Typically in MMORPGs, a central part of the experience is in-game crafting. Throne and Liberty, in this case, is no different, having crafting at the forefront of their progression system. Learn everything you need to know about the Crafting system with our Throne and Liberty Crafting Guide!

How important is Crafting in Throne and Liberty?

Crafting in Throne and Liberty is incredibly important for character progression. Crafting and upgrading gear is the primary way to advance in the game! Players will be able to craft Armor & Weapons of differing grades based on level and materials.

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To Craft in Throne and Liberty, head to the closest town’s Armor Crafter Blacksmith. This vendor allows you to enter the crafting menu. Crafting is a straightforward process, select the piece of Armor or Weapon you wish to make, make sure you have the materials – then craft away! Most crafting materials are obtained through gathering, while others are drops from monsters or Bosses. Typical materials include refined Metals, Powders, Ores and Scrolls. While the process is simple, you may have noticed there is many different pieces of Armor to craft.

Throne and Liberty has an Armor weight-class system, with Light, Medium and Heavy Armor to choose from. The primary traits of each weight class varies from increased Mana pool, resistances and more. Some Armors, however, have a different baseline Trait (such as increased base Critical Hit Chance) and different Stats. Crafting in terms of progression largely revolves around attempting to create the perfect baseline piece for you. With the correct traits finally crafted, you can then upgrade it!

Lithograph Recipe

The centerpiece material of many crafted items is the Lithograph Recipe shown on the craft menu. Without that recipe, some items cannot be crafted. As a result, make sure to check out where to farm the recipe!

Other Crafting Vendors

Currently, there is several Crafting Vendors for different gear types. Below is a list of Crafting Vendors:

  • Accessories Crafter
  • Scroll Crafter
  • Sundries Crafter
  • Weapon Crafter

It is important to note that each vendor in standard towns & cities can craft grades of Uncommon to Rare quality. In Stonegard Castle, the Senior Crafter can craft grades of Uncommon to Epic quality.

Throne and Liberty Crafting Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Throne and Liberty Crafting Guide! For more information, be sure to check out our Throne and Liberty Home Page!