The Wand and Tome are centered around cursing your enemies while you support/heal your allies. Learn everything you need to know about Throne and Liberty’s Support/Healing Weapon in our Throne and Liberty Wand Guide.

Wand and Tome Active Skills

Active Skills in Throne and Liberty go on your skill bar and can be cast to affect both enemies and allies. There are 12 total Skill slots on your skill bar. You must choose between the Active Skill of both of your weapons to make your build!

The Wand and Tome Active Skills are centered around Healing/supporting/Buffing your allies. Along with support, you will also be cursing your enemies with damage over time effects. Below is a list of all the Active skills for the Wand and Tome.

Active SkillIcon Description
Chaotic ShieldDefends against attacks. On defending against a Fury Attack, Curse skills’ remaining cooldown decreases by 3s, and Touch of Despair is applied to all enemies within a 3m radius from the target. On defending against a Fury Attack within 0.5s, Chaotic Shield changes to Healing Spell for 3s.
Use with the directional buttons to defend against attacks while moving 4m in the designated direction for 0.5s. On defending against a Fury Attack, Chaotic Shield changes to Counterattack Spell for 3s.

Healing Spell
Restores friendly targets’ Health by 520% of Base Damage + 197 and Stamina by 29.

Counterattack Spell
Deals 520% of Base Damage + 197. If the target is affected by your Touch of Despair, damage increases by 10% per stack.
Touch of DespairApplies Enfeeble: Curse, dealing damage over time for 9 sec. For each stack, the curse deals 30% + 5 damage per second and does not wake up a sleeping target. Stacks up to 2 times.
Curse of ExplosionDeals damage equal to 270% + 34 to Base Damage. For any enemies within X m of the Target that you have inflicted with Curse: damage over time, it will forcibly remove all Curse, Burning, Poison effects applied by the player on them, dealing 130% of the remaining damage (if Burning and Poison are both applied, then together).
Rapid HealingRestores a friendly target’s Health by 250% of base dmg +29. Removes 1 stack of Enfeeble from the target.
Corrupted Magic Circle