When you first spawn into a dungeon in Dark and Darker you will faced with many challenges. The ultimate goal is get in, gather valuable loot, survive, and extract. To survive and successfully extract you will need to avoid traps, take down monsters, avoid or take out other players, and navigate many other dangers. In this Dark and Darker beginner guide you’ll learn how to navigate the dungeons in the game, and what dangers lie within.


Once inside a dungeon you’re going to encounter a variety of monsters, depending on which map you spawn into. There are three different variants of monsters. The lower level the dungeon, the harder the monster you will encounter. The variants consist of common, elite, and nightmare. With every increase in variant, the monster will get much stronger.

Nightmare enemies are very rare in normal difficulty dungeons. There are also boss monsters that can be encountered in the inferno map variants.

Currently, the following monsters can be found in Dark and Darker:

Monster NameImageTypeLocation
Ghost KingBossInferno
Cave TrollBossGoblin Cave
Skeleton WarlordBossCrypt / Inferno
Giant CentipedeMini-BossGoblin Cave
Giant WormMini-BossRuins
Demon BerserkerMini-BossInferno
Demon CentaurMini-BossInferno
Skeleton ChampionMini-BossCrypt / Inferno
WraithMini-BossCrypt / Inferno
Death BeetleMonsterGoblin Cave
Death SkullMonsterCrypt / Inferno
Demon BatMonsterInferno
Demon DogMonsterInferno
Dire WolfMonsterCrypt
Giant Dragon FlyMonsterCrypt / Inferno
Giant BatMonsterGoblin Cave
Giant SpiderMini-BossRuins
Goblin AxemanMonsterGoblin Cave
Goblin ArcherMonsterGoblin Cave
Goblin BolaslingerMonsterGoblin Cave
Goblin MageMonsterGoblin Cave
Goblin WarriorMonsterGoblin Cave
MimicMonsterCrypt / Inferno
MummyMonsterCrypt / Inferno
Skeleton AxemanMonsterCrypt / Inferno
Skeleton CrossbowmanMonsterCrypt / Inferno
Skeleton SwordsmanMonsterCrypt / Inferno
Skeleton SpearmanMonsterCrypt / Inferno
Skeleton ArcherMonsterCrypt / Inferno
Skeleton FootmanMonsterCrypt / Inferno
Skeleton GuardsmanMonsterCrypt / Inferno
Skeleton MageMonsterCrypt / Inferno
ZombieMonsterCrypt / Inferno


Each dungeon is littered with traps. Make sure you watch you step and play close attention to your surroundings. Valuable treasures are often times guarded by traps. There are three different kinds of traps in the game.

  • Floor Spikes
  • Wall Spikes
  • Swinging Axe Traps
  • Stone Pistons

Floor spikes are fairly easy to spot, however, if you’re not paying attention they can and will lead you to your death. They are sometimes hidden in dark areas, to make sure you tread carefully. They are generally easy to navigate around, and you can throw a torch onto them in order to activate the trap. You can then wait until the spike goes back down to cross. There is a short recharge time after the spikes have retracted before they are able to activate again. You can use this to your advantage when fighting other players around traps as well.

Wall spikes are much harder to detect than floor spikes. You can spot them by a small visible hole in the wall. You can also spot some of them by viewing your in game mini map and seeing the small spike icon. Some of them are well hidden and positioned at head level. They will activate when something gets too close, so you will want o crouch to avoid them when you locate them. There are also some wall spikes that are only located in the maze area that are positioned at knee level as well, so be careful when progressing through that area.

Axe traps are very easy to spot and are always active. Don’t get in too big of a hurry when trying to progress through them. Time your moments correctly and you will have no problem getting around them, and can easily avoid the damage.


Within the dungeon you may encounter a shrine. Interacting with one of the shrines will give you a specific buff depending on the shrine. The shrines will regenerate over time and become reusable, so you can revisit it and gain the buff again. The five shrines include the following:

Shrine Of ProtectionGrants a protective buff for 60s
Fountain Of SpeedGrants a speed buff for 60s
Shrine Of HealthRestores 100% of the player’s HP
Shrine Of PowerGrants a damage buff of 30 Physical Power for 60s
Alter of SacrificeAllows you to resurrect fallen players at the cost of some of your own health, however, you will need to equip the Soul Heart of the fallen player to be able to begin the resurrection process.


As you explore the dungeon you will come across various loot. Each piece of loot has a different value, and these can be sold to the collectors outside of the dungeon for gold coins. The coins can the be utilized to purchase other useful items for your next dungeon run.

Each piece of loot can take up various amounts of space in your inventory. Larger pieces will take up quite a lot of space and can have poor value per amount of inventory space taken up. It’s a good idea to try and acquire as many single inventory slot loot items ad you can during your dungeon run. These occupy less space and will have the highest gold yield per inventory slot.

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Death Swarm

The longer you’re in the dungeon the greater your risk to succumb to the death swarm. The death swarm is a swarm of hideous bugs that will try to consume you. This is very similar to traditional battle royale mechanics. You must stay in the circle to avoid taking damage.

You can see the death swarm on your mini map. It will slowly move closer towards the white circle indicated on your mini map, and if you’re caught in the swarm you will begin to take damage. However, be aware that if you are the last survivor in the dungeon and the circle fully closes you will instantly die.

Portals and Extraction

There are different types of portals that you will encounter in the dungeon. There is a blue portal, and a red portal.

In order to safely extract you will need to find a blue portal. These portals will appear secluded and only allow one person to escape. Therefore, every member of the party must find their own portal to make it out of the dungeon safely. The Ruins map, however, spawns a set of three blue portals as a unique feature of the map.

The other type of portal, the red portal, will take you deeper into the dungeon. These portals appear in a set of three allowing 3 players to descend together. However, each portal only allows one person in.

Guaranteed Extractions

While Escape Portals and Down Portals may spawn randomly throughout the match, there is actually static escape spots in the game. These static spots are closed off by a gate that will lift at any time throughout the match. Finally, these spots are defined on the map as a blue or red staircase, based on which type of Portal it represents.

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