Welcome to our Greatsword Dagger DPS Build guide for Throne and Liberty. Learn everything you need to know about the premium melee-assassin experience given with this weapon combination.

Skills & Passives

Below are the Active, Passive, and Defensive Skills for the Greatsword Dagger DPS Build. For insight on which order to level these Skills up, Check our Skill Upgrade Progression Section below. It’s important to note that there is a few good options and paths you can take with the build. As a result, the freedom truly is yours to explore past our own recommendations.

Active Skills

Ascending SlashShadow Strike
Death BlowCamouflage
Guillotine BladeBrutal Incision
DaVinci’s CourageStunning Blow
Precision DashPredatory Strike
Valiant BrawlInject Venom


Assassin’s InstinctRobust Constitution
Assassin’s StepVital Force
Wrathful EdgeIndomitable Armor
Shadow WalkerCold Warrior

PvP Adjustments

For PvP only, there is an option to change the Active Skill “Inject Venom” to “Throwing Knives”. Throwing Knives not only slows down the opponent but also applies an anti-heal to the targets hit. To land this skill efficiently, use Throwing Knives in combination with Shadow Strike to guarantee a point-blank hit.

Defensive Skill

Block Blade provides not only the standard block each Defensive Skill possesses, but also the ability to dodge roll to move. Block Blade can activate various synergies in the Dagger archetype. For example, the Epic Daggers “Lequirus’s Thorny Edge” provide increased base damage after using a Dagger Mobility Skill. As a result, Block Blade acts as a free source of activate this passive, alongside other passives like Shadow Walker.

Skill Upgrade Progression

Next, Let’s look at the order to prioritize upgrading your skills. We’ve focused on the most important skills to help guide you through skill progression to help get you started. It’s important to note that you will upgrade all skills to max eventually and that some Skills start at Rare or Epic Quality. However, some Active and Passive Skill are far more vital to push.


  • Dagger- Predatory Strike (Uncommon to Rare)
  • Dagger- Shadow Strike (Uncommon to Rare)
  • Greatsword- Stunning Blow (Uncommon to Rare)
  • Greatsword- Precision Dash (Uncommon to Rare)
  • Greatsword- Valiant Brawl (Uncommon to Rare)
  • Dagger- Inject Venom (Uncommon to Rare)
  • Greatsword- Stunning Blow (Rare to Epic)
  • Greatsword- Death Blow (Rare to Epic)
  • Greatsword- Precision Dash (Rare to Epic)
  • Dagger- Brutal Incision (Rare to Epic)
  • Dagger- Shadow Strike (Rare to Epic)
  • Dagger- Predatory Strike (Rare to Epic)
  • Greatsword- DaVinci’s Courage (Rare to Epic)
  • Greatsword- Valiant Brawl (Rare to Epic)
  • Dagger- Inject Venom (Rare to Epic)
  • Dagger- Block Blade (Defensive (Uncommon to Rare)
  • Dagger- Block Blade (Defensive (Rare to Epic)


  • Greatsword- Robust Constitution (Uncommon to Rare)
  • Dagger- Assassin’s Step (Uncommon to Rare)
  • Dagger- Assassin’s Instinct (Uncommon to Rare)
  • Greatsword- Vital Force (Uncommon to Rare)
  • Greatsword- Cold Warrior (Rare to Epic)
  • Greatsword- Robust Constitution (Rare to Epic)
  • Dagger- Shadow Walker (Rare to Epic)
  • Greatsword- Vital Force (Rare to Epic)
  • Assassin’s Instinct (Rare to Epic)
  • Assassin’s Step (Rare to Epic)

Attributes, Weapon Mastery, and Guardians


In this section, we will go over recommended Attribute allocation, as well as the Weapon Mastery and Guardian usage for the build.

For this build, the main attribute is actually split between Dexterity and Perception. However, Strength can play a powerful role in the build too, if you have enough stat points from gear. Dexterity is important due to the increased Maximum damage threshold, Critical Hit Chance, Evasion and Attack Speed it provides. Perception similarly plays an important role, high Perception allows you to hit targets with higher levels of Evasion, allowing for consistent assassination combos. Strength is optionally powerful in the Greatsword and Dagger set-up. Strength provides increased resistances, more Maximum Health (which synergizes with Vital Force) and powerful stat thresholds. For example, at 50 Strength, you’re granted 100 Heavy Attack Chance!

Starting out, however, we recommend the following:

NOTE: This Information does not include gear Bonuses

  • STRENGTH – 10
  • DEXTERITY – 30
  • WISDOM – 19

Weapon Mastery

You can level up your Weapon Mastery naturally by just playing the game and using the weapon(s). The Weapon Mastery Trees for each weapon are as follows:

NOTE – Your first Weapon Mastery Point will be used to select the opening Node in each weapon.

greatsword dagger dps build mastery tree


  • Charge – 4 points
  • Incapacitate – 7 points
  • Face Off – 1 point


  • Poison – 3 points
  • Assassination – 9 points

Guardian – Lady Knight Kamarshea or Green Ranger Elowen

Lady Knight Kamarshea is the perfect Guardian for most DPS players, including the Greatsword Dagger DPS build. This is due to the huge shield and cooldown speed the Kamarshea provides. Kamarshea gives you the opportunity to play more aggressively without worrying about assassins counter-diving you or ranged poking you out. Alternatively, in PvE, Shade Revenant Stheno is a great choice too for raw damage output versus bosses.

Green Ranger Elowen is for the initiator enthusiasts that want to get into the thick of the fight and engage on the enemies. If timed correctly, using Shadow Strike to blink into a clump and popping Green Ranger Elowen can create huge potential to have your teammates AoE engage on the opponents. This is due to the Green Ranger rooting all targets in an AoE, increasing the chance to critically strike against them too!


NOTE – Most Elite Resistance gear ALSO has a chance to drop from Precious Blessing Pouches that can be purchased daily from your Contract Vendor and the completion of some level 50 Contracts.


IMPORTANT – You will want to level up RARE gear to 9+ before transferring progress to EPIC quality Gear.

Level 1-50+

NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
Main HandElite Resistance GreatswordHeavy Attack ChanceHit Critical HitCrafted – Lithograph from Various Sources & MSQ Reward
Off-HandElite Resistance KnifeHeavy Attack ChanceHitCritical HItCrafted – Lithograph from Various Sources & MSQ Reward

End Game (BIS)

Name Trait 1 Trait 2Trait 3 How to Acquire
Main HandMorokai’s Corrupt SwordHeavy Attack ChanceHitCritical HitPaola’s Dimension Chest (Drops in all 50+ Dungeons or can be purchased with Dimensional Crystals).
Off-HandLequirus’s Thorny EdgeHeavy Attack ChanceHit Critical HitPaola’s Dimension Chest (Drops in all 50+ Dungeons or can be purchased with Dimensional Crystals)

NOTE – There is various options for the Greatsword. For example, Duke Magna’s Beserk Blade is a fantastic alternative if you cannot get the Morokai weapon to drop. The same goes for Tevent’s Despair Blade if you can get it to drop.


IMPORTANT – You will want to level up RARE gear to 9+ before transferring progress to EPIC quality Gear.

Level 1-50+

NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
HelmElite Resistance VisorMax HealthRanged EvasionMelee EvasionCrafter – Lithograph drops from Various location
CloakElite Assassin’s CloakMax HealthSkill Damage ResistanceBind ResistanceObtainable from Lithograph Book, Kotori drop or Blessing Pouch
ChestElite Resistance Plate ArmorMax HealthMelee EvasionRanged EvasionCrafted – Lithographs Drop from Ruins of Turayne Zone from Gallu Mobs
GlovesBlessings of Mother Nature ClothMax HealthMelee EvasionMagic EvasionCrafted – Lithograph Drops from Cave of Destruction
PantsElite Resistance Leather PantsMax HealthRanged EvasionMagic EvasionCrafted – Lithograph drops from Mitran or Pirate King’s Chest Crab
BootsElite Resistance Plate BootsRanged EvasionMelee EvasionMove SpeedCrafted – Lithograph drops from Grayclaw Butcher

End Game (BIS)

NameTrait 1 Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
HelmGeneral’s Fury HeadgearRanged EvasionMelee EvasionMax HealthDrops from Cave of Destruction Dungeon
CloakElite Assassin’s CloakBind ResistanceSkill Damage ResistanceMax HealthObtainable from Lithograph Book, Kotori drop or Blessing Pouch
ChestSpecial Resistance Tactical ArmorMax HealthMelee EvasionRanged EvasionDrops from MSQ, Lithograph Book
GlovesGeneral’s Frenzy GlovesMax HealthRanged EvasionAttack SpeedDrops from Demonhoof Berserkers & Butchers (Floor 5 & 6 Syleus’s Abyss Dungeon)
PantsImpure Witch’s Linen PantsMax HealthMelee EvasionMagic EvasionDrops from Acid Ants in the Ant Cave Abyss Dungeon
BootsSpecial Resistance Judgment BootsMax HealthMelee EvasionMagic EvasionObtainable from Lithograph Book, Skeleton Lancer drop, Blessing Pouch


IMPORTANT – You will want to level up RARE gear to 9+ before transferring progress to EPIC quality Gear.

Level 1-50+

NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
NecklaceShock Trooper’s Resistance NecklaceMax HealthSkill Damage BoostBuff DurationDrops From Skeleton Lancer (Ruins of Turayne Zone)
BraceletWild Resistance BraceletMax HealthSkill Damage ReductionStun ResistanceDungeons – Roaring Temple and Cursed Wasteland
RingLethal Fortune RingMax HealthSkill Damage BoostBuff DurationCrafted – Lithograph Recipe obtained from Lithograph Book
RingCrude Wind BandMax HealthSkill Damage BoostN/AUncommon Accessory Chest
BeltCrude Vigor BeltBind ResistanceSkill Damage ResistanceN/AUncommon Accessory Chest

End Game (BIS)

NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
NecklaceAbyss Conqueror’s NecklaceMax HealthSkill Damage BoostBind ChanceCrafted from Abyss Currency x40 (Yui Jesper)
BraceletBeast King’s Gilded BracersMax HealthSkill Damage ReductionCollision ResistanceDungeon – Cave of Destruction
RingInsightful Ring of DimensionMax HealthSkill Damage BoostBuff DurationCrafted with Dimensional Crystals x 20
Ring Transcendent Magic RingWeaken ChanceSkill Damage BoostBuff DurationCrafted – Lithograph from Morokai (Raid Boss)
BeltBattlefield Gladiator’s BeltMax HealthSkill Damage Resistance Stun ResistanceDrops from Wandering Soul Arbiter & Knight

Tier 2 Gearing

Tier 2 Epic gear is a step up from the Tier 1 Epics you’ll find early on in Throne and Liberty. After obtaining your Tier 1 BIS gear, you’ll need to work towards your Tier 2 gear grind. Most Tier 2 gear comes as a reward from the new Tier 2 Dungeons, along with a Tier 2 specific upgrade material – Precious Growth Schema’s. There is a lot of powerful Tier 2 gear options, with powerful 2-set or 4-set bonuses. In terms of weapons, there is also game-changing options available to most weapon types. Below is our recommended Tier 2 pieces to target farm for the Greatsword and Dagger:


NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
Main HandChief Executor’s Earthquake BladeHeavy Attack Chance HitCritical HitTier 2 Dungeons or Crafted via Soul Shards
Off-HandSilent TrackerHeavy Attack ChanceHitCritical HItTier 2 Dungeons or Crafted via Soul Shards

Chief Executor’s Earthquake Blade allows you to assassinate individual targets while joining into massive AoE nuke fights. As a result, this weapon provides more base damage and a high level of flexibility. Silent Tracker gives you a far smoother feeling Fatal Stigma should you decide to run it. However, we still strongly believe that even with Tier 2 gear – Lequirus’s Thorny Edge is superior.


NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
Tier 2 Piece (Chest)Wraith Knight’s Execution Armor Max HealthRanged EvasionMelee EvasionTier 2 Dungeons or Crafted via Soul Shards
Tier 2 Piece (Helmet)Wraith Knight’s Netherworld HeadgearMax HealthRanged EvasionMelee EvasionTier 2 Dungeons or Crafted via Soul Shards

Wraith Knight’s 2-set bonus provides 2000 Max Health which is fantastic for the Greatsword Dagger build. Additionally, the stats on each of these Tier 2 pieces above provides great benefit to the build through Strength, Dexterity, Evasion and Heavy Attack Chance.

How to Play the Greatsword Dagger DPS Build

The Greatsword Dagger DPS build has Top Tier Single-Target Damage capabilities and lockdown making it a must-have in both PVE and PVP. Below, we’ll break down the basics of both PvE and PvP gameplay approaches with the build. The build primarily plays in melee range.


This build is focused on dealing as much damage as possible throughout dungeons and also the open world. The build excels in single-target combat. When engaging a boss encounter, follow a rough rotation of the following skills:

  • Activate Inject Venom
  • Shadow Strike onto the boss
  • Activate DaVinci’s Courage (for the Attack Speed boost)
  • Stunning Blow (this puts “Shock” onto the boss, giving you the same benefits such as Heavy Attack Chance increase)
  • Precision Dash
  • Death Blow
  • Predatory Strike
  • Brutal Incision
  • Valiant Brawl
  • Guillotine Blade

With this weapon combination you’ll have several very low cooldowns you can constantly weave into the larger cooldowns, such as Predatory Strike. As a result, keeping a high uptime usage of these skills is important for gaining the most DPS.

For Survivability, you have Camouflage to drop aggro and the insane amounts of Evasion you can also gain from the Dagger passive “Shadow Walker”.


For PVP, this build is used to deal damage through nuking single-targets and locking them down. The build facilitates picking off single-targets through the use of CC’s such as Shadow Strike and Stunning Blow.

The aim of the game with this build is to most play to find flank angles. This is to reach the enemy squishy targets (namely Wand players) and effectively shut them down. Sometimes, Shadow Strike alone is enough to shut down a Wand player from healing their team due to the Silence effect.

To effectively Assassinate enemy players, follow the rotation below:

  • Activate Inject Venom
  • Shadow Strike
  • Stunning Blow
  • Predatory Strike
  • Death Blow
  • Ascending Slash
  • Valiant Brawl
  • Guillotine Blade
  • Brutal Incision

There is several instances where you can use utility such as Camouflage to find your targets safely, or to escape after a successful rotation. Typically, if a target survives and begins to run away, Shadow Strike should be available again to chase. Additionally, you have Precision Dash to continue any chase required.

It is very important to remember the timing you have to land attacks during the stun window. A common mistake to make is to stun your opponent and immediately Ascending Slash them to knock them onto the ground. While this combo chain is correct, you’ll have a long time to chain the Ascending Slash to continue the Crowd Control and your combo. As a result, practice some restraint and weave in some damage skills after your stun before landing the Ascending Slash on the target.

With the Tier 2 Greatsword equipped, remember that you’re a vital piece of the AoE nuke your team can provide. Make sure to dive in and use Gaia Crash on clumps. However, only use Gaia Crash if you have the Tier 2 Greatsword.

If you use the recommended gear we have above, it’ll provide you with incredible levels of survivability while keeping your HIT very high. As a result, you’ll be able to consistently land your combo on a target even if they have high Evasion.


That Concludes our Greatsword Dagger DPS Build! For more Throne and Liberty content, news and guides, be sure to check out our Throne and Liberty Home Page