This New World Butcher PvE DPS build features the artifact, the Butcher. This build revolves around applying bleed damage to your targets. The bleed damage is enhanced with the artifact, and when paired with the spear provides a lot of utility for your team.

*IMPORTANT* – Check out our Expedition builds info guide for the full breakdown of damage types versus mob types and consumables you should utilize within each expedition.

Mastery Points

The Butcher

New World Butcher PvE Build




New World Butcher PvE Equipment

ItemWeightAttributePerk 1Perk 2Perk 3Perk 4
HelmetMediumStrengthHealthRefreshingEnchanted WardN/A
Chest – FeatherweightLightMagnifyHealthRefreshingPhysical AversionWeightless
GlovesLightStrengthHealthRefreshingEnchanted WardN/A
PantsMediumStrengthHealthRefreshingShirking EnergyN/A
BootsMediumStrengthHealthEnchanted WardBleeding SweepN/A
AmuletN/AStr / DexHealthProtection Perk (Depending on Mutation)EmpoweredN/A
RingN/AStr / DexSlash DamageHeartyBlood LettingN/A
EarringN/AStr / DexRefreshing ToastPurifying ToastNimble / RegeneratingN/A
SpearN/ADexterityEnfeebling SkewerViciousKeenly JaggedN/A
Sword – The ButcherN/AMagnifyBloodlettingJagged WhirlsEmpowering Whirling BladeKeenly Jagged
ShieldRoundN/AShield AggressionKeenly EmpoweredKeenVicious

Note: Bloodletting on the butcher does stack with bloodletting on your ring. Also, Bleeding sweep does NOT have it’s duration extended by either bloodletting perk.

Artifact Additions & Magnify

You will want to add a gem slot to the butcher artifact at the gypsum kiln. The featherweight’s additional perk will be health as listed above.

Be aware of how much magnify you have added into your build. This can cause your attribute point distribution to not be ideal. However, with that in min there are several pieces of equipment for this build you can farm out if you choose to do so:

The ButcherSwordZhou Taiying Mutated Dynasty ShipyardMagnify
Featherweight ChestNer’Mur Elysian WildsMagnify
Hearty PantsPantsEnnead Expedition or Gypsum Kiln for 3,500 Dense MateriaMagnify
Pirated Spear of the BrigandSpearBarnacles & Black Powder (Mutation 3) Dex / Con
Lifering SpearSpearEdengrove Named: Abiogenesis, Baines, Malevolence, EntropyDex
Syncretic SpearSpearOpen world mobs – Brimstone SandsDex
Keratin SpearSpearBrimstone Sands – Heliopolis or Castrum PrincipiumDex
Privateer’s HeriloomRingNereid Barnacles and Black Powder or Gypsum Kiln for 3,500 Dense MateriaStrength
Azoth Crystal GearAll Armor TypesMutation 2+ Expeditions or Gypsum Kiln for 3,500 Dense Mutator MateriaMagnify


For this build, you’ll use the  Brutal Heartrune of Detonate. Detonate gives a passive increase to DPS without interrupting your DPS rotation. You will take additional damage while it’s charging so be aware when activating the ability.


For your armor, you will want to slot the appropriate gem to mitigate the damage for that particular mutation.

If you feel comfortable with your survivability you can also opt to slot all opals in your gear and then utilize a mutation-specific gem in your amulet. This will give you more overall elemental resistance but less mutation-specific resistance. However, you will not have to switch gems for each mutation. You would then only need to swap your amulet to match the mutation type.

For your weapons, you can utilize either an opal or a diamond. If you’re in a group with a good healer and you feel comfortable that your health will be topped off then diamond is a great option. However, if you’re running with a pickup group (pug group) or want more direct control over your damage then an opal would be the ideal option.