with aggro, leaving Corrupted fire pools that deal massive amounts of damage in his path. These also cast a MASSIVE burn on targets.
  • Static Cleave – Anpu slams his fist together to create a large forward AOE Cleave dealing damage.
  • Siesmic Slam – Anpu jumps up and slams to the ground dealing AOE damage

Heru Mechanics

  • Heavenly Beams – Heru Casts Light from the sky that beams down and deals massive amounts of AOE damage in the area. These also cast a MASSIVE burn on targets.
  • Roaming Light – Small AOE light circle that deals damage.
  • Beam of Light – Heru holds his staff in the air pulling the relic from his back into the sky. This summons a Beam of Light that tracks a player. This beam stuns players and explodes leaving AOE Damage.
  • Ancient Conduit – Heru goes to the middle of the 4 Ennead Pillars and pulls energy from each. As he does, he will deal zone-wide AOE damage to players. Players must use the azoth staff to cleanse each pillar to stop the Corrupted Conduit.

Anpu and Heru Walkthrough


The Fight opens up with Anpu only. The main mechanic of Anpu is when he starts his Fiery Rage. Once Anpu starts his charge, the tank will need to pull Anpu into a floating corrupted crystal in the room. Doing so will stop Anpu from charging. Anpu will keep charging until he hits a crystal. The longer Anpu charges the more Corrupted Fire Pools he’ll leave behind. These pools deal massive amounts of damage and must be avoided at all costs. Spinning Fist also deals massive amounts of damage. When Anpu takes of his fist to ready the attack, make sure to step out of melee range until Spinning Fist is over. Once you finish damaging Anpu, he will take a knee and Heru will spawn.


During the Heru-only phase, players need to be aware of Heavenly Beams and avoid the AOE they leave behind. Players will also need to watch out for Roaming Lights as the fight goes on as they will accumulate and become more difficult to avoid. Watch for Heru as he prepares Beam of Light as it will stun you in place, making you susceptible to the other attacks. The Player that gets targeted with Beam of Light will need to move out of the group to avoid damaging other players.

After some time, Heru will use Ancient Conduit. Players must use the azoth staff to cleanse each pillar to stop Huru. The best strategy here is for the DPS and tank to each take a pillar and close them at the same time. This will prevent the group from taking too much damage and allow the healer to focus on healing. once each pillar is done, Heru will continue on as before until the next Ancient Conduit has

Anpu and Heru

After you defeat Heru, both Heru and Anpu will respawn at 50% health. At this point, you will need to navigate all of their mechanics at the same time while defeating both bosses. YOU WILL NEED TO KILL BOTH ANPU and HERU BETWEEN 10 SECONDS OF EACH OTHER. Groups can either DPS one of the bosses down to 1 bar and then do the same for the next before killing them or pull them both together and kill the simultaneously.

Eventually, Heru will cast Ancient Conduit and Anpu will start Fiery Rage. The tank must pull Anpu into his assigned pillar first to stop Fiery Charge while the DPS close their pillars. Once Anpu hit the pillar, the tank can move Anpu away while one of the DPS comes over to close the final pillar. Depending on your DPS this should only occur once but is the most challenging part of the encounter. Finish off the bosses and make sure to loot both Anpu and Heru as well as the expedition chest.

Console Chest

If you open all six Glyph consoles, you will open the final Expedition quest right before you exit the expedition.

New World Ennead Expedition Guide Conclusion

That completes our Ennead Expedition Guide! For a detailed map of the expedition, check out our interactive expedition map!