Welcome to our Ranger Rogue tracker build guide! In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to use this particular build. This includes skills, perks, stat priority and more!

This Ranger build focuses on the ability to be able to track and find Rogue player you have come into contact with. Rogue as a class is very dangerous to a Ranger and can take you out immediately should you be caught. As a result, a build such as this can prove very strong in Rogue-heavy matches. It should be noted that the build also functions like a standard ranger too!


The preferred skills required to run the Ranger Rogue tracker build efficiently are Quick-shot and Multi-shot. Quick-shot is typically a staple Ranger skill, however Multi-shot is a little more niche – but has its benefits over the Field Rations.


A skill that is a classic fan favorite among Rangers, Quick-shot is a simple but powerful skill that fires multiple arrows in quick succession based on the type of bow being used. This skill is definitely a must-have in almost every scenario, providing fantastic amounts of DPS in a pinch.


For our second skill slot, we have a less used but also powerful skill in the right moments – Multi-shot. In this build we also attempt to solve the problems squishy DPS classes can face versus a Rogue. As a result of this, Multi-shot can help you burst a Rogue down in a moments notice. It is worth noting that Multi-shot can be a powerful combo tool with the usage of Traps. Should you catch a player in a Trap, Multi-shot is a one-shot kill on most classes at point-blank!


For this Ranger build, we recommend the following perks:

  • Nimble Hands
  • Sharpshooter
  • Kinesthesia
  • Tracking

Firstly, while Tracking is the key to this specific build, we recommend equipping the perks above in the same order listed. This is primarily due to the perks such as Nimble Hands being far too powerful to ignore early on. Nimble Hands, Kinesthesia and Sharpshooter all contribute to faster firing, movement and higher damage. Tracking is the cherry on top for this Rogue-countering build, allowing you to see red footsteps on the ground. As a result, even if a Rogue becomes invisible – you can find them.

Ranger Rogue Tracker Build tracking feet image

Stat Priority

  • +All Attributes
  • Additional Physical Damage
  • Agility
  • Any other Physical Damage modifier

+All Attributes allows you anywhere from 1-3 additional stat points in every stat. As a result, this is incredible value and holds great power spikes to any class. It can also prove to smooth out gameplay in general!

Agility is the Rangers main attribute allowing you to move and shoot faster. Strength is a decent secondary stat however, giving you a bigger health pool and increasing Physical Damage. Finally, Additional Physical Damage is also an incredibly strong stat in Dark and Darker, allowing huge amounts of flat damage increases. Ideally, getting around +10 or so in every Attribute, and then stacking Additional Physical Damage provides the most optimal numbers.



For this build, the Ranger still has quite a lot of flexibility. However we recommend either a combination of a Recurve Bow and Longbow, or Longbow and a melee weapon, such as the Rapier. It is also worth noting that you can just run the Recurve Bow and melee weapon if you dislike the Longbow’s speed. As a result of being ranged, the Ranger excels in easily dealing with PVE and is a nuisance in PVP. Using a combination of Traps, Tracking and Multi-shot, you can quickly blast down any player or in this case, Rogues that attempt to murder you.


For the Rogue tracker build, wearing a mixture of Leather armor and Cloth armor is recommended. Wearing a good mix provides you with decent movement speed but also survivability from a Rogue player. Every bit of mitigation counts. As always, when selecting gear however – look for the priority stats above!

How To Play the Ranger Rogue Tracker Build

The tracking build has a variety of strengths due to not taking too much of what makes the Ranger already great in every scenario. Having Traps, ranged pressure in the form of a Bow and potentially melee weapons, the Ranger has a plethora of ways to deal with a player – or control an area. However, in the context of dealing with Rogues, the focus is on abusing the tracking perk as much as possible.

Finding a Rogue at Ranged Distance

Should you come into contact with a Rogue player at optimal distance, this build allows you to take the first shot and pressure a push. Once you pepper the Rogue and they begin to back off, the most likely option for them is to get far enough away to heal – or stealth. However even if the Rogue stealths, you can find them! This is where tracking comes heavily into play, if a Rogue runs and uses stealth; you can track them and catch them off guard!

The last thing a Rogue player expects is for you to know their exact position, you can use this ignorance to your advantage. In an example picture below, you can see that it is easy to track an invisible target, and take them out immediately with Multi-shot – due to the Rogue’s low HP total.

ranger rogue tracker build tracking invisible example

As a result of using the red feet indicators from our tracking perk, we can now narrow down the Rogue is invisible at this location, using Multi-shot – we can soon find out!

Target found; target eliminated! As is proven, without tracking we could very easily fall into the Rogue’s trap and fall victim to assassination. Tracking however, prevented this issue. It is noteworthy that you can use tracking against more than just Rogues for information, but should you be struggling against Rogue’s – this is the best way to deal with them!

Fighting a Rogue at Close Range

If you fight a Rogue at close range, you are very much in the Rogue player’s domain. As a result, surviving a melee fight with a Rogue is much lower than we would like. The best we can do however, is to either find a way to back off, or take a 50-50 gambit with Multi-shot. One issue with this scenario is that while Multi-shot can instantly kill a Rogue, in a panic – it might be too late to prepare!

The best advice is to try and not panic. Put your weapon away and immediately jump away from the Rogue. This should give you the best chance at preparing a Multi-shot or landing a well placed headshot.

Finally, the Ranger can be played in multiple ways. Standard Ranger gameplay still exists in it’s full even in this build. However, the Rogue tracker build allows an extra layer to counter a painful enemy.

Multiclassing Options

Multiclassing has been taken out of Dark and Darker to be reworked. We’ll update this section when more information is released.

Ranger Rogue Tracker Build Conclusion

That concludes our Ranger build guide that can successfully track and counter Rogues! For more on the Ranger Class, check out our Dark and Darker Ranger Guide