In this guide, we will cover a few of the best New World weapon leveling locations.

You can utilize our interactive map to locate various options that may work for you based on level and enemy type. 

Weapon Leveling Locations

The following locations are not listed in any specific order and are all viable options. However, the optimal locations are Channelview Post and Carious Pitch. If these locations are taken you can move to one of the other locations listed.

The general idea for any location while leveling weapons is to choose AOE abilities to burn down groups of enemies. For each location listed, you will want to train a group of enemies into certain areas and then AOE them all down. This method is much faster than killing individual enemies. 

Generally, a good weapon leveling area will contain quite a few enemies with a decent spawn rate so you can run an infinite loop grouping enemies together, killing them, and moving on to the next group. 

PLEASE NOTE: Focusing on leveling weapons is best performed once you reach the level cap. This is more effective due to the diminishing returns you receive from both player XP and weapon XP when killing mobs that are 10+ levels lower than you. Once you hit max level this doesn’t apply and you will receive more weapon XP per kill when killing lower-level enemies. It is recommended that as you level your weapons naturally vs specifically grinding out weapon experience. 

Carious Pitch – Great Cleave

The Carious Pitch is mine that is full of level 41-43 corrupted enemies. See below for the route you will run. There’s a total of 4 pulls at this location before you repeat the process.

New World Weapon Leveling Locations

In order to enter you will need to shoot the cannon at the entrance. Once you shoot the cannon, run all the way up the hill in order to enter the mine. This is where you’ll run your loop for weapon experience. Once inside the mine you will pull all the mobs in the first room. Kill these mobs and then shoot the cannon in the hall to the northeast. Once the door is blown up you’ll make a another pull.

Here, you’ll pull all the mobs in the room with the wooden platforms. Kill them and head into the next room. In this room you’ll pull all the mobs on the bottom floor and head up the ramp to your right. Kill them at the wooden bridge location.

Next, you’ll make your 4th and final pull. Run up the ramp, pulling all the mobs with you. Pull all the enemies at the top and kill them all at the top of the incline that leads into the top area.

New World Weapon Leveling Locations

Each location designated as a pull area will be where you group and kill the mobs. Once you have completed the 4th pull you will simply jump over the railing back down to the mine entrance and repeat the process. 

Channelview Post – Restless Shore

Channelview Post is located in the northern part of Restless Shore. This area contains level 44-45 lost enemies. This area is a big circle fort. The pull here is simple. You just run in a circle, group up all the mobs in the fort and then AOE them down, rinse, & repeat. 

Once you have cleared Channelview post you can run east to Oceanview Post. It’s the same setup as Channelview. Simply run a circle around the inside of the fort. Gather up the mobs and burn them down. Once cleared head back to Channelview, rinse, repeat.

Hibbotsfield – Mourningdale

Hibbotsfield is located in the northern part of Mourningdale, and contains level 50 corrupted enemies. Hibbotsfiled also has several corn field within the area, making this a great place to farm additional resources as you farm weapon experience. 

There are several pulls you will want to make as follows:

As a bonus there are several Spinfiber spawns within the farm.

Misty Borough – Great Cleave

Misty Borough is located in Southern Great Cleave in the Wayward Mounds area. Make sure you run past the Eeeriedune Graveyard before you start pulling your groups of mobs. This area  is full of level 47-48 enemies, and you have to be careful not to leash the enemies here. There are several pulls that you’ll make each yielding a decent amount of weapon experience. 

There are a few buildings that have multiple levels. Be careful not to get caught in a corner or trapped on the stairs. You can jump out of the second-story window into the kill area for the first pull. On the other pulls that have multiple levels, you can also jump out of the windows and continue the pull to the kill areas.