Welcome to our Specters Abyss Dungeon guide. In this guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know to complete the dungeon. Specter’s Abyss is the first Dungeon available to you in Throne and Liberty. The required Level is 20.

First Mini-Boss

The first room only has a few basic mobs and an Arbiter. To deal with the Arbiters in this dungeon, keep a crowd control such as a stun to prevent its wipe mechanic. You’ll know when the wipe mechanic comes as the mob shouts out. Shortly after the first room, the first mini-boss presents itself to you – the Shadowmancer.

The Shadowmancer, unlike the more difficult counterpart in Death’s Abyss only picks up a single player during its only mechanic. As a result, a simple crowd control ends the mechanic and the fight resumes until the boss is defeated. Look out for when the boss calls out and begins lifting a player up – highlighted in blue.

Second Section & Mini-Boss 2

The second section of the dungeon splits off into two rooms with levers in the center of each. Both of these levers when pulled open up the entrance to the second mini-boss of the dungeon. Once you’re inside the mini-boss room, you’ll see the Riot Squad Captain.

Defeating the Riot Squad Captain is very simple, periodically the boss shouts “Die!” – a blue bubble then spawns around him. Keep hitting the boss until the shield drops and then as soon as possible, crowd control him to stop the mechanic. Once the boss is defeated, head into the final boss room to fight Heliber.

Final Boss – Heliber

Heliber spawns after interacting with the prison in the center of the room. Heliber has a few attacks. The most common attack is a large AoE cone sent towards the player with current aggro. The cone does a chunk of damage so make sure to avoid it where possible, for example, having the tank turn the boss away.

Heliber also periodically teleports to the furthest away player, so keep that in mind when positioning as a team. Another attack to watch out for is the Fury Attack (indicated by the purple circle that appears on the boss). This attack deals large AoE damage, so make sure to block it! Finally, Heliber targets one player and puts a dark bubble around them. At this point, every player has to stack inside the bubble – this avoids a full team wipe. After repeating this a couple of times, the boss is down and you’ve cleared the dungeon!

specters abyss dungeon guide

Specters Abyss Dungeon Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Specters Abyss Dungeon Guide for Throne and Liberty. For more information on Throne and Liberty, check out our official Home page!