Welcome to our Throne and Liberty Siege guide. In this guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about Castle Siege in Throne and Liberty. Most importantly – we’ll also show you how to take the Throne or plunder riches!

What is Castle Siege in Throne and Liberty?

Castle Siege is the ultimate boiling point of large-scale PvP. Guilds and Alliances prepare themselves for weeks on end to then attempt to capture the Throne or defend it.

The Siege is broken up into 3 major stages.

Preparation Phase

The Preparation Phase begins and allows teams 15 minutes to prepare. The Siege zone becomes available to see on the map and the Waypoint & Merchants become unusable.

Siege Phase

Siege Phase lasts for 45 minutes. Attacking Guilds have this total amount of time to try and push into the Throne room and secure the Castle. The Castle has multiple walls and gates protecting entry to the Throne room, as a result, attacking Guilds must prepare strategies and entry plans. For example, the attackers can destroy the first and second Castle walls.

Alternatively, some gates can be controlled by both the attackers and defenders. To open or close the gate, two levers need to be pulled at the same time. You can locate these levers close to the gates both below and above the wall.

When the Throne room is breached, attacking Guild leaders can interact with the Throne to become the Prince. As the Prince, the Guild leader needs to be protected for 3 minutes. If the leader survives the full 3 minutes, the Castle is claimed by that Guild! The Prince gains increased resistances with his guildmates around him, as a result, stay close and be a unit!

throne and liberty siege guide prince


The third phase is known as Overtime. Overtime is triggered if the timer of the Siege reaches 0 but a Prince is still alive, the match will enter Overtime for an additional 3 minutes. This is a do or die moment so prepare your clutch plays!

Plunder and Spawn Points

Throughout the Castle courtyard, players can find several loot and spawn locations as seen on the map. A single Guild can hold one of these locations at any time maximum. Attacking Guilds also capture the ruins faster based on Guild Level. Holding a Loot Ruin as a Guild means every 5 minutes, your Guild can take a portion of the taxes accumulated within the Castle! Whether these Guilds win or lose, they can grab a sizeable amount of Lucent and Sollant to distribute to their Guildmates! Spawn points do what they say on the tin – allow you to respawn every 25~ seconds.

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Golem Summons let the attacking Guilds bring forth massive Golems to deal huge damage based on the type of Golem they are. There is four types of Golem:

  • Stone Crasher – focuses on destroying walls
  • Gate Hammer – focuses on destroying gates from a distance
  • Jump Attacker – a Golem that can leap onto walls while also directly attacking enemies
  • Battle Carrier – a Golem that becomes a platform for guildmates to use as transport to the tops of walls

As a result of the individual power each Golem brings, make sure to use them as often as possible for the best chance of victory.

To use the Golems, however, Guild members require Stone Golem consumables, found only at the Guild Merchant within the Guild Hall.

Alternative Strategies

There is a couple of other alternative strategies that can be employed to breach the Castle during Siege. For example, the Gigantrite can be used as a diving platform should it fly over the Castle mid-siege! Also, secret sewer entrances can be dashed through by blink skills, for example, Shadow Strike from the Dagger.

Rainfall can flood the sewers, preventing access! As a result, defending Guilds that have the rank 1 Rainfall skill can use it to their advantage!

Post-Siege Repairs

After the Siege, the Guild in control of the Castle can begin rebuilding what was destroyed during the battle. Also, the Guild can adjust tax costs for certain items!

throne and liberty castle siege guide repair

Throne and Liberty Siege Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Throne and Liberty Siege Guide. For more information on Throne and Liberty, check out our official Home page!