The New World Easter event is called Rabbit’s Revenge. During this period the corrupted rabbits will drop special loot. Every day players can earn up to 3 diamond gypsum and five luck-increasing consumables. Players can also earn a mystical storage chest that can be found in the possession of the rabbits. 

How to find the Corrupted Rabbits 

You can find the rabbits for the New World Easter event by looking for normal rabbit spawns. Every normal rabbit in Aeternum is now transformed into a corrupted rabbit for the duration of the event. Therefore, there are not any additional or special spawn areas for these creatures. 

You can find all the rabbit spawn locations by checking our interactive map and clicking on the “monsters” filter and selecting “rabbits.”

Event Rewards

When you kill a corrupted rabbit during the event you will receive the following:

  • Up to 3 diamond gypsum a day
  • Up to 5 Defiled Rabbit’s Foot per day (increases luck by 5% for 40 minutes)
  • Chance to receive the Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare (Limited to one per player)
  • Chance to receive Corrupted Rabbit’s Mask Box containing a Corrupted Rabbit Mask cosmetic (limited to one per player)

The Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare is a very drop so you may have to kill quite a lot of rabbits to obtain the one time drop per player. 

Best Place to Farm Corrupted Rabbits

In order to obtain the 3 gypsum and 5 defiled rabbit’s foot per day any rabbit spawn will suffice. However, if you’re spending quite a bit of time trying to farm out the Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare a great location to do so would be in southern Reekwater. 

The density of rabbit’s is not quite as much as some other locations, but you can also farm Tarragon while you’re farming for the chest. This is an important ingredient for the Roasted Rabbit with Seasoned Vegetables stat food. You’ll be killing quite a few rabbits so you can obtain some Sumptuous Rabbit, Tarragon, and a chance to get the storage chest all in one location. 

If you are simply shooting for density to obtain the Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare as quickly as possible you can farm one of the more higher dense areas of rabbits. 

Great Cleave is a great option due to the ease of the route and the density of rabbits. It’s a simple north-to-south run, up and down the road. Another great option is Eastern Ebonscale. 


Does Luck Help Get the Chest Drop

When trying to obtain the chest drop Global Luck does NOT help your chances at getting the drop. This was confirmed on the forums by Community Manger Aenwyn.

Skinning luck will also not help you obtain the drop because the drop is not obtained through skinning. The chest drops just like a normal loot bag. Skinning luck will only benefit the quality of items you receive when you skin the rabbit. For example, getting more Sumptuous rabbit would be a benefit of having skinning luck gear on. So, because of this we suggest that you use Skinning Luck during this event and skin the rabbits. 

Global Luck does not affect items within loot buckets, but it helps the chances of rolling a specific bucket. Global luck also does not affect the chance of getting a bag or loot to drop, it only effects the quality of the item that drops. Because the rabbit only has one item (The Defiled Chest) luck does not affect your odds at getting it. 

New World Rabbit’s Revenge Event Conclusion

If you wish to learn more about luck you can check our luck guide.