As you progress in No Rest for the Wicked you’ll be tasked with completing a quested called “Of Rats and Raiders.” You will need to complete this quest in order to unlock housing in No Rest for the Wicked. This quest will send you on a journey into the sewers, or the Black Trench. Once in the sewers, you’ll encounter a slew of enemies. It can be tricky to find your way to the end. This guide will walk you through how to find Darak in the sewers and complete the quest “Of Rats and Raiders.”

of rats and raiders no rest for the wicked

Once you have freed Rattigan and made your way into the sewers you’ll need to work you way through a ton of enemies and puzzles to find and defeat Darak. Below are the steps you will need to take in order to make your way to the end of the sewers and complete the quest.

Drainage Cellar Key

When you enter the sewers, go left (west) past the campfire and down the stairs. This will lead you to the first whisper. From here, head down the spiral stairs and grab the Drainage Cellars key at the very back of the bottom level.

how to get out of the sewers no rest for the wicked

From here, you’ll want to head back toward the entrance of the sewers. Once you pass the campfire you’ll see a door near the entrance. Use the keys to open the door.

Once through the door head south down the stairs. You will see a lever on the wall. Go pull the lever to deploy a bridge that leads across into the next area.

Rising Platform

From here, head south through the area. Navigate around the stone walls and carefully take out the enemies in the area. You will eventually find another lever. As soon as you pull the lever the circle platform next to you will begin to rise. You need to sprint to the circle platform to the right to reach the level above. 

Jump from the rising platform to the wooden ledge to the west. From here head directly north. Clear the enemies along the way. You’ll eventually run into another lever. Pulling this lever will deploy another bridge (pictured below).

You can jump off the ledge here to make your way back up the stairs and across the bridge. Once across the bridge keep heading west and go up the spiral staircase. Once at the top you’ll face a set of enemies. You will need to defeat them in order to get the Water Channel Key.

Once you have the key, head back downstairs. Open the door at the bottom of the stairs to enter the next area. Once in the room, head directly north and pull the lever. Whenever you pull the lever a platform will rise to the south. You will need to pull the lever and sprint to the platform to be raised.

Once it’s raised, jump to the ledge and follow it around to the next lever. Pull this lever to drain the water beneath you. Once drained, jump off the ledge and head through the tunnel to the north. Once inside, clear the enemies, and head south. You’ll eventually come to a spiral staircase. At the top you’ll find a whisper. Activate the whisper to create your respawn and fast travel point.

From the whisper drop down in the bottom of the sewers and head southwest. Keep following the path southwest until you find a long spiral staircase. Take the staircase up.

Once up the staircase head north. Jump to the next platform and cross the small wooden bridge to the third platform. Climb the ladder and you’ll find the lever handle. Once you have it, head south back towards the spiral staircase. This time, go up the wooden platform instead of back down the spiral staircase. Follow this path north, over the pipes, to find the next mechanism. Here, you’ll use the lever handle to activate the mechanism. This will deploy a bridge.

Make your way across the bridge to another mechanism. Activating this mechanism will active a rising platform. Once you activate it you’ll need to sprint back across the wooden bridge and go south, then across the small wooden bridge onto the rising platform.

how to get out of the sewers no rest for the wicked

Once on the platform, jump across to the ledge. From here head south around the wall and jump down to the lower ledge. Head east to the next mechanism. Activate this mechanism to raise the water level.

Jump into the water and swim southwest to the ramp leading out of the water. Climb up the ladder to the platform.

Follow the platform around and then head East. This will lead you back to the starting area of the sewers. Here you will find another mechanism. Before you activate the mechanism make sure you go up the stairs to the south Here you can kick down the ladder for much easier access to this area later. Once you kick down the latter go activate the mechanism to raise the water level.

Making to Darak

Jump off the ledge and head back to the first whisper. You can now cross the bridge and head north into a new area. Continue heading north through the tunnels and you’ll find yourself facing the boss, Darak.

Darak boss fight no rest for the wicked

Defeat Darak to complete the quest “Of Rats and Raiders.” Doing so will also open a new entrance and exit into and out of the Black Trench from the town of Sacrament.

How to find darak in the sewers

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