Brimstone Sands has several portal locations are scattered across the zone. These portals act as fast travel locations. However, they are much different than spirit shrines. When you activate a portal it will take you to a specific location. You can not choose where to go like you can with a spirit shrine.

In order to access the portals you must obtain all of the necessary glyphs. Each portal requires a specific glyph to activate. You can find all of the glyphs in Brimstone Sands by checking our Ancient Glyphs guide. Below you will find the locations and destinations of each portal in Brimstone Sands.

Brimstone Sands Portal Locations & Destinations

The below table outlines where each portal is found and where it takes you to, as well as, the glyphs necessary to open each portal. If you go through a portal, going back through on the other side will take you back to the previous location

LocationRequired GlyphGlyphDestinationRequired GlyphGlyph
Great Shrine of ThothTEYII Palace of Nekhbet (West)TEYII
Palace of Nekhbet (East)TSADZUIGreat Wall of Nebet-HetTSADZUI
Hermopolis (East)JIIBABeds of Ta-BitjetHID
Hermopolis (South)AABERLamp of OsirisHID
Hermopolis (West)CRUUJ’IIForge of PtahHID

Brimstone Sands Portal Location & Destination Map

Below is a map of the portal locations and their destinations throughout the zone. The glyph required to open the portal is pictured next to each of them.