Throne and Liberty’s Crossbows are high-action, high risk weapons – with great reward. The skill ceiling on this weapon is arguably one of the highest in the game. The Crossbow focuses on fast, consistent damage with unparalleled kiting potential. Learn everything you need to know about Throne and Liberty’s speed demon weapon in our Throne and Liberty Crossbow Guide!

Crossbow Active Skills

Active Skills in Throne and Liberty go on your Skill Bar and can be cast to affect both enemies and teammates. Currently, there is a total of 12 Skill Slots on your Skill Bar. To create your build, you must choose between both weapon’s Active Skills to fill out your 12 slots!

The Crossbow’s Active Skills are focused on fantastic mobility, consistent damage and selfish stat buffs. Many of the Skills are similar to that of an Attack Damage Carry in MOBA titles such as League of Legends. Below is a list of all the Active Skills for the Crossbow.

Active SkillIconDescription
Rupturing ParryDefends against attacks. On defending against a Fury Attack with Rupturing Parry while stationary, deals 225% of Base Damage + 50 to the attacker. If the Fury Attack is blocked within 0.5s, Vampiric Attack is also activated for 3s.
Use the directional buttons to defend against attacks while moving 4m to the designated location for 0.5s. On defending against a Fury Attack, deals 450% of Base Damage + 100 to the current target, and Rupturing Parry changes to Binding Shot for 3s. Activates Off-Hand Weapon Attack for 3s.
Attacking a target within 6m with Rupturing Parry has a(n) 80% chance of applying Collision: Push. On colliding with a wall, the target is Stunned for 3s.

Binding Shot
Deals 100% of Base Damage with a 80% chance of binding the target for 2s. Ends when other skills are used.

Vampiric Attack
Every time you land an attack, Health regenerates by 5% of the damage dealt.

Off-Hand Weapon Attack
Activates an Off-Hand Weapon attack for the next skill used.
Quick FireAttack 3 times consecutively. Each hit deals damage equal to 160% of Base Damage + 32. Against Weakened targets, deals damage equal to 20% of Base Damage + 7. On each Critical Hit, cooldown 10% ▼
Nimble LeapMove 5m towards the designated direction. Attack Speed increases by 20% and Range increases by 20% for 0.5s.
Mortal MarkDeals 280% of Base Damage + 109 Damage and has a(n) 100% chance to Weaken and Mark the target for3s. When attacking a Marked target, deal 32% of Base Damage + 15. Damage accumulates until the Mark ends, at which point the Mark explodes and deals Bonus Damage to the target equal to 20% of the total accumulated damage. Stacks up to 2 times.
Multi Shot