How to Find and Use Silver Coins in V Rising

During your time in V Rising you will start to find Silver Coins. You may begin to find these early on. Make sure you are aware of Silver Sickness before picking up too much. Silver coins are a rare currency in V Rising that you can obtain from looting houses and other areas that have shelves, chests, containers, and golden chests.

You can utilize the Silver Coins you have collected to purchase items from travelling traders and merchants in V Rising. These traders and Merchants are located in various regions of Vardoran.

Silver Coins in V Rising

How to Trade with Traders in V Rising

Once you have saved up some Silver Coins you’ll need to find a way to spend them. To use the coins you will need to locate a trader. There are travelling or roaming traders, and currently one stationary merchant that you can purchase items from using your Silver Coins. The travelling traders can be found roaming the paths of Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands. The merchant is located inside his store in Silverlight Hills.

Each of the traders offers a unique set of items that you can choose from and purchase for various prices of Silver Coin. However, before you can trade you must unlock Human Form. This will require you to locate and defeat Beatrice the Tailor. After you have killed the boss you can then use the Vampire Power, Human Form, to transform into a human and trade with the trader. If you do not transform you will be attacked on sight by the trader. So, make sure you transform out of aggro range and walk to the trader as a human.

Location and Items for Each Trader

Gavyn the Shady Dealer

The first traders in V Rising that you will likely encounter is Gavyn the Shady Dealer. He can be found in Farbane Woods wandering down the roads. You will find him on the western side of Farbane Woods near the Bandit Copper Mine. Utilize human form to interact with him and view all of the items he has to offer.

IconItemTypeSilver Cost
Blood Rose Brew V RisingBlood Rose BrewConsumable25
Brew of Ferocity V RisingBrew of FerocityConsumable25
Blood Rose Seed V RisingBlood Rose SeedSeed15
Crude Amethyst V RisingCrude AmethystGem8
Crude Emerald V RisingCrude EmeraldGem8
Crude Miststone V RisingCrude MiststoneGem8
Crude Ruby V RisingCrude RubyGem8
Crude Sapphire V RisingCrude SapphireGem8
Crude Topaz V RisingCrude TopazGem8
Hell's Clarion Spores V RisingHell’s Clarion SporesSeed15
Fire Blossom Seed V RisingFire Blossom SeedSeed15
Lumberjack's AxesLumberjack’s AxesWeapon16
Mourning Lily Seed V RisingMourning Lily SeedSeed15
Minor Garlic Resistance Brew V RisingMinor Garlic Resistance BrewConsumable25
Minor Explosive Box V RisingMinor Explosive BoxConsumable40
Miner's Mace V RisingMiner’s MaceWeapon16
Necromancer's Mitre V RisingNecromancer’s MitreCosmetic200
Pilgrim's Hat V RisingPilgrim’s HatCosmetic200
Snow Flower Seed V RisingSnow Flower SeedSeed15
Gavyn’s the Shady Dealer’s items for sale

Berk the Travelling Trader

Berk the Travelling trader can be found roaming the roads in Dunley Farmlands. You will be able to find him in the southeastern part of the area near Dawnbreak Village and the nearby Militia Encampments and farms. Utilize human form to interact with him and view all of the items he has to offer.

IconItemTypeSilver Cost
Deer Head V RisingDeer HeadCosmetic300
Wolf Head V RisingWolf HeadCosmetic300
Bear Head V RisingBear HeadCosmetic300
Blood Rose Potion V RisingBlood Rose PotionConsumable45
Garlic Resistance Potion V RisingGarlic Resistance PotionConsumable55
holy resistance potion v risingHoly Resistance PotionConsumable60
regular amethyst v risingRegular AmethystGem24
regular emerald v risingRegular EmeraldGem24
regular miststone v risingRegular MiststoneGem24
regular ruby v risingRegular RubyGem24
regular sapphire v risingRegular SapphireGem24
regular topaz v risingRegular TopazGem24
sunflower seeds v risingSunflower SeedSeed45
Berk the Travelling Trader’s Items for Sale

Ottar the Merchant

Ottar the Merchant can be found in a fixed location. He does not roam. You can find him at the Brighthaven Slums. This is located in the southwestern part of Silverlight Hills. Utilize human form to interact with him and view all of the items he has to offer.

IconItemTypeSilver Cost
Ashfolk Helmet V RisingAshfolk HelmetCosmetic550
Flawless Amethyst V RisingFlawless AmethystGem120
Flawless Emerald V RisingFlawless EmeraldGem120
Flawless Miststone V RisingFlawless MiststoneGem120
Flawless Ruby V RisingFlawless RubyGem120
Flawless Sapphire V RisingFlawless SapphireGem120
Flawless Topaz V RisingFlawless TopazGem120
Ghost Shroom Spores V RisingGhost Shroom SporesSeed200
Highland Lotus Seeds V RisingHighland Lotus SeedsSeed200
Major Explosive Box V RisingMajor Explosive BoxConsumable110
Mitre V RisingMitreCosmetic550
Ottar the Merchant’s Items for Sale