Before its global launch, Throne and Liberty launches in Korea on Dec 7th. Learn how to play in Throne in Liberty with a VPN. Below are the steps necessary to get to play the new MMO when it comes out.

NOTE – You will need a Verified Korean NC Soft Account to use this guide.

1.) Turn on VPN and connect to South Korea (Souel)

Along with a verified Korean NC Soft account, you will also need a VPN or a service like Exitlag. Once you have a VPN and are logged in, In your VPN settings, make sure you select the KR Seoul region.

Above is an example of Exit Lag and Below is one of Nord VPN

2.) Change Time on PC to South Korean Time (Seoul)

In Windows, look to the bottom right of your screen on the date and time. Select the “Adjust Date and Time” option. Next, left click on the drop-down box under time zone and select the “Seoul” time zone.

3.) Log in to NC Purple with an Active VPN

Once your VPN is on, open NC Purple, NC Softs APP with your verified Account. If you haven’t downloaded NC purple yet you can use this link – PURPLE – Unleash your play, PURPLE (

4.) Download Thrones and Liberty

Finally, search for Thrones and Liberty within the app. Once you find it, click download on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Once you have downloaded the game, the button should a “Start Game”

NOTE – The game has already been Translated to most of the common languages due to the planned Global Release. Once inside the game you will be able to select which language you prefer.

Throne and Liberty is going to have a Hyper Boost Server launch 24th July 2024. This server is highly recommended for players following this guide as it’ll speed up your progression.