While leveling in New World, it’s important to use the right weapons that allow you to take down mobs fast! Our Spear Warhammer Leveling Build combines ELITE CC, DPS, and Utility into one of the best leveling builds in New World.

Mastery Points

The Spear Warhammer Leveling Build is a powerful leveling build, even at lower levels. Below is a breakdown of how to spend your mastery points as you level up your weapon’s Mastery Points.

Weapon LevelSpear MasteryWarhammer Mastery
2SkewerArmor Breaker
3PerforateHardened Steel
4Deadly ReachWrecking Ball
5Sweep Outnumbered
6Deadly Ambush Shockwave
7Follow ThroughIndomitable
8Rupturing StrikesSafety Measure
9Exposed WoundsFrailty
10Tenacious SweepLasting Trauma
11Impactful StrikesHammer Time
12Aggressive ManeuversPower Through Pain
13Finishing BlowsConcussive Impact
14Crippling JabsExhaustive Attacks
15Exploit WeaknessQuick Recovery
16Coup de GraceEpitome of Bonk!
17Merciless StrengthContemption
18Refreshing JabsPrevailing Spirit
19 Invigorating CritsMeteoric Crater
20Deep WoundBreathing Room


Most of your damage will be dealt by the cooldowns alone initially until you get access to at least 300 Attributes. We will be using both STR and DEX to scale our damage until that benchmark.

With this build, the goal is to lock down your opponents while de-buffing them to deal max damage. This should eliminate the need for a large amount of constitution.

If you are having trouble with survivability you can distribute your attributes evenly between STR DEX and CON. You can also change your equip load (more on this below).

Below is a breakdown of how you will distribute your attributes. These are baselines and will include the attributes from your gear as well! (more on this below)

NOTE – Each attribute has a base of 5 which is considered in the total # of attributes category as well as attributes you obtain from armor



While leveling it’s difficult to get the perks and equipment you need to run a particular build or equip load. For this build, you will want to stay in the light to medium equip load the best you can. The light equip load increases your damage and gives you greater dodge distance. The medium equip load can help provide increased mitigation to players that are having difficulty surviving.

The great thing about the build using 3 attributes is that it should be easy to find gear with one of the three or a combination of the three on them. As you level up, make sure to check your gear for weapon perks and the attributes that were using. You should use your attribute points to complement your gear. Players can utilize free or cheap attribute respecs to do so as you level, to ensure you’re dealing as much damage as you can.

Below is a list of perks you can look for on your gear as you level, but as stated above, just make sure the gear has one of the three attributes:

  • Sundering Shockwave
  • Fortifying Perforate
  • Enfeebling Skewer
  • Refreshing Ward
  • Empowering Armor Breaker

How to use the Spear Warhammer Leveling Build

Using this build is pretty straightforward. You will use your abilities to keep your target locked down and rended so you can take them down quickly without taking damage. Below is a breakdown of your abilities and a simple rotation to follow so you can effectively use the build!

Ability Rotation

You will want to open up every encounter with a stun or knockdown. That means you will start each fight with Shockwave, or Wrecking Ball. Next, rend your target with both Perforate and Armor Breaker. Then you can use one of the other available stuns on the hammer or Sweep and light attack the target to finish them off. Once you unlock Coup de Grace you can use this combo to effectively kill a mob without taking any damage.

  • Wrecking Ball or Shockwave
  • Armor Breaker
  • Perforate
  • Sweep into Coup De Grace

When facing named bosses or elite mobs with larger health pulls you will also need to utilize the bleed from Skewer as well as the heavy attack of the hammer. The Hardened Steel passive on the Warhammer will add GRIT to your heavy attack and prevent you from getting CC’d while dealing damage.

For your boss rotation, you will want to immediately apply your rends, bleed and use the GRIT on your Warhammer.

Spear Warhammer Leveling Build Conclusion

That concludes this Leveling Build guide!