Our Ice Gauntlet Rapier DPS Build pairs the Rapier and Ice Gauntlet together in one of the most potent PVE DPS builds in New World.

*IMPORTANT* – Check out our Expedition builds info guide for the full breakdown of damage types versus mob types and consumables you should utilize within each expedition.

Mastery Points


Tondo, Flourish and Finish, Evade

In this Build, the Rapier is your primary DPS Weapon. We’ll be utilizing the Flourish and Finish – Tondo Combo to stack bleeds and deal massive amounts of burst damage. Evade is used to cancel the animation of Tondo and increase DPS with the Omnidirectional Evade Perk. We will cover more on the Rapier DPS rotation below.

Ice Gauntlet

Ice Storm, Ice Spike, Ice Pylon

The Ice Gauntlet is your back bar weapon, that can increase your damage over time in both single-target and AOE situations. Ice Storm greatly improves the AOE damage of this build and helps provide passive DPS in single-target situations. Ice Pylon is good for both single-target damage and AOE with the Pylon burst perk. Ice Spike is a quick burst of damage while on your backbar.


  • 250 DEX
  • 250 INT
  • 100 CON

As you Master the build and use Evade/dodge to survive you can go down to 5 CON and increase DEX to 350 for even more DPS.


For this build, you will stay in the light equip load for the 20% damage increase. Below is the armor weight setup you’ll need to reach the optimal Light Equip Load.



Armor Perks

Your armor perks should resemble the list below.

  • Omnidirectional Evade
  • Pylon Burst
  • Empowered Ice Spike
  • Health (5)
  • Refreshing (2)
  • Ice Harnessing (5)

Weapons and Weapon Perks

As with most builds in New World, a crafted weapon will be your BIS for this build. The perks are listed in order of importance from Left to Right. Two perk gear is very affordable atm so you should be able to get ahold of weapons with the purple perks listed.



Ice Gauntlet

Unending Thaw, Keenly Jagged, Keen


Below are the recommendations for Jewelry. To get buy, prioritize two perk Jewelry until you can find access to Legendary gear.

AmuletHealth, (damage protection perk), Divine

  • For Mutations and other PVE activities you want Amulets with Protection on them for the Mutation Type. For Example, using an Amulet with Ice Protection during an Ice Bound Mutation. With this method you can place Opals or Malachite’s in your gear and swap Amulets instead of Gems.

Ring – Ice Damage, Refreshing, Hearty

Earring – Refreshing Toast, Refreshing, Empowering Toast

For some alternatives, you can use Featherweight Ring, Fanciful Earring


Heartgem Rune

For this build, you’ll use the  Brutal Heartrune of Detonate. Detonate gives a passive increase to DPS without interrupting your DPS rotation. You will take additional damage while it’s charging so be aware when activating the ability.

How to Use the Ice Gauntlet Rapier DPS Build

The Ice Gauntlet Rapier build is a pure DPS build that uses the passive damage of the Ice Gauntlet and pairs it with the Elite Damage of the Rapier.

To open every fight, we will cast all 3 of our Ice Gauntlet abilities. Start by casting Ice Storm on the targeted area. Next Place Ice Pylon in the middle of the pack of mobs or near the boss, inside the Ice Storm. This allows for Pylon to deal both single-target damage and AOE damage with the Burst Pylon Perk. Next cast Ice Spike. Each Ice Gauntlet rotation should look similar to this.

  • Cast Ice Storm
  • Cast Ice Pylon
  • Ice SPike

Next Dodge to proc the “Pylon Dodge” perk then swap to your Rapier to start your primary DPS rotation. Again, you will do this until all your Ice Gauntlet Abilities off cooldown.

Here is the Rapier rotation in order:

  • Tondo>Evade>Light attack x 2>Evade>light attacks x 2 (Repeat 3x)
  • Flourish and Finish

Once you have completed two Rapier Rotations your Ice Gauntlet abilities should be off cooldown. Swap back to your Ice Gauntlet, Cast all of your abilities, then swap back to your Rapier to continue your dps rotation.


Ice Gauntlet Rapier DPS Build Conclusion

That completes our New World Ice Gauntlet Rapier DPS Build Guide. For more PVE builds, check out New World Home Page.