Welcome to our Sword & Shield Wand Build guide for Throne and Liberty. Learn everything you need to know about the powerful mix between supportive healing and being a frontline tank for your allies.

Skills & Passives

Below are the Active, Passive, and Defensive Skills for the Sword & Shield Wand Build. For insight on which order to level these Skills up, Check our Skill Upgrade Progression Section below. It’s important to note that there is a few good options and paths you can take with the build. As a result, the freedom truly is yours to explore past our own recommendations.

Active Skills

Immortal PrideStrategic Rush
Blessed BarrierCounter Barrier
Clay’s SalvationChain Hook
Swift HealingStalwart Bastion
Fountain of LifeProvoking Roar
Fierce Clash Strike Shield


Skillful EvasionDevotion and Emptiness
Gerad’s PatienceNoble Revival
ImpenetrableFull of Corruption
Aegis ShieldSaint’s Oath

Defensive Skill

Shield Survival Technique (Sword and Shield Defensive Skill) provides an easy-to-use Defensive skill that restores health, gives a short-ranged counter-attack, and (once fully upgraded) grants you a Barrier equal to 14% of your Max Health for 3 seconds.

Skill Upgrade Progression

Next, Let’s look at the order to prioritize upgrading your skills. We’ve prioritized the most important skills to help guide you through skill progression to help get you started. It’s important to note that you will upgrade all skills to max eventually and that some Skills start at Rare or Epic Quality


  • S&S- Shield Strike (Uncommon to Rare)
  • S&S- Strategic Rush (Uncommon to Rare)
  • Shield Survival Technique (Defensive Skill (Uncommon to Rare)
  • S&S- Counter Barrier (Uncommon to Epic)
  • Wand- Swift Healing (Uncommon to Rare)
  • S&S- Shield Strike (Rare to Epic)
  • S&S- Provoking Roar (Rare to Epic)
  • Wand- Swift Healing (Rare to Epic)
  • S&S- Chain Hook (Rare to Epic)
  • S&S- Strategic Rush (Rare to Epic)


  • Wand- Full of Corruption (Uncommon to Rare)
  • Wand- Devotion and Emptiness (Uncommon to Rare)
  • S&S- Skillful Evasion (Uncommon to Rare)
  • S&S- Aegis Shield (Uncommon to Rare)
  • S&S- Aegis Shield (Rare to Epic)
  • Wand- Devotion and Emptiness (Rare to Epic)
  • S&S- Skillful Evasion (Rare to Epic)
  • Wand- Full of Corruption (Rare to Epic)

Attributes, Weapon Mastery, and Guardians


In this section, we will go over the Attribute spread, as well as the Weapon Mastery and Guardian choices for the build.

For this build, the main attribute is split between Dexterity and Wisdom, giving us an increase in cooldown reduction, max mana, and mana regen. Dexterity is the 2rd attribute to gain an increase in evasion chance, attack/cast speed as well as critical chance. It is important to note that stats such as Heavy Attack Chance and Critical Chance affect the output of your healing! Finally, spend the rest of your points into Perception to ensure your CC skills from S&S hit more often. The Attribute Spread for the Sword & Shield Wand build is as follows:

NOTE: This Information does not include gear Bonuses

  • STRENGTH – 10
  • DEXTERITY – 30
  • WISDOM – 30

Weapon Mastery

You can level up your Weapon Mastery by simply using the weapon during gameplay. The Weapon Mastery Trees for each weapon are as follows.

NOTE – Your first Weapon Mastery Point will be used to select the first node in each weapon.

sword & shield wand build mastery tree img


  • Provoke & Counter – 5 points
  • Collision – 7 points


  • Damage – 5 points
  • Recovery 7 points

Guardian – Green Ranger Elowen

Green Ranger Elowen is perfect for any Sword and Shield combination. As a result of being in the frontline and exceptionally tanky, it has never been easier to land AoE on nearby enemies! Activating Green Ranger Elowen has a high chance to root all nearby targets, increasing the chance of landing critical strikes on the rooted targets. Using Green Ranger Elowen on an engage is essential for winning GvG fights.


NOTE – Most Elite Resistance gear ALSO has a chance to drop from Precious Blessing Pouches that can be purchased daily from your Contract Vendor and the completion of some level 50 Contracts.


IMPORTANT – You will want to level up RARE gear to 9+ before transferring progress to EPIC quality Gear.

Level 1-50+

NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
Main HandElite Resistance SwordHeavy Attack Chance HitCritical HitCrafted – Lithograph from Various Sources
Off-HandElite Resistance WandHeavy Attack Chance HitCritical HItCrafted – Lithograph from Various Sources

End Game (BIS)

Name Trait 1 Trait 2Trait 3 How to Acquire
Main HandNirma’s Corrupt SwordHeavy Attack Chance HitMana Cost EfficiencyRaid Boss – Nirma
Off-HandLequirus’s GripHeavy Attack Chance HitCritical HitDrops from Cave of Destruction Dungeon

NOTE – you can also use Queen Bellandir’s Blade in the S&S slot. The item is difficult to acquire/Trait, but due to the Weapon Skill it is better than Nirma’s Corrupt Sword. This drops from the World Boss Worm – Queen Bellandir


IMPORTANT – You will want to level up RARE gear to 9+ before transferring progress to EPIC quality Gear.

Level 1-50+

NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
HelmElite Resistance VisorMax HealthRanged EvasionMelee EvasionCrafter – Lithograph drops from Various location
CloakElite Assassin’s CloakMax HealthSkill Damage ResistanceBind ResistanceCrafter – Lithograph drops from Orc Spearmaster and Executioners (Akidu Valley)
ChestElite Resistance Plate ArmorMax HealthMelee EvasionRanged EvasionCrafted – Lithographs Drop from Ruins of Turayne Zone from Gallu Mobs
GlovesBlessings of Mother Nature ClothMax HealthMelee EvasionMagic EvasionCrafted – Lithograph Drops from Cave of Destruction
PantsElite Resistance Leather PantsMax HealthRanged EvasionMagic EvasionCrafted – Lithograph drops from Mitran or Pirate King’s Chest Crab
BootsElite Resistance Plate BootsRanged EvasionMelee EvasionMove SpeedCrafted – Lithograph drops from Grayclaw Butcher

End Game (BIS)

NameTrait 1 Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
HelmTranscendental Clairvoyance Max HealthMelee EvasionCooldown SpeedDungeon – Death’s Abyss
CloakHermit’s ShroudMax HealthSkill Damage ResistanceEnfeeble ResistanceDrops from Abyssal Specter
ChestSpecial Resistance Tactical ArmorMax HealthMelee EvasionRanged EvasionCrafted – Drops from Specral Wizard and Watchers
GlovesWind Soul Thunder GlovesMagic EvasionRanged EvasionMagic EnduranceDungeon – Temple of Slaughter
PantsTranscendental Salvation Pants Magic EnduranceMelee EvasionMagic EvasionDungeon Drop – Tyrant’s Isle
BootsHeavenly Arbiter ShoesMagic EvasionMelee EvasionMove Speed World/Guild Raid Boss – Nirma


IMPORTANT – You will want to level up RARE gear to 9+ before transferring progress to EPIC quality Gear.

Level 1-50+

NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
NecklaceShock Trooper’s Resistance NecklaceMax HealthSkill Damage BoostBuff DurationDrops From Skeleton Lancer (Ruins of Turayne Zone)
BraceletWild Resistance BraceletMax HealthSkill Damage ReductionStun ResistanceDungeons – Roaring Temple and Cursed Wasteland
RingBrawler’s RingMax HealthSkill Damage BoostBuff DurationCrafted – Lithograph drops from Death’s Abyss (Dungeon
RingCrude Wind BandMax HealthSkill Damage BoostN/AUncommon Accessory Chest
BeltCrude Vigor BeltBind ResistanceSkill Damage ResistanceN/AUncommon Accessory Chest

End Game (BIS)

NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
NecklaceShock Trooper’s Resistance NecklaceMax HealthSkill Damage BoostBuff DurationLithograph Book and Drops from Skeleton Lancer
BraceletWild Resistance BraceletMax HealthSkill Damage ReductionStun ResistanceDungeons – Roaring Temple and Cursed Wasteland
RingInsightful Ring of DimensionMax HealthSkill Damage BoostBuff DurationCrafted with Dimensional Crystals x 20
Ring Transcendent Magic RingMax ManaSkill Damage BoostBuff DurationCrafted – Lithograph from Morokai (Raid Boss)
BeltSkull’s Spectral BeltMax ManaSkill Damage ResistanceStun ResistanceWorld/Guild Raid Boss – Malakar

Tier 2 Gearing

Tier 2 Epic gear is a step up from the Tier 1 Epics you’ll find early on in Throne and Liberty. After obtaining your Tier 1 BIS gear, you’ll need to work towards your Tier 2 gear grind. Most Tier 2 gear comes as a reward from the new Tier 2 Dungeons, along with a Tier 2 specific upgrade material – Precious Growth Schema’s. There is a lot of powerful Tier 2 gear options, with powerful 2-set or 4-set bonuses. In terms of weapons, there is also game-changing options available to most weapon types. Below is our recommended Tier 2 pieces to target farm for the Sword & Shield Wand:


NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
Main HandPenance Knight’s AnnihilatorHeavy Attack Chance HitCritical HitTier 2 Dungeons or Crafted via Soul Shards
Off-HandNocturne of the DeepHeavy Attack ChanceHitCritical HItTier 2 Dungeons or Crafted via Soul Shards

Penance Knight’s Annihilator provides a fantastic passive to turn Chain Hook into an even more fearsome threat. Chain Hook with this Tier 2 weapon equipped pulls in an additional 3 close-by targets. Nocturne of the Deep transforms Corrupt Magic Circle into a self-casted AoE attached to your body. As a result, playing a build that plays heavily in the frontline means you can force opponents to be caught in your Magic Circle simply by being around them.


NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
Tier 2 Piece (Chest)Wraith Knight’s Execution Armor Max HealthRanged EnduranceMelee EnduranceTier 2 Dungeons or Crafted via Soul Shards
Tier 2 Piece (Legs)Wraith Knight’s Invincibility GaitersMax HealthRanged EnduranceMelee EnduranceTier 2 Dungeons or Crafted via Soul Shards

Wraith Knight’s 2-set bonus provides 2000 Max Health which is fantastic for a Sword and Shield build. Additionally, the stats on each of these Tier 2 pieces above provides great benefit to the build through Strength, Evasion and Heavy Attack Chance.

How to Play the Sword & Shield Wand Build

This support build is the ultimate hybrid between a tank and a healing support class. The true “Paladin” playstyle. Below we’ll break down the basics of PvE and PvP gameplay approaches of the build.


In PvE situations such as dungeons, you have two choices to make. You can either assume the role of “main Tank”, or play as a dedicated healer for another tank. If you’re playing as a healer, it can be worthy leveling up a “back-up” weapon such as a Staff.

The Sword & Shield Wand build, however, is fantastic at tanking overall due to the huge amount of sustain you have through healing yourself. Make sure when you’re tanking to keep as much threat as possible through the use of “Provoking Roar” and “Shield Strike”.


in PvP situations, you’re not just a supportive healer for your allies, you’re also an essentially member of your armies frontline. Being up-front with your Sword and Shield creates space and pressure for your DPS to safely move up and deal damage. Usually, between skills such as “Stalwart Bastion”, “Counter Barrier” and “Immortal Pride” in tandem with your Defensive Skill, you can soak up a ton of damage. However, it doesn’t end there when you have a Wand of your own! Having the Wand as your secondary weapon means you can sustain yourself for incredibly long periods of time, getting cooldowns back from your S&S to carry on tanking and applying pressure.

A couple of key things to look out for as a Sword and Shield Wand player in PvP:

  • Hold your “Stalwart Bastion” for the moment your leader calls to move in for an engage – this skill only affects your party members and lasts a limited amount of time! Consider this a major cooldown.
  • Pair up “Immortal Pride” with Stalwart Bastion to give yourself a fantastic amount of effective HP.
  • Look to place your “Fountain of Life” skill ahead of where your team is currently positioned if you’re moving up across the field. Placing this skill too early could make you leave it behind, not fully utilizing it for when your army and the enemy forces clash.
  • Remember that you’re a support and not just a tank – your team and party still need your heals to survive!
  • Try to utilize your Chain Hook to catch out escaping or out of position enemy squishy targets. For example, enemy mages or healers.
  • Strategic Rush is a fantastic dashing tool to gain ground and force enemies to stack together.
  • Combining Strategic Rush with your Guardian “Green Ranger Elowen” is a fantastic way to engage from surprising distances.
  • If you have Corrupt Magic Circle equipped due to your Tier 2 Wand “Nocturne of the Deep” – make sure to pop this cooldown before pushing into the enemy frontline.


That Concludes our Sword & Shield Wand Build! For more Throne and Liberty content, be sure to check out our Throne and Liberty Home Page