In this guide, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons, starting attributes, and descriptions of all the Dark and Darker Classes. There are currently 8 playable classes,

Dark and Darker Classes


Barbarian is a melee class that uses brute force to overcome undead and enemy players. Barbarians have skills centered around dealing large amounts of damage while putting yourself at risk defensively. Barbarians typically wield either a 2 hand battle ace or dual-wielding hatchets. For a full guide on Barbarian, check out our Dark and Darker Barbarian guide.


  • Hits very hard, perhaps the hardest in the game
  • Can destroy doors and chests
  • High health pool
  • Great for solo and group play


  • Very clunky movement and attack speed
  • Telegraphed playstyle makes it easier for opponents to dodge attacks.


Cleric is the only raw healer class in Dark and Darker. They can deal both physical and magical damage while healing and supporting allies. Clerics usually wield both a magical weapon and a sword and mace. For a full guide on how to play Cleric, check out our Dark and Darker Cleric Guide.


  • Great Group Support
  • High Survivability
  • Strong against Undead
  • Good Magic Damage Output in PVP


  • Slow melee attack Speed
  • Low Physical Damage Output in PVP


The Druid is a Support/Aggro class centered around Nature, Healing, and Shapeshifting. The Druid is well-balanced and equipped for any build or situation. Our Druid guide has been made to give players a kickstart option into their Druid adventures.


  • Shapeshifting adds a ton of versatility in combat AND dungeon delving
  • Well-rounded Stats make it possible to build Druid to your play style.
  • Strong group support skills


  • High Skill Ceiling makes class difficult to play.
  • Limited Equipment options compared to other classes


The Fighter is Dark and Darkers most well-rounded class. Fighter can use most weapons and has skills that compliment most playstyles. For how to play Fighter check out our Dark and Darker Fighter Guide.


  • Jack of all trades
  • Can equip most items
  • Sprint skill allowing great movement
  • Great for solo and group play


  • Gear dependent
  • While flexible, has less identity


Ranger is the classic archer class of dark and Darker. They deal damage at range using a bow and arrow as well as melee damage with rapiers and daggers. The Ranger has a high skill floor and Ceiling and is Elite in the hands of a good player. For a full guide on playing Ranger, check out our Dark and Darker Ranger Guide.


  • Ranged damage and good vs PvE
  • Strong baseline skills to select
  • Access to Spear usage
  • Great starting gear (Traps and Campfire)


  • Very low base health pool and armor
  • High skill ceiling
  • Takes time to learn range drop-off from arrows


Rogue is a stealth-based class that uses positional techniques and poisons to deal massive amounts of damage to monsters and enemy players. For a full guide on Rogue, check out our Dark and Darker Rogue Guide.


  • Excellent Burst Damage
  • High Movement and Interaction Speed


  • Poor Survivability while not in Stealth
  • Not Beginner friendly (weak Starting Gear)
  • Cooldown dependent


The Wizard is a strong ranged spellcaster class with the ability to choose some melee options also. The Wizard has a vast array of spells ranging from high damage nukes to utility buffs. For a guide on how to play Wizard check out our Dark and Darker Wizard Guide.


  • Has access to powerful spells
  • Unique access to ranged and melee magic weapons
  • Fairly versatile gameplay
  • Extremely strong when played right


  • Very low base health pool
  • Low base physical damage
  • Prone to hitting teammates in group sessions


The Bard is a full utility powerhouse in Dark and Darker. Bard utilizes a huge amount of song sheets to buff allies while de-buffing and damaging enemies. Currently, the Bard sits next to the Cleric as a top-tier support class – almost a must-have in any comp. The Bard uses 4 different instruments to recite the songs and carries a small bow or sword to defend itself with. For a guide on how to play the Bard, check out our Dark and Darker Bard guide.


  • Incredible Utility options
  • Fun to play
  • Has aggressive and defensive options


  • Requires you to balance playing mini-games while fighting
  • A lot of songs to manage throughout
  • Can be caught off-guard mid-song


The Warlock is a new DPS spellcaster class in Dark and Darker. Unlike the Wizard, however, the Warlock utilizes curses, dark magic and the fires from hell itself. Currently, the Warlock utilizes Magical Healing and the pet summon, “Summon Hydra. This does not stop the Warlock from being playable, however, using DoT effects to kill enemies while gaining health from them – while using melee combat to finish players. For a guide on how to play the Warlock, check out our Dark and Darker Warlock guide.


  • Incredible raw damage with Blow of Corruption and Hellfire
  • Room to grow as a work-in-progress
  • Fantastic class theme


  • Lack of mobility while being incomplete can often lead to death
  • Hard for new players to balance life-drain as a spell cost
  • Without practice, Hellfire will kill you or your team

Class Attribute Comparison

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Dark and Darker Classes Conclusion

That Concludes our Dark and Darker Classes Guide. Be sure to check out each of our classes guides for more in-depth information on each of the Dark and Darker Classes.