Taedal’s Tower is one of the secret dungeons in Throne and Liberty. It is a solo only instanced PvE experience. Taedal’s Tower is introduced to you early in the game. Once unlocked, opening the tower’s menu presents you with floor 1-20 options and boss images. To the right, you can see the possible rewards for defeating each floor. However, the rewards for each of these floors are a one-time reward.

How to Enter Taedal’s Tower

You can access the tower by progressing your Codex and visiting the Starlight Observatory Ruins. This is done by completing Codex Chapter 3: Veterans Never Die. Once there you can enter the tower by interacting with the painting. You can always access the tower from this location, or you can utilize the Main Menu and select Secret Dungeons to access the tower from anywhere. The menu option can only be seen once you have accessed the tower once through the painting or by reaching level 30.

How to enter Taedal's Tower Throne and Liberty
How to enter Taedal's Tower Throne and Liberty

What is Taedal’s Tower

Taedal’s tower is a solo challenge dungeon. There are 20 levels of the tower to work through. Each level features a progressively harder boss fight. These fights are great to practice your abilities and lean different survival techniques. You can only progress to the next level once you defeat the current boss. When you complete one of the boss encounters you will immediately receive your reward and a gate will appear for the next boss.

Once you are inside the tower you can see your progress goals on the left side of the screen. Once you start a boss fight you will have five minutes to complete it. If you do not complete it within the allotted time you fail the encounter. You will also fail the encounter if you die. If you die you can choose to resurrect within the dungeon. This option will simply reset the encounter. You can also choose to resurrect outside of the dungeon. This will simply exit the dungeon.

Tip: Make sure you are loaded with health potions before entering.

If you die or can’t complete a boss encounter, don’t worry. You can keep trying to defeat the boss as many times as you like. If you can’t pass an encounter on your first attempt you can always go level up, obtain better gear, and try again.

Taedal's Tower Throne and Liberty

Taedal’s Tower Floors

Below is each floor and the boss you will encounter within the tower. You can click each boss name below (work in progress) to see how to defeat the boss and move on to the next floor.

1Charging Gatekeeper15
2 Rushing Queen Spider17
3 Screams and a Healing Song19
4Spinning Goblins20
5Warrior’s Cry22
6Finding the Piton in the Flames24
7The Bound 26
8Poisons, Explosion, and Detox Herbs28
9Dance of the Flashing Sword30
10Commander’s Shadow Strike35
11Maze of Death36
12Answers in the Sand37
13Drop! Lightning! Destroy!38
14Out of Sight39
15Stealers and Retrievers40
16Precise Moment41
17Unbreakable Shield of Cooperation42
18Swirling Firestorm43
19Reaching for Higher44
20Revenge and Resurrection45