The Weaponsmithing Trade Skill in New World allows players to create a variety of weapons including great axes, longswords, round shields, rapiers, shields, Great Swords, and War Hammers. We cover all this in more in our New World Weaponsmithing Guide.

Weaponsmithing in New World

To get started with Weaponsmithing you will need to gather basic resources and refine them to craft (Ingots, leathers, clothes, and lumbers). Once the resources have been obtained you will be using the Forge (Anvil icon on the map) to craft anything Weaponsmithing. To craft, walk up to a Forge and press your default to interact button, “E”, to open the crafting window.

When you are at the crafting station and have the resources, you will want to open the crafting menu and select what you want to craft. Once you’ve selected the item to craft, you can click the blue CRAFT button to craft the item. If you wish to craft more than one you can move the slider above it and select how many you wish to bulk craft.

Most of the time when you craft an item at the Forge you are awarded Weaponsmithing experience. The amount of experience for crafting an item can be found under the blue CRAFT button in the crafting screen. The Weaponsmithing level cap is 250, of which afterward you will start to gain aptitude.

Leveling Weaponsmithing

Information in this section contains a recommended method to level weaponsmithing. There are various ways to achieve 250 weaponsmithing, and you are in no way restricted to this method. Below is an efficient way to hit level 250 in weaponsmithing. Before we start lets look at some things to consider during the leveling process.

First Craft Bonus

You get a “First Craft” XP bonus for each unique item you craft. This XP bonus is a 3x bonus. Be sure to utilize this when possible as you level your weaponsmithing!

Using Scraps to Level

You can utilize scraps from a perfect salvage to quickly level any applicable trade skill. This is a great way to obtain a boost to your trade skill experience. To learn all about perfect salvages and how to use scraps you can check out our Perfect Salvage Guide.

Using Schematics & Other Items to Level

You can utilize certain schematics and other items to help level your weaponsmithing as well. Make your way to an Forge and locate the Weaponsmiths Research Project selection. From here you can select the dropdown and deselect the “owned” box to see all the available patterns you can exchange. Prior to exchanging a pattern for you XP you may want to ensure you don’t need it or don’t want to sell it.

0-250 Leveling Table

The below table lists the items you will want to craft in level increments. Sometimes there are various options within each level range. You can utilize these variations if you have the materials on hand, or stick to one of the options within that range. The estimated amount of items listed is assumes you are only crafting that particular item to hit the next level threshold. However, if you’re utilizing the first craft bonus or crafting other items within that range then the quantity needed would reduce.

Level RangeItemQuantity Needed
0-50Iron Greatsword43
50-100Steel Greatsword124
100-150Starmetal Greatsword167
150-205Orichalcum Greatsword73
205-250Mythril Greatsword155

Weaponsmithing Gear

To craft max-level weapons in New World, you must first obtain the weaponsmith gear. Weaponsmith gear can be looted from the appropriate boss, purchased from the auction house, or crafted from a pattern located in Tier III armoring Aptitude box.. Below is a list of each piece of crafting gear and where you can find it in the open world:

Weaponsmithing ArmorHow to Obtain it
Marauders Blacksmiths Gloves – +5 WeaponsmitingMarauder Faction Vendor
Weaponsmith HatHigh Priest Oseguera
Weaponsmith ShirtArtifex Faetum
Weaponsmith GlovesJuna
Weaponsmith PantsArticulon the Unshackled
Weaponsmith ShoesSesa

You will also need an Earring with the weaponsmithing mastery perk on it to complete the set.

How to Craft 700 Gear Score Items with Weaponsmithing

When crafting max-level weaponsmith gear, you will first need to accumulate Prismatic items such as Prismatic Ingots. You will also need to obtain 3 major weaponsmithing trophies and have them active in your house, obtain all the weaponsmithing gear above, and consume the crafting trade skill food.

Finally, you’ll need to own a home in a settlement that has the appropriate crafting town buff active. Below is a summary of everything you will need to craft a mx gear score item:

  • Weaponsmithing level 250
  • 5 pieces of Weaponsmithing Gear (see above)
  • Earring with Weaponsmithing Mastery Perk (cheap on Trading Post or craft your own)
  • 3 Major Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy +5 Min Gear Score for Weaponsmithing (Artifact)
  • Savory Vegetable Medley +15 Min/Max Gear Score for Weaponsmithing (Recipe)
  • House in a Settlement with the Weaponsmithing’s Temperament: +5 Min Gear Score for Weaponsmithing

New World Weaponsmithing Guide Conclusion

That completes our New World Weaponsmithing Guide. More information about crafting 700 gear score gear can be found in our timeless shards guide. For more New World guides check out our extensive New World Library.