Welcome to our 10 Spell Wizard build guide! In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to use this particular build. This includes skills, perks, stat priority and more!

This Wizard build focuses on the ability to double up on the skill “Spell Memory”. Traditionally in Dark and Darker, the Wizard is a very powerful class capable of many playstyles. However, the standard Wizard relies on the skill “Meditation” to replenish spell charges, also using a maximum of 5 spells. As a result, the 10 spell Wizard build concedes the ability to meditate in order to wield not just one Spell Memory but also “Spell Memory 2”! This allows the Wizard to unleash every tool in their arsenal. When pulled off correctly, the 10 spell Wizard is a powerhouse in solo and team based activity.

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The mandatory skills required to run the 10 spell build are Spell Memory 1 & 2. Each Spell Memory skill allows you to equip up to 5 spells – based off of your allotted spell memory stat points. This is due to the fact that each spell requires spell memory stat points to use them in battle.

10 Spells The Wizard Build Uses

Using Spell Memory 1 & 2 together opens up the ability to wield a total of 10 spells, providing you have the Knowledge for it. Having access to this amount of spells makes you a one-Wizard-army in both solo and group play. Fortunately there is not much of a need to think hard about what to pick, currently the Wizard has 11 spells total – meaning you’re essentially taking them all:


  • Fireball
  • Magic Missile
  • Chain Lightning
  • Lightning Strike
  • Haste
  • Invisibility
  • Zap
  • Ignite
  • Light Orb
  • Ice Bolt


For this Wizard build, we recommend the following perks:

  • Quick Chant
  • Sage
  • Fire Mastery
  • Mana Surge

Firstly, the majority of the perks above are mandatory for the build as there is honestly no better options currently. However, Mana Surge is heavily favored in this case compared to Arcane Mastery, due to the huge amount of spell variance. Perks such as Quick Chant and Sage heavily assist you in pumping out as many of your 10 spells as possible, while Fire Mastery and Mana Surge assist in giving small damage boosts.

Stat Priority

  • +All Attributes
  • Additional Magic Damage
  • Knowledge (30 is a good spot)
  • Will
  • Any other Magic Damage modifier

+All Attributes allows you anywhere from 1-3 additional stat points in every stat. As a result, this is incredible value and holds great spikes to any class. It can also prove to smooth out gameplay in general! The Wizard is rather squishy in particular, as a result gaining some Strength from +All Attributes is welcomed.

Will and Knowledge is the Wizards main attributes allowing you to cast faster, wield more spells and hit harder. To be able to wield 10 spells however, reaching around 30 Knowledge is required – it hits a nice sweet spot of casting speed and spell memory. Will on the other hand increases your overall damage output as a Wizard. Ideally, getting around +10 or so in every attribute, and then stacking Additional Magic Damage provides the most optimal numbers. Currently in Dark and Darker, Additional Magic Damage is an insanely high-scaling stat and should not be underestimated.



For this build, the Wizard has a few options. However we recommend using a Spellbook and Crystal Sword due to the good balance they provide together. The Spellbook helps you to move around with minimal movement penalties to pump out as many spells as possible. However the Crystal Sword assists with mob clearing but also pushing into melee with Ignite enchanting the sword. Alternatively, Wizards have the Crossbow, Dagger & Crystal Ball and the Quarterstaff at their disposal. In terms of offensive capabilities, the Wizard deals with PVE and PVP situations very effectively when played right. Using a combination of buffs such as Haste, de-buffs such as Slow and power spells such as Fireball or Chain Lightning, you can quickly disintegrate any player in front of you!


For the 10 Spell Wizard build, wearing a good deal of Leather armor is recommended. Wearing Leather provides some survivability that Wizards severely lack. And as a result can let your very low max health have a touch more effectiveness. As always however, when selecting gear – look for the priority stats above!

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How to Play the 10 Spell Wizard Build

The 10 Spell build has a variety of strengths due to the amount of options you have, making the Wizard great in every scenario. The downside to this however is the amount of additional micromanaging required to pull the build off. The flexibility of this build is unmatched regardless, having multiple movement speed buffs for yourself and teammates, de-buff slows on your opponents and having unmatched damage when fully geared. As the 10 Spell Wizard, you have endless ways to maneuver and outplay – all while giving help to your team.

One of the key features of having 10 Spells in this build, is the ability to be unpredictable to your opponents. This is usually due to the results of a meta being formed in which only 5 or 6 Spells are used by the Wizard players at any one time. As soon as spells people don’t expect start flying; panic ensues.

One of the key differences with the 10 Spells build is the lack of Meditation as a skill. Without Meditation, the Wizard cannot naturally use their kit to restore charges to their spells. However, the way to circumvent this negative is the profuse use of Campfires. Bringing Campfires with you is a must, without them, you are limited to your total spell charges. We recommend taking Clarity Potions and 3-4 Campfires at least to keep yourself and even your teammates topped off. As a result of doing so, the 10 Spell build works flawlessly – allowing some crazy antics.

10 Spells Solo And Group Gameplay

As a Wizard within a team environment, using Haste and Invisibility on your front line to engage is ideal. Depending on cast speeds, Igniting is useful to stack on top also – your front liner will make a huge impact appearing out of nowhere on top of an enemy player. Secondly, applying Haste to your Cleric is helpful too, allowing your support player to keep in position to heal and buff. Outside of supporting your team via buffs, it is worth looking to hit your opponents with de-buffs such as Slow or Ice Bolt. A team boosted by Haste chasing a team de-buffed by Slow and Ice Bolt is a free win. Finally, using Fireball to destroy doors on an engage and then using Invisibility on your melee player is perfect gameplay. This is due to the fact that the explosion not only panics, but smokescreens your now invisible melee teammate.

It is also worth using your own quick casting spells such as Zap and Magic Missile to pressure and chase fleeing players.

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Multiclassing Options

Multiclassing has been taken out of Dark and Darker to be reworked. We’ll update this section when more information is released.


That concludes our Wizard build guide that can successfully run 10 Spells in solo and group play with massive effectiveness. All without using Meditation! For more on the Wizard Class, check out our Dark and Darker Wizard Guide.