The cooking profession in New World allows players to craft foods that regenerate health and mana, increase their attribute points, increase their luck while gathering, and increase their max gear score for an applicable trade while crafting. In our New World Cooking Guide, We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about cooking in New World.

Cooking in New World

In order to get started cooking you simply need to gather some cooking ingredients, make your way over to a kitchen or campfire, and press the default key of “E” to begin crafting. Cooking at a campfire is limited to recovery foods and fishing bait. You can not craft any attribute food, trade food, or dyes at a camp. 

how to level cooking in new world

Once you’re at the crafting station select the item you wish to craft and if you have the necessary ingredients then you will simply select the blue CRAFT button, or use the slider to craft multiple of the same item if you wish. 

Every time you cook an item you will be rewarded with cooking experience. As your cooking experience increases so will your cooking level. Cooking is capped at level 250. As you progress in cooking level you will be able to cook higher-tier food. 

How to Level Cooking

Information in this section contains a recommended method to level cooking. There are various ways to achieve 250 cooking, and you are in no way restricted to this method. Below is an efficient way to hit level 250 in cooking. Before we start lets look at some things to consider during the leveling process.

First Craft Bonus

You get a “First Craft” XP bonus for each unique item you craft. This XP bonus is a 3x bonus. Be sure to utilize this when possible as you level your cooking!

how to level cooking new world

Using Recipes to Level

Unlike other crafting professions you there are no scraps to utilize for the cooking profession to help you level. However, you can utilize certain cooking recipes to help boost your cooking experience. You may want to ensure it’s not a recipe you want to learn or sell prior to exchanging it for experience. Simply take your recipe to a cooking station and exchange it using the Chef Research Project selection.

how to level cooking new world

0-250 Leveling Table

The below table lists the items you will want to craft in level increments. Sometimes there are various options within each level range. You can utilize these variations if you have the materials on hand, or stick to one of the options within that range. The estimated amount of items listed is assumes you are only crafting that particular item to hit the next level threshold. However, if you’re utilizing the first craft bonus or crafting other items within that range then the quantity needed would reduce.

Level RangeItemQuantity Needed
0-1Light Ration1
1-5Travel Ration3
5-50Energizing Travel Ration81
5-50Travel Ration81
50-100Energizing Light Meal167
50-100Light Meal167
100-150Satisfying Meal239
100-150Energizing Satisfying Meal239
150-250Hearty Meal655
150-250Energizing Hearty Meal655

Max Level Cooking

To get the most out of your cooking, you’ll want to find a complete set of Chef gear. This set of armor will give you a chance to craft additional items while cooking. Chef Gear can be looted from the appropriate boss, purchased from the auction house, or crafted from a pattern located in Tier III cooking Aptitude box. Below is a list of each piece of crafting gear and where you can find it in the open world:

Chefs GearHow to Obtain it
Covenants Chef ApronConvenant Faction Vendor
Chef HatSkysong Maiden Ping
Chef ShirtViridulon the Rootbound
Chef GlovesUnhallowed Soul of Myrkgard
Chef PantsFay the Last Protector
Chef ShoesPit Lord Daehi
EarringCan be crafted

You can also obtain cooking trophies that will increase your chance to obtain extra items when cooking even more. To get the maximum benefit from trophies you’ll want to shoot for 3 total major cooking trophies. You can hang 1 in each of your 3 homes.

Minor Cooking Trophy10% Extra
Basic Cooking Trophy20% Extra
Major Cooking Trophy30% Extra

Different Types of Foods and Buffs

There are quite a few different types of foods and buffs that you can obtain in New World. You can view the complete list of food types and their function by check out our complete Consumables Guide.

Where to Find Cooking Recipes

By default, you will have access to all tiers of Recovery foods, but will only have access to up to tier 2 for attribute foods, tier 2 for gathering foods, and tier 3 crafting foods. 

The remaining recipes will have to be found throughout Aeternum by looting provision containers. The higher the tier recipe you are looking for, the higher tier zone you are going to have to venture into in order to find the recipe. Recipes do not drop from every provision crate. They can be tough to find so it may take quite a while to obtain the recipes you are searching for. Recipes that are found are tradeable so you can purchase them from the trading posts as well. 

A rough look at what zone contains which tier recipe is as follows:

  • Tier 3 Recipe – Level 16 – 38 
  • Tier 4 Recipe – Level 36 – 58
  • Tier 5 Recipe – Level 56+

You can find every provision container in New World by checking our Interactive map and filtering by Chests and then Provisions.

Where to Find Cooking Ingredients

Cooking ingredients in New World can be obtained in multiple ways. You can skin animals for meat, go fishing, loot provision crates, harvest crops from farms, harvest herbs for spices, and of course buy ingredients from the trading post. 

All animal spawns can be found by using our interactive map and filtering by whichever animal you are looking for. You can also find all fishing hotspots, provision crates, crops, and herbs by using the map as well. 

Obtaining meat, fish and crops is pretty straightforward. Kill animals and skin them for meat, go fishing for fish, and harvest crops at the farms for crops like carrots, broccoli, squash, etc.  

However, spices and other ingredients can be a little harder to come by. Some ingredients are region-specific and can only be found in provision crates in that specific region. You can check the location of these ingredients by checking our Cooking Ingredients Guide.

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