Throne and Liberty has little pets that you can earn and learn that provide different types of utilities to players! Learn everything you need to know about the companion pets in our Throne and Liberty Amitoi Guide.

General Information

Amitoi are collectable pets that you can find (and Purchase) all over the world of Throne and Liberty. NC Soft has stated that, other than appearance, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE between Amitoi’s that are purchased or earned in-game.

Not only do Amitoi provides stats to players who equip them, but they will also help pick up loot and provide other utility for the players as well. Amitoi can also use items in players inventory to help heal players.

Amitoi come in 5 different rarities.

  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Rare
  • Uncommon
  • Common

Finally, along with the different rarities, there are also hundreds of different Amitoi to collect! Players can look at their Amitoi collection in the menu.

Pal Synergy

Amitoi in Throne and Liberty have their friendships! In the Amitoi section of the escape menu, you can find the “Pal Synergy” tab. Within this tab, each synergy can be shown, alongside each synergy buff they give when you’ve collected them. For example, the Night-Time Traveler Pal Synergy rewards the player with 0.6% Sollant Bonus. While this may not be significant on its own, stacking these buffs up eventually can prove helpful!

Make sure to collect everyone and their friends for the optimal Throne and Liberty experience!


Your Amitoi has the ability to heal you periodically and automatically! This is achieved through the use of World Tree Leaves. To obtain World Tree Leaves, head to the nearest General Merchant in-game and purchase them!

Throne and Liberty Amitoi Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Amitoi Guide! For more Throne and Liberty Guides, check out our Throne and Liberty Home Page