When using a “Down Portal” deep in the Dark and Darker dungeons, a powerful boss awaits. Unlike the Lich boss, there is one other major boss in the Inferno maps. In this Ghost King boss guide, we show all the attacks to watch out for, strategies and how to defeat it!

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Ghost King Boss Location

lich boss fight guide map location and ghost king boss guide location

Fortunately, the Ghost King boss location is quite hard to miss, as it is in the center of the map. To reach the Inferno map known as “hell” to some, simple locate and use a red “Down Portal” on the standard dungeon map “Crypt”. After, the Ghost King or the Lich awaits you. In this case however, this will be a Ghost King boss fight guide!

The Ghost King wields a smaller amount of attack options than the Lich, however are almost certainly more deadly. This fight requires players to pay attention to lingering effects on the ground, projectiles and a few mobs. However, most importantly, to know when and how to avoid a potential one shot party wipe mechanic! The boss fight starts whenever a player would enter one of the 8 entrances.


  • Scream, a room-wide scream that deals at least 10 True Magic Damage
  • Orbs, a cone sized attack that fires out 3 orbs, dealing at least 30 True Magic Damage
  • Teleport Slam, the Ghost King targets a player, teleporting to them and dealing at least 20 True Magic Damage
  • Teleport, a non-damaging attack that teleports the Ghost King close to a player
  • Curse of Chilling, a debuff most often left on the ground, increases damage taken by Ghost King’s attacks
  • Soul Eating, the Ghost King selects a player to chase, once within range the Ghost King will root the player in place and siphon their health
  • Earthquake, the Ghost King winds up a large slam onto the ground, dealing at least 150 Physical Damage room-wide

High Roller additions

  • Elite Ghost King, deals 50% increased damage
  • Currently no other additional mechanics
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Unlike the Cave Troll boss or the Lich, team composition and some preparation is required for taking on the Ghost King. While both the Lich and Ghost King are tough opponents, your party will find more success with a ranged composition. However, melee can still see a lot of success in these fights given the right moments to DPS the boss. We recommend a composition of Cleric, Ranger and Fighter, however a second Ranger, a Wizard, Rogue, and Barbarian are viable too.

Firstly, make sure to bring a decent amount of healing potions. In this particular fight, protection potions will not be required as the Ghost King is almost entirely True Magic Damage. However the Earthquake attack is Physical, so some still may be handy to have. Another healthy addition to your toolbelts is a few campfires, as a result of your Cleric needing to have all spells ready for the fight.

Once you and your party enter the boss arena, the Ghost King will immediately Teleport Slam the first player that enters – the fight begins.

Ghost King Boss Fight Guide

It is essential that you and your party members are fully aware of the Curse of Chilling that the Ghost King leaves on the ground frequently. The Curse of Chilling places stacks on players that amplifies the Ghost Kings damage. As a result of this, less stacks on you and your party can help prevent unnecessary deaths!

Secondly, due to the constant teleporting from the Ghost King leaving Curse of Chilling pools on the ground, it’s advised to play spread apart and not too close to the center. This is to avoid placing pools in awkward spots and giving your party room to maneuver. Occasionally the Ghost King lets out a bone chilling scream that is unavoidable, but doesn’t do much damage unless you have heavy curse stacks on you.

Moreover, your party just wants to constantly DPS the boss down while baiting the pools and avoiding orbs that are being thrown. However, there is two key parts of the fight that can determine whether you clear or fail this boss fight. These are the Earthquake mechanic and the Soul Eating attack.

Soul Eating

Periodically, the Ghost King targets a player and begins to chase them. Players can spot this attack occurring via the blue shield that appears on the Ghost King. We recommend that the targeted player focuses on kiting the boss, while the rest DPS it. Should the Ghost King catch you, it roots you in place and drains your health – usually killing you! As a result, it is in your best interest to not underestimate this attack!

ghost king boss guide soul eating attack (temporary image)


As soon as the Ghost King teleports to the center of the room – this is a sign that an Earthquake is coming. As a result of this, your party must be prepared, otherwise a party wipe will occur. The Ghost King rises high up into the air for a few seconds, then smashes down onto the ground dealing huge team wiping amounts of damage. To avoid this mechanic, players must time a jump with the smash down to prevent damage being dealt. The best way to watch out for this mechanic, is the beginnings of blue sparks appearing on the Ghost Kings head.

(temporary image)

3 Death Skulls spawn at the end of the attack – so be aware of that! The Cleric in your party can clear these with Holy Purification.


Congratulations! You and your party have defeated the Ghost King and the spoils of the dungeon are yours! The Ghost King drops 3 items from the standard drop table and 1 item from the miscellaneous table. However, as expected loot quality will improve in the Higher Roller version of the fight. Also, there is some chests scattered throughout the room but most importantly a Treasure Hoard shall spawn! Treasure Hoards are infinite loot spots so long as your inventory can hold it all!

We hope our Ghost King boss fight guide has successfully helped you claim all the glory and loot within the dungeon!

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