The Sword and Shield, the classic equipment of a knight on the front lines. This weapon serves as an iconic choice in Throne and Liberty, focusing on protections, tanking and crowd control. Learn everything you need to know about Throne and Liberty’s premier frontline weapon in our Throne and Liberty Sword and Shield Guide!

Sword and Shield Active Skills

Active Skills in Throne and Liberty go on your Skill Bar and can be cast to affect both enemies and teammates. Currently, there is a total of 12 Skill Slots on your Skill Bar. To create your build, you must choose between both weapon’s Active Skills to fill out your 12 slots!

The Sword and Shield’s Active Skills are focused on Crowd Controlling opponents, protecting yourself & allies and dealing some damage in return. Below is a list of all the Active Skills for the Sword and Shield.

Active SkillIconDescription
Shield Survival TechniqueDefends against an attack. Consumes additional Stamina based on the damage defended. Upon defending against a Fury Attack, restores Health by 230, and a perfect defense increases Damage Reduction by 49 for 6 sec. Upon defending against a Fury Attack, Shield Survival Technique changes to Retaliatory Strike. Retaliatory Strike | Deals damage equal to 200% of Base Damage + 14 to the target. Defending against a Fury Attack before using Retaliatory Strike increases its damage by 50%. This bonus stacks up to 4 times.
Shield StrikeDeal damage equal to 390% + 17 of base damage. For every 1% of Shield Block Chance, Heavy Attack Chance is increased by 18. when dealing damage with this skill.
Drastic ChargeCharges forward and deals damage equal to 160 of Base Damage + 13 to up to 5 targets with a 70% (70% against monsters) chance to inflict Collision: Push. If the pushed targets collide with a wall, they are stunned for 2 sec.
Counter BarrierFor 6s, increase Shield Block Chance by 11%. Upon successfully evading a melee attack or performing Shield Block, perform a counterattack that deals damage equal to 250% DR.
Chain HookFury Attack | There is a 70% (70% for monsters) chance to inflict Collision: Pull effect and for 3s, decrease Move Speed by 60%. Using it on a boss monster will move you to its location.
Provoking RoarHas a 70% chance of inflicting Enfeeble: Provoke on all enemies within 3m for 1.5 – 3 sec (Effect lasts 1.5 – 4.5 sec against Monsters). Provoked targets direct their attacks and skills toward you.
Shield ThrowThrows a shield that deals damage equal to 200% of Base Damage + 0 to all targets in its path before returning to you. All Heavy Attack Chances are increased by 65 per target damaged by the returning shield.
FortressIncreases Damage Reduction of you and your party members within 10m by 82 for 9 sec. The effect range remains for 2 sec.
Annihilating SlashDeals damage equal to 170% of Base Damage + 13 to all surrounding enemies with a sword. Enfeebled targets take damage equal to 220% of Base Damage + 16
Fierce ClashFury Attack | Deals dmg equal to 220% of Base Damage to the target, with a 80% (80% for monsters) chance to inflict Collision:Push on them. Has the same chance to inflict Push on other enemies that collide with the target, along with reduced damage. If the pushed targets hit a wall, they are stunned for 3s.
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