PvP Arenas

New World PvP arenas are a small scale 3v3 PvP game mode. In order to participate in a 3v3 PvP arena you can press ESC and choose modes from the menu bar. From there you can queue up for the arena.

Players level 20 and above can queue up for the arena. If you need a brief introduction to what the Arena is, you can speak to the fight promoter Maximus Marcellus in Everfall.

  • The arena is an instance
  • You can queue up solo, duo, or in groups of three
  • The arena is elimination-style matches. If you die you will not respawn until the next fight
  • Arenas are a best-of-5 format. Whoever wins 3 fights wins the match
  • Each round is 2 minutes long
  • The arena will begin to shrink with a ring of fire after 2 minutes in order to prevent stalemates 

When you queue for an arena you will be placed into groups within your level range. For example, if you queue at level 20 you will be group with levels 20-30. You will not be grouped with level 60 players.

You are capped at running a maximum of 40 arena matches a day in order to receive the full rewards. After 40 matches in 24 hours you will receive 25% of the original PvP salt and rewards.

Solo and Group Queue

There are two different queue systems in Arenas: Solo and Group.

  • Solo Queue – solo players and groups of 2.
  • Group Queue – 3 player groups.

Arena Rewards

Participating in New World PvP arenas will reward you with PvP reward track experience, azoth salt, and garnet gypsum. You can earn 2 garnet gypsum per day from arenas. The first 2 arenas completed daily award players with 1 extra weapon or armor each. The items are rewarded in a cache and will be the same items that are obtainable from Outpost Rush.

Consumables in the Arena

You can take your own consumables into the arena and use them without being consumed. There is no limit on how many consumables you can use or how many types of consumables you can use. If you are in the PvP arena and have that type of consumable you will able to use it as many times as you want without consuming it, provided the cooldown is up.

Passive Ability Perks

Passive ability perks are not applied to any player who has died in an arena match and in the Spectator area. The perks will start working again once the round is over and you respawn for the next round.

Arena Maps

There are 2 PvP arenas available. The legacy arena, and the Brimstone arena introduced with season 2. The arenas are on a two week rotation.

new world new 3v3 pvp arena map