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Refining is an important part of crafting in New World. It allows you to take raw materials and turn them into items you can use in crafting. Learn about the different types of refining and how to maximize your refining yield in our New World refining guide.

Different Types of Refining in New World

There are 5 types of refining trade kkills in New World. Each Refining Skill is used to refine different raw materials

  • Smelting – Ore
  • Stonecutting – Stone and Gems
  • Tanning – Leather
  • Weaving – Fiber
  • Woodworking – Wood

How to Level Refining in New World

Leveling Refining in New World is pretty straightforward. Simple refine the highest materials possible at the highest available Refining station. For Example, in Tanning, if you can create Infused leather, you will want to use that to level up if possible because you will gain the most amount of XP. The higher the refining station, the more materials you will Yield as you refine. As you level up, you will also increase your yield chance while refining. We will look more into this below.

Increasing Your Refining Yield

Throughout the world there exists refining gear that increases the chances of yield. These are limited to just 1 trade skill but can increase your odds by 10% by having the complete outfit. Refining gear is important to help get the most yield out of your refining.

Each item will increase the Yield Chance by 2% while equipped. Below is a list of all the refining gear and where to obtain it:

NOTE – You can now also craft each of the below pieces of refining gear with a Recipe. You can obtain these recipes from the Tier III Aptitude Boxes of the appropriate Refining Skill.

You can also purchase each item from the Trading Post as they are Bind on Equip, and the pieces are dropped from certain monsters in the open world. Below is a list of each piece and which monster you can farm to obtain it.

Smelter’s Set

Smelting PieceDropped By
Smelter’s HeadgearDawn’s Chariot Khepri
Smelter’s SmockBatheqet of the Cudgel
Smelter’s MittsMountain Colossus Sakhr’geb
Smelter’s PantsMontukahl of the Shield
Smelter’s ShoesThunder Antaeus Atumnem

Stonecutting Set

Stonecutting PieceDropped By
Stonecutter’s GogglesArchmagister Vocus
Stonecutter’s ShirtIroncast Ingvald
Stonecutter’s GlovesDisciple of Disorder
Stonecutter’s PantsMordici the Mortician
Stonecutter’s ShoesSmoothbore Samuel

Tanning Set

Tanning PieceDropped By
Tanner HatRandom Drop from level 59-66 Beasts
Tanner ShirtRandom Drop from level 59-66 Beasts
Tanner GlovesRandom Drop from level 59-66 Beasts
Tanner PantsRandom Drop from level 59-66 Beasts
Tanner ShoesRandom Drop from level 59-66 Beasts

Weaving Set

Weaving SetDropped By
Weaver’s HatFarley
Weaver’s ShirtGnasher
Weaver’s GlovesPenny
Weaver’s PantsDau-Shen the Unstoppable
Weaver’s ShoesErlander

Woodworking Set

Woodworking SetHow to Obtain it
Woodworker’s CapSlayer Rosellen
Woodworker’s ShirtOverseer Levy
Woodworker’s GlovesBorvarn
Woodworker’s PantsTzi-Wang the Immovable
Woodworker’s ShoesDaisy the Dancing Bear

You can check our interactive map for specific spawn locations of specific enemies.