Progression in New World is tied to several different components. Your first objective is to reach level 65. Once you are maximum level the goal for progression is to then reach gear score 700. You can achieve this through various methods. It is possible to upgrade certain pieces of gear to gear score 700 by utilizing dark matter. You can also obtain 700 gear score by crafting, participating in PvP, running mutated expeditions, and by open world PvE which includes corrupted portals. This guide will walk you how to get to 700 gear score in New World.

How to Get to 700 Gear Score in New World

Dark Matter & Upgrading Gear

Dark matter can be obtained by completing quests, mutations, salvaging gear, the PvP reward track, invasion caches, war caches, looting elite chests and stockpiles, and by obtaining a cache of gold-n-matter from the gypsum kiln each week. It’s also rewarded from the following encounters:

You can make your way over to a gypsum kiln once you have obtained an upgradeable item and the following ingredients:

  • Applicable Matrix (Weapon, Armor, Jewelry)
  • Dark Matter x250
  • Gypsum Orb x1
  • Chromatic Seal x3
  • Desired Craft Mod

You’ll need to scroll to the bottom of the kiln menu. Here you will see all the items you have available in your inventory that can be upgraded. You MUST have the item in your inventory to see it listed at the kiln. It can not be equipped or in a gear set slot.

It’s important to note that not all items can be upgraded to 700 utilizing this system. You must own the Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion. To see if an item can be upgraded simply have it in your inventory and head to the kiln.

upgrading at gypsum kiln new world

Along with upgrading the item’s gear score you will also be able to choose your final perk on the gear. Essentially all named items have 2 fixed perks, and one perk that can be added or changed. After it’s upgraded you can also go back and change the final perk again if you choose. However, it will still cost the same resources as before. 

How to Get to 700 Gear Score in New World

There’s several different methods actually obtain 700 gear score items. You can do this through the Main Story Quest, PvE, PvP, crafting, and more.

The Main Story quest for the Elysian wilds will bump your gear score up to roughly 640-650 depending on how many extra side quests and other activities you do as you progress through the story. This will bump your gear score up enough in order to open up some additional content for you, such as the base level expeditions. These expeditions are basically story mode expeditions and are fairly easy to complete. These base expeditions will drop gear that caps at gear score 685. Getting up to 685 will allow you to do some of the mutated versions of the expeditions. 

How to Get to 700 Gear Score in New World


Any mutation level can drop up to 700 gear score gear. However, the minimum gear score that drops from a mutation increases as the level of mutation increases. This means you are much more likely to obtain gear score 700 gear from a mutation level 3 than you are from a mutation level 1.

However, bear in mind that the difficulty and required gear score to run mutations increase with the mutation level as follows:

  • (1) Intermediate – Requires 650 gear score
  • (2) Hard – Requires 675 gear score
  • (3) Elite – Requires 695 gear score

So, in reality Elite mutations, or tier 3 mutations, will be utilized to obtain variations of gear and artifacts versus grinding your gear score up to 700.

Open World PvE & Corrupted Portals

The open world drops depend on the difficulty of the enemy. If you go to the highest level zones in the game you will be able to obtain drops up to 690 from normal high level mobs. The named enemies and chests in those areas will drop up to 700 gear score gear. This means going on chest runs though those zones can be a very lucrative activity when trying to obtain higher gear score gear.

High level corrupted portals (level 65) also have a chance to drop up to 700 gear score from the reward caches.


It is possible to obtain 700 gear score solely from PvP. However, it will be much slower than some of the other methods. The reward caches from both OPR and Arena have a chance to drop up to 700 gear score gear. However the range of gear dropped from those caches is very wide. This means the likelihood of getting a 700 piece is fairly low. So, you would need to obtain a ton of caches in order to get to 700 by only utilizing this method. 

The influence race will also reward a cache and quite a lot of PvP experience and PvP salt. It also has a chance to drop up to 700 gear score gear.  

How to Get to 700 Gear Score in New World

The PvP reward track is also another method to obtain gear score 700 gear, and named items. Every 10 levels you are guaranteed to get a level 690 piece of gear. As mentioned before, those named items can be upgraded to 700 utilizing the gypsum kiln.


Crafters can obtain 700 gear score items if they have the maximum skill level in that particular craft. You will also need the appropriate gear, consumables, and buffs. You can see everything you need by checking the trade skills guides. The various methods of crafting used to obtain 700 gear score are as follows:

  • Prismatic Scarab Crafting – This is the more expensive way and is on a weekly cooldown. However, this is a guaranteed method of obtaining a 700 gear score item along with every perk you want on the item. Therefore, a guaranteed method of obtaining a best in slot (BiS) item. 
  • Timeless Shard Crafting – There’s 2 different methods of timeless shard crafting. With a golden scarab and without a golden scarab. Utilizing on the timeless shard will allow you to lock in your attribute, and choose one perk. If you choose to utilize a golden scarab you will be able to lock in your attribute and 2 perks of your choosing.
  • Normal Craft – It is also possible to craft 700 gear score items without the use of scrabs or timeless shards. However, with this method you can only lock in 1 perk. You can not lock in your attribute and the other 2 perks will be random.

How to Get to 700 Gear Score in New World Conclusion

That does it for the guide on how to get to 700 gear score in New World. In summary, get to level 65 and grind gear to get to gear score 700. You can also utilize the gypsum kiln to upgrade certain items to gear score 700 as well.