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All Dark and Darker Maps


The goal in Dark and Darker is to get in, grab the loot, survive, and also get out alive. During your dungeon diving experience you will encounter various traps, players, monsters, and other dangerous things all trying to kill you. To do this successfully, you will have to learn all the Dark and Darker maps.

You will be spawned into a particular map each time you begin a match. You can also spawn in to a solo dungeon experience, the Goblin Caves in Dark and Darker. It’s imperative to your survival however that you learn how to navigate each dungeon. Learning each map is a great way to boost your survival chances in Dark and Darker.

Crypts vs Inferno Dark and Darker Maps

The Crypt will normally be the second level of the dungeon, however there is no level 1 at the moment. Therefore, players currently spawn into a map on floor 2.

Those floors are called “Crypts.” Basically each time a match begins the game will roll one of the Crypt maps and that’s the map that you will start on. There are currently 6 Crypts in the game.

There are also 2 Inferno Dark and Darker maps. You can access the inferno maps by travelling through a red portal that you can find on floor 2 in the crypt.

All Dark and Darker Maps inferno portal dark and darker

These rooms however are much higher difficulty and have a dungeon boss with mechanics that you can fight and kill for great loot. These bosses are also incredibly difficult to take down.

Crypt 1

All Dark and Darker Maps Crypt 1

Crypt 2

All Dark and Darker Maps Crypt 2

Crypt 3

All Dark and Darker Maps Crypt 3

Crypt 4 (High Roller)

All Dark and Darker Maps Crypt 4

Crypt 5 (High Roller)

All Dark and Darker Maps Crypt 5

Crypt 6 (High Roller)

Inferno 1

Inferno 2

Solo Map – The Goblin Cave

Different Game Modes

There are 2 different game modes you can choose from when you spawn into the game, Normal and High Roller.

The normal mode is a free to enter mode, and also what most players use. However, the high-roller mode raises the stakes. This mode will provide you with higher rewards at a much greater risk.

High roller mode is made for players who are skilled at the game. In order to enter this mode you will need to lay and entrance fee of 75 gold (This could change in later updates).

Upon entering high roller mode you will be pitted against better competition in terms of players and the difficulty of monsters. However, with greater risk comes greater reward. In this mode you will be able to earn more rare weapons and armor, and the chance to obtain legendary gear without having to kill the bosses within the Inferno maps.

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