Weapons are the most impactful piece of gear in NRFTW. Learn more about each type of weapon, weapon rarities, and more in our No Rest for the Wicked Weapon Guide.

General Weapon Info

No Rest for the Wicked offers an in-depth weapon system that involves over 18 different weapon types, each with unique abilities and rarities. Weapons can be found by opening chests, defeating enemies, and more.

Players can Upgrade, Enchant, Infuse, and insert runes into their weapons in Sacrament. Next, let’s look at the effects of each on your weapons.

Upgrading Weapons

You can upgrade your Weapons at Fillmore, the Blacksmith in Sacrament. This will increase the base stats on your Weapon and require materials to complete. Items can also be increased in level using this method, though it will take several upgrades.

Enchanting Weapons

Eleanor, the Enchanter, can Enchant your weapons. This process will upgrade the uncommon gear to a higher rarity (Rare, Cursed, etc) at random at the cost of some of the item’s gem and rune slots. This process requires Currency to complete.


Infusing Weapons

You can also infuse your weapon with gems at Eleanor as well! If the gem slot is empty you can take that gear to Eleanor and fuse it. This will slot the gem into that gear and will give you additional effects. For example, you could slot a chipped ruby into some pants. This will then add additional heat resistance to that piece of gear. Each type of gem will give you a different passive on the gear. Also, each piece of gear changes the passive. For example. slotting that same chipped ruby into a helmet would give you increased healing effects versus additional heat resistance.

Inserting Runes into Your Weapons

A rune slotted into your weapon in No Rest for the Wicked will essentially give you a special ability you can utilize with that weapon. You will need to build up your focus meter in order to use the ability. There are various types of runes in the game you can acquire. For example, you could get the Fire Slam rune. When you build your focus and activate the ability you’ll perform the fire slam ability.

You can place runes into different pieces of gear by visiting Eleanor and selecting the Rune option. You can also extract runes from gear to acquire the rune. However, doing this will destroy the piece of gear. You can the take that rune and apply it to a different weapon.

Weapon Rarities

In No Rest for the Wicked, there are four weapon rarities, Each rarity offers various benefits. Below is a list of each:

  • Common
    • Basic weapons. In NRFTW, these are the most customizable items in the game. Commonly have multiple rune slots open,
  • Rare
    • These items offer only positive enchantments.
  • Cursed
    • Cursed items offer very positive enchantments. However, they also come with a cursed enchantment or a negative effect. Negative effects include an increase in equipment load and even experience loss on death.
  • Unique
    • The designers specifically handcraft these Weapons to offer unique enchantments.

Weapon Types

Upon exploring the open world, players will find many types of weapons. Each weapon will have unique ability sets and change how your character plays! Below is a list of all the weapons we know in No Rest of the Wicked

  • Axes
  • Bows
  • Clubs
  • Daggers
  • Great Axes
  • Great Clubs
  • Great Hammers
  • Great Sword
  • Halberds
  • Hammers
  • Katanas
  • Maces
  • Rapiers
  • Scythes
  • Spears
  • Staves
  • Swords
  • Wands

There is set to be even more weapons in the game. We’ll keep this post updated as more are revealed.

All Unique Weapons

Listed below is every unique you can currently acquire in No Rest for the Wicked, and their perks and requirements to use the weapon:

Bleeder’s DelightDual Daggers42 DexGain 25% Chance to deal bonus stagger damage when dealing damage; +17% attack speed for 10 seconds after kill; Running does not consume stamina
Cinder and StoneGreat Hammer16 Str; 16 IntDeal 26 heat damage on successful parry; +16% stagger resistance
Corpse Smeared BladeGreatsword22 StrDeal 16% increased Plague Damage; Chance to Regen HP on Hit; +29% Increased Stamina
Falling SkyStaff42 IntDamage Increased Based on Focus; 24% Increased Rune Attack Damage for 5 seconds after executing a Rune Attack
Falstead’s Fury1-Handed Sword22 Str; 22 FaithDeal 40 Damage on Successful Parry; 14% Increased Bonus Damage at Full Health; 14% Increased Bonus Damage against Large Enemies; 18% Increased HP
Falstead’s BarricadeGreat Shield28 StrDeal 11 Damage on Successful Block; 9% Focus on Blocked Attacks; Indestructible
Fetid ClubGreat Club26 Faith36% Damage against Staggered Enemies; Damage Scales Based on Current Weight; 20% Increased Stagger Damage for five seconds after taking damage
Heart’s DesireMedium Shield42 Faith31% Decreased Stamina Cost of Blocking; Deal three Stagger Damage on Block; 19% Increased Healing Effects
Laquered BowBow42 Dex36% Increased Bonus Heat Damage against Beasts; 20% Increased Stamina on Successful Dodges
Midnight BladeKnife16 Dex; 16 Int18% Increased Bonus Damage against Enemies Afflicted by Cold; 25% Increased Focus on Successful Backstabs; 26% Increased Focus on Successful Parries
Proud LanceSpear38 Str; 38 Dex36% Increased Electric Damage When Attacking; Lose 100% Damage for 10 seconds After Taking Damage; 9% Increased Movement Speed
SinewRapier16 Faith; 16 Wisdom23% Increased Bonus Damage Against Enemies with Low HP; 4% Increased Health on Dealing Damage; Refill Stamina on Successful Parries
Wind of DeathKatana26 Dex; 26 Faith21% Reduced Stamina Cost of Dodging; 57% Increased Damage Based on Missing HP; 2% HP Lost When Dealing Damage

How to Get Uniques

Every unique weapon can be obtained by slaying bosses in the game, or having incredibly good luck and finding one in a chest. However, the best and most reliable way to farm unique items is by farming the final boss within the Cerim Crucible.

No Rest for the Wicked Weapon Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Weapon Guide. We’ll keep this guide updated with more info as it comes out! For more NRFTW content, be sure to check out our home page.