Taedal’s Tower Floor 8 – Poisons, Explosions, and Detox Herbs

by | Last updated Feb 24, 2024

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In order to gain access to Taedal’s Tower floor 8 you must be level 28 and have completed floor seven. On this floor you will encounter the Giant Ant Commander. The ant commander will repeatedly charge you, apply strong poison effects to you, and summon ads into the arena.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know in order to be successful on Taedal’s Tower floor 8 and progress to the next floor. For more general information about Taedal’s Tower you can check our Taedal’s guide here.

Taedal's Tower Floor 8 - Poisons, Explosions, and Detox Herbs

Abilities & Mechanics

The primary mechanic of this floor is the arena poison effect. You will need to walk through the herbs that spawn into the arena to fully cleanse yourself of the poison. The Ant Commander will also charge towards you repeatedly during the fight. You will want to stay as mobile as possible in order to avoid the attacks. Consider utilizing ranged weapons in this fight so you can attack on the go. This also helps during the poison phase so you can attack while you cure yourself with the herbs.

The Giant Ant Commander has the following abilities to be aware of:

  • Poison – The Ant Commander will cover the entire arena with poison. This will apply 3 stacks of poison on you. When you have 3 stacks you will take significant damage over time. However, there will also be three Detox Herbs that appear in the arena at the same time the poison appears. You simply need to find and pick up the detox herbs in order to remove a stack of poison. To pick up the herb you just need to walk through it. Picking up the herb will also restore some of your health. If you pick up all 3 of the herbs the poison stacks will be completely removed.
Taedal's Tower Floor 8 - Poisons, Explosions, and Detox Herbs
  • Exploding Ants – The boss will spawn in smaller ants throughout the duration of the fight. They will run towards your position and explode briefly after reaching you. In order to avoid damage simply wait for them to stop moving and them quickly move away from the small ant.
  • Stun – The boss will raise up and slam down on you in melee range. If you get hit this will stun you for a short duration. This ability can be blocked. Make sure you time the purple block circle appropriately in order to land a perfect block. Landing a perfect block will block the stun.
Taedal's Tower Floor 8 - Poisons, Explosions, and Detox Herbs


Quality Armor Growthstone8
Quality Weapon Growthstone4
Quality Accessory Growthstone5
Recovery Crystal10

The rewards can only be obtained one time.

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