New World’s Trophy system allows players to gain an increase in damage to each mob type across Aeternum. This helps you get the most out of your DPS in each expedition and mutation. Whenever you acquire a trophy you can hang it in your house to receive the global damage increase to that particular mob type. You can hang 1 of each type of combat trophy in each of your 3 houses. To get the maximum benefit from the trophies you will want to acquire 3 of each type.

You will receive the following damage increase for each type of trophy:

  • Minor – 3%
  • Basic – 4%
  • Major – 5%

The maximum benefit from having 3 major trophies hung in your houses would be +15% damage increase to a particular mob type. The trophy must be active in you house to receive the buff for whichever monster type you are fighting. You can avoid switching trophies by acquiring Ultimate Combat Trophies (more on those below).

This guide will teach you how to get the mats to craft each Major Combat Trophy in our New World Combat Trophy Guide.

Ultimate combat trophy new world

Minor and Basic Combat Trophies

Each Major trophy will also require a Minor and a Basic Trophy to Craft. These can be purchased from other players or crafted. If you prefer to craft these trophies yourself, the following mats will be required for each minor, basic, and major combat trophy.

Minor Combat Trophy Material

  • 25 Lumber
  • 20 Steel Ingot
  • 1 Maple Stain
  • 25 Motes
    • Ancient – Soul Motes
    • Angry Earth – Earth Motes
    • Corrupted – Life Motes
    • Human – Death Motes
    • Lost – Death Motes
    • Wildlife – Fire Motes

Basic Combat Trophy Material

  • 25 Wyrdwood Planks
  • 20 Starmetal Ingots
  • 1 Oak Stain
  • 1 Epic Resource
    • Ancient – Ancient Femur – Drops from any Ancient Mob
    • Angry Earth – Barkflesh – Drops from any Angry Earth Mob
    • Corrupted – Corrupted Crest – Drops from any Corrupted Mob
    • Human – 5x Flame Core and Human Digit – Drops from Varangian Mobs
    • Lost – Ectoplasmic Essence – Drops from any Lost Mob
    • Wildlife – Pristine Wolf Claw – Drops from any Beast Mob
  • Applicable Minor Trophy

Major Combat Trophy Materials

Each Major combat Trophy will require the following materials + a unique Legendary resource. We will talk more about how to farm for the Legendary Resource for the Major Combat Trophies down below

  • 25 Ironwood Plank
  • 20 Orichalcum Ingots
  • 1 Mahogany Stain
  • 1 Legendary Resource
    • Ancient – Ancient Mandible – Drops from The Surgeon
    • Angry Earth – Glowing Sap – Drops from Baines
    • Corrupted – Corrupted Totem – Drops from Pit Lord Daehi
    • Human – 50x Flame Core and Human Idol – Drops from Sir Juni the Strategist
    • Lost – Ephmerel Seal – Drops from Mordici the Mortician
    • Wildlife – Pristine Bear Claw – Drops from Black Bear or Grizzly Bear
  • Applicable Basic Trophy

Major Ancient Combat Trophy

The Major Ancient Combat Trophy resource, The Ancient Mandible, can be farmed from The Surgeon at the Skyview Repose in Reekwater. You can farm this boss solo and can expect a 6-8 minute respawn time.

While waiting on the Surgeon to respawn, don’t forget to loot all of the Supply Caches and Supply Stockpiles in the area! These are on a 1-hour cooldown and (if equipped with enough luck gear) you can pull several valuable items including other Major Trophy mats and Squirmy Vines.

To see Surgeon’s exact spawn location on our map, click here.

Major Angry Earth Combat Trophy

The Major Angry Earth resource, Glowing Sap, is farmed from Baines located in Seniab in Edengrove.

Baines’s respawn time is usually around 2 minutes so sticking close to Baines’s spawn is necessary to be efficient.

To find Baines’s exact location on our interactive map, click here.

Major Corrupted Combat Trophy

The Major Corrupted Combat Trophy resource, the Corrupted Totem, drops from the Pit Lord Daehi Boss in the Illurmin zone in Shattered Mountain. Pit Lord Daehi has approximately a 6-8 minute respawn timer.

In between spawns, don’t forget to pick up the Supply Stockpile in the area as well as try to farm some of the orichalcum nodes in the area.

Click here to see Pit Lord Daehi’s spawn location!

Major Lost Combat Trophy

The Major Lost Combat Trophy resource, the Emphmerel Seal, drops from Mordici the Mortician at the Skysong Crypt in Ebonscale Reach.

Mordici is located in one of the most popular places to gain your Obsidian, Diamond, and Topaz Gypsum for the day! You can also gain your Emerald gypsum by farming the Ironwood in the area.

To see the Skysong Crypt and Mortici’s spawn location, click here

Major Beast Bane Trophy

The Pristine Bear Claw for Beast Bane Trophy is farmed from Black Bears and Grizzly Bears. These can easily be farmed in locations such as Northeast Brightwood, Northern Morningdale, and around Serenity Monastery in Ebonscale. There are several bears in each location and each one has a chance to drop a Pristine Bear Claw. For all the spawn locations be sure to check out our map with the bear filter turned on.

Since the Pristine Bear Claw drops more frequently than the other major materials these are much cheaper to obtain through the Trading Post. Since it takes so long to farm the other Major Trophy mats, we recommend buying this one!

Major Human Bane Trophy

The Human Idol needed for the Major Bane Trophy drops from Sir Juni the Strategist, a Varangian-named mob. Sir Juni the Strategist is located in Northwest Ebonscale near the border of Brimstone Sands at the Attalus’s Foundry point of interest. Sir Juni spawns at the back of the area on a ship.

While waiting for Sir Juni to respawn, make sure to clear the Varangian mobs in the area as well. Each Varangian mob has a chance to drop Flame Cores, items you’ll also need to craft your Major Human Bane Trophy.

Trophy Shards

Each of the artifact ingredients needed for the major trophies listed above have an associated trophy shard. For example, the Ancient Mandible has an Ancient Mandible Shard. The shards will drop from the same monsters that you can farm the artefact ingredient from. So the ancient mandible shard would also drop from the Surgeon as mentioned above.

The shards have an incredibly high drop rate, and can be used to craft the artefact ingredient needed for the trophy. You will need 100 shards for each ingredient.

So, you could go kill the Surgeon roughly 100 times, receive 100 shards, and craft the ancient mandible versus relying on RNG to obtain the ancient mandible from the drop.

This system helps eliminate the RNG required to get the incredibly rare drop of the artefact ingredient.

Ultimate Combat Trophy

Once you acquire one of every type of major combat trophy they can be combined into an ultimate combat trophy. You will need to head to a faction vendor and purchase the ultimate trophy artifact ingredient in order to craft it. It costs 45,000 gold and 100,000 faction tokens to purchase.

Once purchased, you can take the ultimate combat trophy certificate and 1 of each major type of combat trophy to a tier V workshop to combine all of the trophies into the ultimate trophy. You will need to have 200 furnishing skill in order to craft it.

It should be noted that once crafted the ultimate combat trophy is bind on pickup. This means, unlike the major combat trophies you can not trade or sell the ultimate trophy. However, having an ultimate trophy will prevent you from having to switch trophies in your home. This is because all of of your combat trophies will be active with the ultimate trophy placed in your house.

You will need to craft a total of 3 ultimate combat trophies combat trophies, 1 for each home, in order to receive the full effect without ever having to switch your trophies again.

New World Combat Trophy Guide Conclusion

That’s it for our New World Combat Trophy Guide. For how to get the other Major Trophy Materials, check out our Ebonscale Reach and Reekwater Luck Run Guides.