Housing is one of New World’s most detailed features. There are tons of items to customize your house with that you can loot or craft using the furnishing trade skill. The housing system also gives you several advantages such as fast travel and trophy buffs. We cover all this, and more in our New World Housing Guide.

Player Housing

In New World, player houses are part of the many settlements that can be found in Aeternum. Houses in New World are semi-instanced, allowing players to purchase the same house. But, they will only be able to enter and manage their own version of it.

Purchasing a House

To be able to purchase a house, players must first reach certain level requirements:

  • 1st house – Level 15
  • 2nd house – Level 35
  • 3rd house – Level 55

You must also reach a certain territory standing to buy a house. You can do this by undertaking missions, quests, and town projects, or simply killing monsters.

There are different types of houses, with different sizes and features. For example, some houses have gardens or balconies, while others only have a front porch. Of course, their location also plays a role, with some being more central and close to important town facilities such as crafting stations. This comes with different costs, so if you want a larger house in a good spot, you better be prepared to pay a premium.

Houses in settlements have tiers. Each tier of house comes with a different cost and set of benefits. The most expensive houses have the greatest benefits. The following chart displays the details of each tier of house in New World.

DescriptionTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
Territory Standing requiredLevel 1 Level 15Level 20Level 30
Cost of Purchase (gold)5,000 10,00015,00020,000
Max Storage Chests1234
Max Number of Pets5678
Max Number of Lights46810
Fast Travel Cooldown4 hours3 hours2.5 hours2 hours

In order to purchase a house simply walk up to your desired house and press the default key of “E” to bring up the housing UI. From there you can purchase the house.

buy house in new world

First Home Purchase Discount in New World

Your first house purchase will receive a 5,000 coin discount. This discount will apply to any territory and any tier of house as long as you have never purchased a house before. Therefore, you could purchase the 20,000 coin home for your first home and only pay 15,000 coin for it. However, in order to do so you would have to have a territory standing of at least 30 in the applicable territory, so you would have to wait a little while prior to buying your first home which would delay the benefit of fast travel etc.

It is important to point out that if you purchase a house and then abandon that house you will not receive the first-time home buyer discount again. 

Territory Standing & Home Ownership

Territory standing bonus cards are rewarded to players upon receiving a reputation within a given territory. Reputation is received upon completing tasks within that territory, and you can then choose from a variety of different buffs and benefits available to you in that applicable territory. The bonuses are not global. They only apply to the territory you are in. You can view your territory standing rewards by viewing the map screen and clicking on “Territory Standings” on the left side of the screen. From there you can select a territory and view the rewards you currently have.

Territory standing

Territory standing is an important part of player housing because some of the territory standing rewards relate to the housing in New World. Below is a chart showing the effects of each Territory Standing Reward.

Territory Standing Reward Chart

Reward Card NameStarting Base Effects (Rewards will decrease the more of them you stack)
Faction TokensEarn 5% more Faction Tokens in a given territory
GatherIncrease Gathering speed by 5% in a given territory
Housing ItemsIncrease the number of Housing items you can place by 5 in a given territory
House OwnershipYou can own a house in a given territory
Property TaxDecrease Property Tax by 5% for owned property in a given territory
Standing GainEarn 5% more Territory Standing while in a given territory
Station FeeDecreases Crafting fee by 5% while in a given territory
StorageIncreases Storage by 25
Trading TaxDecreases the Trading tax rate by 5% while in a given territory
XP GainEarn 3% more XP while in a given territory

By increasing your territory standing you are rewarded with the ability to own a home in a given territory, you can increase the number of housing items you can place in your home in a given territory, and decrease your property taxes in a given territory. It’s important to point out that most of the cards listed do have a diminishing return as you continue to level up those specific perks.

Property Taxes

Owning a house in a settlement will result in Property tax being due once every 7 days. The property tax rate is set and modified by the territory’s controlling company, and each house has a base property tax that can be viewed in the housing menu while at a particular house. Failure to pay the property tax will result in the following:

  • Recall to your home will be disabled
  • You will not be able to decorate your house
  • You will not be able to invite other players into you house
  • Your trophy buffs will not be active
  • You will not be able to use your storage containers located in your house

It’s important to point out that your property taxes do not accrue. Therefore, if you take a month’s break from the game and come back you will not owe an absurd amount of money in property taxes. You will still only owe 7 days worth of taxes. As long as your taxes are paid for the week, you will receive the benefits of the house for that week.

property taxes

Visitors to Your Home

Other players can visit your house and see your decorations as long as they are in your party. You can host up to a total of 5 players in your home. This includes yourself. You can also utilize the housing menu to see a list of players that own a home, and view their home by clicking the enter button on the menu.  Once you’re in someone else’s home you can not decorate or move items, you can only view the house.   

Decorating your Home

New World features hundreds of different furniture items. Most of these can be crafted by players and sold on the trading post. This includes chairs, tables, beds, and garden decorations. You will also be able to find rare furniture and trophies while looting mobs and other rewards.

Some of these trophies can give you powerful buffs if displayed in your home. For example, they can improve your crafting skills or make you more powerful in combat against certain types of enemies. There is a maximum limit on how many trophies can be active at once, though, so players will have to make a choice.

Decorations also serve another purpose. While your own house instance is private, it’s possible for other players to see your house when walking past – but only if you have the best-decorated house in that location. This is determined by a ranking system that gives your house a score depending on its decoration and your territory standing. You can even see a list of the highest-ranked players for each house. Of course, you will always be able to see your own home, but other players can only see it from the outside if you happen to have the highest-ranked house.


Trophies are a type of furniture in New World that can be placed around your home. If you have a trophy placed and active it will provide you will persistent global buffs. You can place trophies in your home by entering the decorate menu while in your house. This can be done by entering your house and pressing the default to decorate key of “B.” You can view all of the trophies you have available to place by clicking the trophies icon while in the decorate menu.

Trophies are divided into four different categories as follows:

  • Combat Trophies: Provide a damage bonus while fighting enemies that correspond with the active trophy type (example: Ancient Earth Trophy will provide you with increased damage against the Angry Earth Enemy types.) 
  • Crafting Trophies: Will improve your minimum gear store when crafting items that correspond with that trophy type (example: Armoring Trophy will increase your minimum gear score when crafting armor)
  • Gathering Trophies: Increases your luck with the specific gathering skill that corresponds with the active trophy (example: Mining trophy will grant you mining luck which increases your chance at obtaining rare mining items)
  • Loot Luck Trophies: Will provide you a bonus when looting to help increase your chances of finding rare items from chests and monsters. 

You can place a maximum of 5 trophies per house regardless of the tier of house owned. The effects of the trophies will not stack when the same type is placed in the same house, however, the effects will be stacked when they are placed in different houses. Therefore, you can stack up to 3 trophies of the same type. Please note that if you do not pay your property tax the benefits of that particular house will not be active.

House Recall

Player houses in New World serve as a recall point, so you can fast travel to your home from anywhere in the world. This also makes it important to choose a good location for your houses, because you can only own a maximum of 3 houses. The higher tier the house the lower the cooldown on your house’s fast travel timer.

  • Tier 1 – 4 hours
  • Tier 2 – 3 hours
  • Tier 3 – 2.5 hours
  • Tier 4 – 2 hours

If you fail to pay your property tax for a particular house the house recall to that house will not be available until you pay your property tax. 

You can, however, pay a small azoth fee in order to reset the fast travel timer. This will allow you to fast travel to any house you own, at any time, from anywhere by paying the Azoth fee.

Additional Storage

You can increase your storage bin capacity in an applicable territory by owning a home in that territory and placing a storage chest inside of the house. Upon placing a storage bin inside of your house your storage shed’s weight limit for the settlement your house is in will increase.  The tier of your house will determine the number of storage chests you can place. There are different types and tiers of storage chests that will allow you to store more with higher-tier chests. You can see the list of storage chests below, and you can check our database for a comprehensive list of housing furniture.  

New World Storage Chest Chart

Storage Chest NameStorage AmountRarityTier
Hewn Log Storage Chest400CommonI
Old Wood Storage Chest450CommonI
Mossy Rock Storage Chest450CommonI
Iron Storage Chest600UncommonII
Stone Storage Chest650UncommonII
Hunter Storage Chest650UncommonII
Booty Storage Chest800RareIII
Dynasty Storage Chest800RareIII
Hope Storage Chest800RareIII
Legion Storage Chest800RareIII
Golden Steel Storage Chest1000EpicIV
Cursed Storage Chest1050EpicIV
Polished Marble Storage Chest1050EpicIV
Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare (Event Reward)1050EpicIV

Abandoning a House

It is possible to give up your house and move to a new location. Doing so will award you  50% of the house’s value from the initial purchase. To do this, you just need to open your Property Taxes window and select the “Abandon this house” button at the bottom of the screen. There is a little notice to the left that lets you know that all items will be moved to your town storage. Additionally, you are not refunded any taxes you paid in the current time period.

house menu

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